15. Lucia

It takes us about ten minutes to get back to the SUV and as soon as I’m inside, he follows me and slams the door shut. I don’t even have to look into his eyes to know he’s completely livid, but I glance up anyway.

“You were raised in a fucking convent your entire life, how do you know how to shoot a gun?” he growls, then his eyes widen. “Don’t tell me Vito had you trained?”

“What? No!” I exclaim, holding my hands up in surrender. “It was Emilia… She’s been teaching me a few things!”

As soon as I mention his sister, the fury seems to slip out of his cold blue eyes. Emilia didn’t say she wanted me to keep this a secret even if she taught me while her brother was away. I hope I don’t get her into trouble, but I don’t want him to think the worst of me.

Giovanni scoffs and leans back in his seat shaking his head. “Fucking Emilia,” he says, pinching the bridge of his nose. “What else has she taught you?”

I place my hands in my lap and don’t waver with my eye contact. That was one of the fir
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