Chapter Forty:

| Hollis |

After sleeping off a wicked painful withdrawal spell, Hollis finally stirred from her repose several hours into the early evening —drenched in sweat—to find a very frightened Whitney seated at the edge of her ultra soft bed wearing one of the most tender expressions she’d ever been met with. The bewildered blonde had no idea how long her concerned lover had been there and felt guilty as hell for being the cause of so much added stress. Whitney tucked a few stray black curls that’d fallen into her line of vision behind an ear before leaning over to cradle Hollis’ warm, fatigued face in two trembling hands. She started to croak as the rich honey shade of her eyes darkened with distress.

“...Thank gawd. You kept mumbling to yourself for like, five hours straight and I wasn’t sure what to do. Kendra told me to just let you sleep...I was so worried, babe.”

Hollis’ first instin

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