Norbert's Tales

Norbert's Tales

By:  Abbey Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rachel had never known what the 'ultimate-freshman-torture'would look like until'the-Norbert-Williams-Karter', Winchester college's bad boy takes interest in her. Unable to face the torment from Allison, Norbert's girlfriend, Rachel flees back to her family home.. leaving behind her reputation that had been seriously marred by Allison as 'STALKER'and'SLURT'. But Rachel soon returns the next semester to complete her scholarship after Allison had disappeared as well. Her disappearance gives a single Norbert the chance to flirt and mingle with Rachel who is still trying to save the little dignity of hers left. But the irresistible Norbert comes up with a mischievous, more like devilish plan where they fake date for a week to clear people's mindset of her, while he in turn gets in her pants. What will happen when Allison gets back? Or when Peter-a transferred student takes immediate and intense interest in Rachel? Or when things fall apart??...

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Fresh Ict
Great, Each line was worth it. Recommendable Infact
2021-08-23 17:24:47
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Uweye Douglas
Wow..... this piece is brilliant. I'm so proud of the writer.
2021-08-04 08:13:40
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Tony Denis
This piece is a must read for every college student.
2021-07-31 17:40:54
13 Chapters
  School sucks... Life sucks! Everything sucks!       Norbert grumbled in his mind as he drove to school that Friday morning.       His lousy friends were being all noisy, and he couldn't hide his anger.         "Y'all just shut up.. I'm having a hangover, so just save your shit."          The guys remained silent until he pulled up at the college gates.           Winchester college was a college of everyone's dream... well, not everyone. Definitely not Norbert, who just wanted to spend the rest of his life on a ship with a ton of hot girls on a trip to Mexico.            Students flocked in and out. The gang made their way inside the school, attracting everyone as they stepped in to the hallway.             They gradually splitted until Norbert was
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           They'd danced for hours and Rachel had had a very nice time of her life in a while. She had excused herself and gone out for a walk as soon as the tipsiness began.             The air was cold and windy, making her hug herself. Light streamed into the backyard, and the blue clear water of the pool was outstandingly beautiful...         She almost started when she saw a silheoutte of someone in a gazebo covered up with curtains that danced to the wind.               Drawing in closer, she realized it was Norbert with bottles of alcohol all around him.                "Did I startle you?? I'm sorry." He rumbled in a deep croack. She couldn't help but release a shaky laugh..                 "Not really." She held on to t
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  Norbert woke up with a splitting headache. His eyes and throat was sore, and he knew his voice was going to be even more hoarse.         Someone was definitely banging a Zulu drum in his head, cos' it really hurt. He winced and shut his eyes again.         Something warm was wrapped around him, and as he struggled to look... he realized it wasn't something.         It was someone.. A female, a sleeping angel, so soft he didn't ever want to let go of her.. ever!!            It was Rachel.. A Rachel with his hickey.           Then everything from last night replayed vividly in his head.. The kiss. God!! That kiss, he wanted it again and he was going to get it.          Gently unwrapping himself from her, he made it to the bathroom.          She was awake when he return
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  Rachel raked through her entire wardrobe the evening of the next day. She was so nervous, a nervousness she couldn't understand.            "I've got the perfect outfit." She burped, pressing a cute little rainbow top and Jean dungarees to herself.              Zoey raised her head from the bed. "There's no way you're wearing that." She snapped, pouting.              "Why not?"       "Because this is the first time you're going out on a goddamn date in a really long while.. You have to make him see the original definition of 'blow your mind'"              Rachel rolled her eyes,"This scene never gets old."             The other girl pushed past her to the open wardrobe. In a few seconds, she revealed a lovely black gown, a leather belt, a furry huge jac
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Hey hey loves of my life!       I'm so grateful for all the support so far. It's my first time as a writer on Goodnovel, but I'm delighted to be a part of this community.    I appreciate all your support, and I believe in all of you.          All I need from you is a comment, a vote and a review while I try my best to update the book regularly.      Please, I really need your honest comments, because they are a big motivation to me as a writer. I want to hear more from you.  I'm really looking forward to it beloved. I love you to the moon amd back.. 😘😘
