Chapter 6

 “Oh, my Goddess, Ellie Miner is that you?! Honey you are a sight!" Luna Amara takes my hand over my head and twirls me around a couple of times, before bringing me in for a hug. I laugh and return the hug.

  "These teenage wolves will be drooling all over you tonight!" She let's go of me and faces Luke with a stern expression, but is obviously being silly.

  "Luke, you better keep your eye on your best friend at the dance tonight, or she'll be swept away!” She winks at Luke and he blushes instantly.

  "Yes Luna, you have my word." He bows to her and she playfully pats his shoulder.

  "Good to hear it." She chuckles out.


  There are quite a few low growls from the girls behind us, which just makes me laugh to myself, and shake my head.

  “Thank you, Luna Amara! I can't take any credit for it though; this was all my mother’s doing.” I roll my eyes slightly, because I am sure she knows all about it already.

  “Yes, I assumed so. Scarlett has always been a beauty queen herself. She has been itching to get you all dolled up for years! I’ll let her know that she did an amazing job, you truly are a vision dear." She smiles at me, winks and walks over to greet the other teenagers. They are eager to talk to the Luna as well.

  Suddenly, the most intoxicating scent fills my nose and my eyes dart towards the front door. It's the same scent that hit me on my birthday, walking into Colin and Luke's room. My body floods with emotions and I sense Leia pacing in my head with anticipation.

  The door opens and there he is. His suit looks like it has been painted on. It is all black on black and he looks absolutely delicious. Leia purrs in my head her approval of our mate, and I feel my heart speed up.

  Of course, he decided to go without a tie. Instead, as always, he left the top two buttons undone. The top of his chiseled chest is on full display. Along with part of one of his tattoos, which goes from his peck all the way down his arm, to his wrist. His hair is lightly gelled, tousled up and combed over to the side. I can feel my thong becoming damp, so I bite my lip and squeeze my thighs together.

  “Get yourself together Ellie! You are practically drooling over him.”

Leia howls with laughter.

  “Speak for yourself Leia, you haven’t stopped panting since that door opened!”

I retort back at her. She turns up her nose at me and retreats into the back of my mind. I just chuckle at her before realizing I am still zoning out on Colin.

  Colin starts to make his way down the stairs, but stops abruptly. His hazel eyes widen and he inhales deeply. His eyes shoot towards mine as if being pulled by magnets. I know he can now smell and feel the connection between us.

  As if in a trance, Colin's eyes take me in like it's the first time he's ever seen me. Victoria pulls on him and he begins to move again, but his eyes never break contact.

  My eyes follow his as he moves his gaze from my feet, all the way up my bare leg that is showing through the slit, up to my breasts which are moving up and down with my shallow breaths.

  Colin's eyes dance between black and hazel, and I can tell he is fighting to hold back his wolf. I guarantee he can smell my arousal between my legs, that I am so desperately trying to contain. He licks his lips before he finally moves his gaze back up to my eyes.

  I quickly turn away from him, the emotions are just too much. My mouth falls open and my heart starts going crazy. I almost start to feel faint and I turn towards Luke.

  Luke is oblivious to the scene because he is talking to our buddy Logan. When he feels me place my hand on his arm, and gently squeeze, he grabs my waist to turn me towards him. I shake my head, desperately trying to get ahold of myself. I look up at Luke's eyes while I hear what I swear is a low growl, coming from Colin’s direction.

  “Ellie, what is wrong? Are you ok?” Luke’s arm is now wrapped all the way around my waist as he brings me closer to him.

  I look down, but he quickly places his finger under my chin, lifting it back up to look at him. This earns yet a louder growl from I assume Colin.

  “Seriously Ellie, what's going on with you?" His eyes, full of concern dart back and forth between mine.

  “I am fine Luke! I just tripped.” I playfully smack his chest and slowly pull out of his embrace.

  "I'm not stupid, tell me the truth."

  “Honestly, I’m just starving and haven’t eaten much today. I needed to actually fit into this stupid dress. I think I just got a little dizzy from my sugar being low, or something like that. I will be good after I eat. Really, I am ok, but thank you." I feel really bad for lying to him, but this is just all too much right now, and I am barely keeping myself together as it is.

  He rolls his eyes and huffs in defeat. He knows I won’t tell him the actual truth, but he also doesn’t want to fight with me about it.

  “Ok, well let’s get some pictures and go to the dance. You know how much food will be there. Besides, we have to get documentation of the fact that you can actually clean up and look so good.” He winks at me and grabs his sides from laughing so hard. That gets him a good jab to the bicep.

  "Alright, truce!" He rubs his arm which I am sure is hurting, because I did not hold back. Serves him right. Luna Amara tells everyone to huddle together so she can take pictures of all of us at our last homecoming dance as seniors.

  During the pictures I feel eyes constantly staring at me. I’m not sure if they belong to Colin or Victoria, or both. I am not wanting to find out though, so I keep my eyes at the camera. It angers me and Leia to see the two of them touching and kissing, and I am sure it is angering Colin to see me and Luke so close. Even though we are just friends.

  With Colin and Luke being roommates and best friends as well, Colin knows our history. He has seen us make out and get touchy feeling on multiple occasions. The dance is either going to be amazing or a complete dumpster fire.

  When we are finally done with the pictures and ready to go to the dance, we all get back into the limo. Colin and Victoria are the first to get in of course, so they scoot to the front with their backs against the partition. Luke and I wait until everyone else climbs in before we take our seats at the back. I wanted to be as far away from them, but it backfired on me, because now Colin and I are directly across from each other. 

  During the short ride to the dance, more shots are passed around. Colin can't stop looking at me with a confused look on his face. His mouth will open and then shut, like he is about to speak, but stops himself.

  I uncross my legs for a second, only to recross them when low rumble comes from Colin's chest and he licks his lips.  Goddess this night is about to get really interesting.

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