Chapter Forty-One:

Eleven years prior, Auburn Maine

| Hollis |

“I don’t get why I can’t just stay at our apartment while you’re gone over the weekend. This is wicked stupid. I’m seventeen, not seven." An annoyed Hollis grumbled, turning her back to Dalton so she could peer out of his white Chevy truck’s window with a soft huff. It was a bitter, cold February afternoon in Auburn and the heater was going full blast, making all four glass barriers fog up relentlessly. The windshield wipers were working diligently to keep Dalton’s ability to drive safely consistent. Hollis felt like she was observing her surroundings submerged under water, despite squinting as hard as she could. Still, the familiar outline of their parent’s woodsy street almost made her want to pass out from sheer anxiety.

I don’t want to be here...I really DON’T want to be here.

“It wa

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