Not Just Penelope

Not Just Penelope

By:  msbellamy  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's Penelope Gabrielle Avery. She's the famous, gorgeous, and rich heir of Avery Corporation. She got it all- Looks, Fame, Wealth, Brain, name it all, but one thing seems to be missing. The Campus Queen crown. It has been her dream since she was young. And now that she's a step closer to winning it, she will do everything she can to achieve it. He's Zachary Hestrone Austin. He's an orphan and he lives independently. But beyond his sad fate, he enjoys his life- being a campus journalist, a Starbucks part-timer and a scholar. He will do anything to live especially now that his scholarship is at risk. She needs him. He needs her. Two goal-diggers born in two different lives. Will love help them find their way towards a happily ever after? Or will their differences hinder them from achieving their goals?

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5 Chapters
Her Dream - His Need
PENELOPEHi I'm Penelope Gabrielle Avery, 17 years old. Yes, I'm the famous, gorgeous, and rich heir of Avery Corporation, but I don't really know much about dad's business. I
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No Weapons - Canteen Scandal
PENELOPE"Ms. Penelope, are you going somewhere?" Manong Rod asked, glancing on the rear mirror. He's our family driver who have been serving us ever since Mom was alive. He's already in his 50s but he acts like he's still in his 20s.
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Awkward Situation - Brilliant Idea
PENELOPE"Eww, you look terrible girl." Vanessa commented after we finished our last subject for this morning. I merely shrugged. As much as I wanted to disagree, well, she's right.
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Long Time Crush - Proposal
PENELOPEThe bell rang.Finally! It's dismissal time! This day is about to END. This is probably the WORST day of my life. I wasn't able to concentrate from my afternoon classes because of everything that happened in the morning.
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The Stunt - Empty Mansion
ZACHI arrived at around 10pm in our dorm. When I entered the room, Clark was already sleeping but when he heard me closed the door, He sat up."So what happened? Was it a success?" He excitedly asked.
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