Moonlit Rivalry: Raya's Heart

Moonlit Rivalry: Raya's Heart

By:  Rae Knight   Completed
Language: English
13 ratings
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Raya's life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers the existence of the supernatural. For years, she has bounced around foster homes, never knowing the identity of her parents. The only constant in her life is her best friend, Amaya. Little does she know that a Halloween party will unravel the secrets of her true heritage. Raya is thrust into a world of vampires, werewolves, and witches. She learns that she is not meant to know this secret, and as a result, she is kept on pack lands as a prisoner until the alpha, Cruz, feels he can trust her. Confined within the pack's boundaries, Raya feels a magnetic pull towards Dane, the beta, unlike anything she has ever experienced before. For the first time in her life, the touch of men does not repulse her, it ignites a fire within her. However, Dane can't determine if Raya is his mate or not. Her scent is intoxicating to all the wolves, and they all feel a primal pull towards her, but it is her connection to Dane that is the strongest. Can Raya unravel the secrets of her past now that she knows of the supernatural world? Is Dane truly her mate or is it the pull she feels towards the Gamma or Alpha that is her true mate?

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another really fantastic book. Rae knight is a master of fantasy worlds. no 2 are exactly the same and they are always full of surprises. wonderfully written characters you will fall in love with.
2023-09-26 03:18:42
user avatar
Missie Lawson Gebhardt
Fantastic book with a unique storyline!
2023-09-04 01:39:41
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
76 chapters 8-26-23
2023-08-27 00:15:59
default avatar
Rubylyn Mabait
This book is really good, try the first few chapters and you’ll be hooked!
2023-08-26 00:35:56
user avatar
Anita E
This book hasn't gotten enough marketing. It's well written and very unique in it's story line. I've read alot of fantasy books and it starts slow and aggravating but it's gotten VERY good. Can't wait till it's finished. And author does publish quite regularly.
2023-08-04 10:05:06
user avatar
Peace Akpede
This book is very interesting but write more chapters
2023-08-02 02:58:31
user avatar
Rhonda Pinky Bennett
want to finish it !
2023-07-31 03:29:45
default avatar
Amazing storyline. I couldn't stop reading
2023-07-30 12:38:08
user avatar
Akosua Ntumy
Interesting, so far soo good
2023-07-30 08:20:01
user avatar
Amy Smith
fab can't wait to read more
2023-07-29 20:04:46
user avatar
Angelica B. Bigwasen Ange
2023-07-29 19:26:02
user avatar
Kayla Young
I really love the story. i always love a supernatural story that I find really amazing to read
2023-07-29 16:41:28
default avatar
Absolutely loving this book! Love Raya and Dane together ...
2023-07-29 11:35:53
87 Chapters
Ch. 1
At the tender age of 22, I stumbled upon a shocking revelation - humans were not the only beings that roamed this planet, and I was not one of them. Now, I find myself so deeply entrenched in this otherworldly realm that I can scarcely recall how I ever managed to live a "normal" life.____________________The Night I Found OutRaya's POV"You look hot as hell, stop worrying, Raya." Amaya's black tinted lips turned up into one of her signature mischievous grins as she looked at me with an amused twinkle in her piercing blue eyes. I've always found that blue so beautiful against her caramel skin."You can say that all you like, but I'm still going to be uncomfortable. This leather dress is too much, Amaya." I pulled at the tight fabric, but it didn't budge in the slightest. "This is way too exposing. Look!" I jumped a little to show my breasts jiggle and almost pop out of the tube top dress she dressed me in. "How is it you had this dress sitting in your closet?" "Oh, you know, just
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Ch. 2
Ch. 2Roman was watching me carefully, like cornered prey. I certainly felt that way, anyway. "I'd prefer to be left alone right now, if you don't mind," I stated, standing up straighter in an attempt to appear unintimidated. However, it seemed that Roman did mind, as he stepped closer instead of backing away."Sure thing, doll, let me just get one quick bite. You smell too good to let go untouched." He smiled at me again, only this time I saw his sharp fangs grow. How is that even possible? As I took a step back I tripped over something behind me. The ground felt slick beneath my palms as I caught myself, but when I lifted them, I realized they were coated in blood. My heart raced a mile a minute, and fear coursed through my body, urging me to flee as fast as I could. Something wasn't right. He was dangerous, my soul screamed it."Are you going to run, little bunny?" Roman asked, seeming amused at the fear he could clearly read on my face. "I'll give you a head start, but I should
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Ch. 3
Dane's P.O.V. 'We need to keep her safe,' Lucian's voice echoed in my head as a painful reminder. 'Isn't it your job to know whether she's our mate by just her scent?' Raya was enticing, to say the least. Her scent of jasmine was like a potent drug, addicting and all-encompassing. There was an inexplicable pull to her that I had never felt before, but when Lucian said he wasn't sure if she was our mate or not, I pushed those thoughts aside. If your wolf doesn't immediately recognize their goddess-given other half upon scenting them, then it means nothing. While she may smell intoxicating and appear heavenly, it's most likely just an animalistic attraction. Perhaps she's been around my mate and, as such, smells like her. We'll find out once she's showered. 'It's like something is blocking me from being sure. Still, she could very well be our mate, or know her in some way. We need to get close to her so we can know with certainty,' he stated the obvious. 'No, shit.' Lucian growled
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Ch. 4
Raya's POV"I'm so sorry, Raya. I wanted you to know the truth, but I literally couldn't tell you myself. You had to find out for yourself. I thought taking you to this party would be my way of getting you to discover that humans aren't the only creatures on this earth. I didn't think that every fucking vampire there would want to eat you. They're not usually so drawn to a human. They like to feed on powerful beings and enjoy a good witch best. I thought they'd be more focused on me." Amaya, feeling guilty, couldn't help but blurt out her thoughts a mile a minute. The words tumbled out of her mouth, overwhelming me with the flood of information, I was having a hard time processing it. I couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me exactly. "Amaya, I don't understand what you're talking about, and my head hurts too much to figure it out. I'm going to need you to explain in 10 words or fewer, please." I rubbed at my temples, hoping to relieve some of this headache. "Right, let