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           The next morning, Rachel's first point of call was the library. She had come to full consciousness at exactly three am the last night. She had just jolted bolt upright from a deep dreamless sleep to remember...        "The National Canadian Masters scholarship program examinations is in exactly four weeks.." She was ranting to Zoey, who was busy picking from, and nibbling on a blueberry muffin. "What the hell have I been thinking? What the hell have I been doing?"       " -Going out on dates with Winchester's Casanova.." Zoey piped. Rachel hit her over and over while Zoey giggled loudly, trying to ward off the textbook.     "I won't blame you at all asshat, you're the worst and that's the conclusion. I need to sit up, its my only chance to gain a scholarship in Stanford. My whole life depends on this.."       " Calm your horses dulcazza.. I
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             Rachel was making pancakes when Zoey returned from her late class. She was hungry, very hungry. She must have burned up enough calories from over thinking about Norbert's blatant nonsense. And what pained her the most was the fact that her fear and anxiety was beginning to drown her anger.     She was angry, oh yes! He had contributed in welcoming her to hell, but deep down.. she couldn't help but feel this spark of anxiety. What would it feel like to be his girlfriend for even a day? To be with him twenty four eight? To suffer the shivers from his uncelestial touches and caresses? What would it feel like to be in his bed and endure his innate mastery at seduction?She mentally slapped her self and sighed for like the hundredth time that evening.    "You've been sighing for like.. I don't know, FOREVER since I got back. What's up?"     Rachel took out the last panc
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      She was out of the rest room in no time. Trying to act normal was the hardest thing she had ever done, but she managed a smile for Zoey.    She was angry, furious, sad and looked down on. Emotions hit her from all angles. She sited the girls standing in a circle only a little far away from the court.  Zoey was talking, but she wasn't listening. She was thinking of what to do..  "Rachel, are you okay? Are you even listening to me? What's wrong?" She returned her gaze to Zoey who wore a cloak of confusion. "I'm sorry I got distracted. My head aches a little, that's all." Zoey looked not convinced at all, but she didn't react. Instead, she kept talking. "What I was saying was that I think that.."She glanced over to Norbert and the girls.. he hadn't noticed them yet, but they were flashing green lights all over the building.The ball bounced away from the court and rolled to one of the gi
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        "Thanks for defending me back there!"       " Are you kidding me redhead?"  Rachel looked down at her hands. "I've just... never had someone stand up for me like that. Except Zoey of course.." She released a shaky laugh. "She's always ready to fight anyone if they said anything mean to me."       " So they said something mean to you? The three girls at the court, I mean." He added when she looked up at him.      "Literally everyone in school has been mean to me ever since Allison. I never cease to wonder why they'd believe her instead and stick with it to prey on the other person. Well.."      A bag and a water bottle was slammed on the table, almost spilling her coffee, before a 'Start talking' came from Zoey. She sent Norbert a savage look, before Rachel dragged her into the seat next to hers.      Norbert thought it wise to shut
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       It was past seven o'clock when Rachel finally found her way to Norbert's frat house, with Zoey clinging to her arm and chattering non stop. The whole idea of attending the party was still so unnerving to her. She had always been a bookworm, the quiet and reserved one, until the very day she met Zoey in her freshman year, and her whole world was tipped upside down.And NOT in a good way. And now, Norbert in the story made it even worse.   She was so nervous her hands shook. What she was wearing could almost be compared to what a stripper would wear. "Oh stop exaggerating. It's just a lingere, and you are looking like hot stuff."Rachel didn't realise she had spoken out loud. The lingerie was so bad ass it made her feel sexy in a way, but also nervous. Black and Lacy, exposing her flat stomach and cleavages as well. It did nothing to hide her body which made her put on a black leather jacket from Zoey's wardrobe.And
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