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Ch. 5
Raya’s POVAs the unexpected force of the push caught me off guard, I stumbled, my feet tangling in the rug. A pair of strong arms caught me before I could hit the ground, sending my body tingling in a way I’d never experienced before. I found myself locking eyes with Dane, his golden gaze meeting mine, intensifying the heat of my blush. I am not as weak or clumsy as the universe seemed to have portrayed me tonight. I cleared my throat, standing up straight with a small nod of appreciation towards Dane.“Thank you,” I said bashfully.“Be more careful.” His annoyed tone irked me more than I cared to admit. It wasn't as if I had asked him to catch me. If it was such a problem, he could have just let me fall. Yet, despite my frustration, his hand resting on my stomach sent a surge of unfamiliar sensations through me. It was a feeling so strong, it called on me to turn around and kiss him with everything in me. The temptation was overwhelming, but I forcefully shoved that lustful desire
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Ch. 6
Dane’s POVAs I woke up this morning, I couldn't help but run through the events of last night in my head. Cruz had told me that he could smell Raya just as strongly as he would expect to scent his mate. It drew him in, but he insisted it wasn't a sexual attraction. Instead, her scent had a calming effect on him, something that made him uneasy considering he was supposed to be wary of her.I remembered the brief moment when I caught her, feeling her skin against mine. It sent a burning flame through me, making it difficult to pull away. I had left my hand on her for longer than I intended, unable to move away from her. And when she was sent out, I almost followed her, the pull to her was undeniable. But Lucian wasn't entirely convinced that she was truly our mate. He could feel a pull, but he wasn't sure what it meant. And according to Garret, he also felt a connection to her, but on a different level. The situation was filled with uncertainty and confusion, leaving us all wondering w
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Ch. 7
Raya’s POVCruz practically bit Garret's head off, his voice laced with frustration. "What do you mean she's your charge? This isn't funny, Garret. I already told you she's not my mate."Garret stood his ground, unfazed by Cruz's scowl and stern tone. He looked up at him with that carefree smile of his. "It's not a joke, Cruz. Amaya confirmed that we have a moon-bond, and it's not a mate bond. I can feel her, man. That pounding headache I had last night? It was her pain. I know she's not your mate, but that doesn't mean she isn't under my protection. Maybe you need another Gamma."I still didn’t understand this myself, but I knew it was real. I could feel Garret’s playful nature pulling at my own. It was like he was a part of me, like a friend I had grown up with all my life.Cruz let out a weary sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose as he sank back into his chair. Stress etched across his face, he closed his eyes, revealing a vulnerable side of him I had never seen before. It was lik
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Ch. 8
Raya’s POVI caught a whiff of mint on Garret's breath, its warmth gently tickling my face. His lips were just an inch away when a distinct growl echoed through the walls. In an instant, Garret straightened up, positioning himself in front of me as if to shield me from Dane, who was storming towards us, ready to unleash his fury."That's what you call behaving?" Dane barked, his fists clenched tightly by his side.Garret shrugged, acting like it was all child's play. "You see, we were doing a science experiment. Raya here has only been kissed five times, and each time she felt like puking. I thought maybe it was because they were all human. So, I was just helping her figure out if she'd feel the same way when kissed by a werewolf."I fell silent, utterly mortified that Dane had almost caught me locking lips with Garret. Dane's narrowed eyes shifted suspiciously towards me, a mix of anger and concern etched on his face. With lightning speed, he shoved Garret aside, grabbing me and pull
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Ch. 9
Dane’s POVIf there were a way to do it, I would have punched myself hard for having kissed Raya. I couldn’t stand the thought of Garret kissing her, so I took the opportunity from him. I didn’t expect to feel an intense hunger for her. It was somehow stronger than the one I had already been feeling. I wasn’t sure what was causing it, but it made me want to mark her, despite not knowing if she was truly my mate. I had to resist the urge to pull her in closer, to deepen the kiss, and instead I had to push her away. When I looked into her eyes and saw the tears welling up, my heart shattered. I had caused her pain, not Garret. It was my fault, and I despised myself for losing control in that way. I may be a werewolf, but I am not some mindless beast.‘She seemed to like it.’ Lucian tried to excuse the action, but his words only caused me further irritation.‘Then why was she crying?’ My mood was palatable and clearly read on my face as the pack members moved out of my way the moment th
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Ch. 10
Raya's POV"It's stunning, Raya. You're extremely talented," he told me with utter sincerity. That's when I finally decided to pry my eyes away from my paper and towards him. My cheeks stained crimson as I let my eyes wander over his naked body. He was sculpted beautifully, with well toned muscles that weren't overly exaggerated. He had that nice hard v that led to his groin with his legs intentionally covering most of that area so that I couldn't see his manhood well. I did, however, notice that he puffed his chest out proudly when he noticed me checking out. "Thanks," I finally said, looking back out towards the night sky. "It's really beautiful here." "That it is." I could feel his eyes fixed on me, boring into the side of my face as if he were unable to gaze at anything else. "I'm sorry about earlier," I said, remembering the way I threw myself at him during our kiss. "I should be the one apologizing, Raya. I shouldn't have kissed you like that. I am so sorry," he said, his he
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