One Moment With You

One Moment With You

By:  Stella Farfalla  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jewel Anderson is secretly in love with her best friend boyfriend. She endured the pain and dismay in her heart knowing how much Cherrie Miller; her best friend loves the man. On the night of their graduation Ball she discovered that Cherrie is cheating. She saw her kissing Frank Mason in his car, dumbfounded she watches as the car speed away from the school ground. She looked everywhere for Larry Williams, She thought in her heart that she might have a chance. Luckily after finding him, one of their common friends invited her to tag along for the after party, Larry's face is sullen, he’s so quiet and as cold as ice. In the bar she seat next to him and when their eyes met she give him a nod and smile sweetly. Although his Cherrie's boyfriend they are not really close. He seems to recognize her, they chatted and share a toast. Both of them get wasted, decided to leave the bar together and shared the long cold night. In the morning Cherrie showed up in Larry's condo, seeing both of them under the quilt. They were caught. Her best friend cried, looking at her with disgust and anger, accusing her of betrayal. She left after ending her relationship with Larry. Deep inside she knows, Cherrie betrayed the man first but she could not say it and as her best friend does she really need to humiliate her like that. Even the man she love who initiated the did, blame her for everything.

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21 Chapters
 It’s their Graduation Ball. Everyone is having fun. This is the only time were all of the senior students of every department in their university can gather. Jewel was looking for Cherrie everywhere but no luck, she decided to go back in their assigned table. Shes walking slowly trying to alleviate the pain of the blisters on her heels, she accidentally bump on one of the student trying to walk pass through the dance floor, her sight turned in the east pathway and there she saw Cherrie. She apologizes before looking back in the east pathway. Now Cherrie is not alone, she's with her boyfriend Larry. From a distant Jewel knows they are arguing and she had an idea what is it all about. Earlier before she lost sight of Cherrie she saw her dancing with Frank Mason and based on her best friend stories Larry is very jealous with Frank. She sighed and return to her sit. After a while Cherrie is now heading in her direction.
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After reading her dad's last reply she's not in a hurry to get home. She booked a room in a nearby hotel. She wants to make sure that Larry can rest comfortably she looked around the house to find his room. When she opens the first door it was a study. There's three more door, the other two is locked and the next one she opened is definitely he's room. She peeked inside; the color is a black and white monochrome. The only one that stands out is the green color of indoor plants that's in the corner. She leaves the door open and went back to the living room.She looked at Larry still figure in the sofa. The urge within her that wants to make her beloved to rest comfortably convinced her to move him in the room. She immediately held him up wrapped her arms to his waist and dragged him gently to his room. Her long gown is making it hard for her to walk. She let out a sigh of relief after she put him on the bed. She contemplat
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Larry felt the hot rays of sunshine coming from the balcony. He can feel his morning wood touched a soft mound. He was a bit confused then a sudden realization hit him. He slept with a woman last night as he recognized the woman's face he felt a little guilty. She is his girlfriend's best friend. He totally lost it last night. His fully aware of what he did. He actually slept naked just to savor the warmth of her body. His lust gets the best of him. Considering he knows she's not his girl to mess. He suddenly senses a piercing stare. His eyes met a teary gazed. "Cherrie...”"What's the meaning of this?" Jewel opened her eyes. She heard a familiar voice. The moment she raised her upper body the pain streamed al
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  At first Larry was so upset at falling to Jewel scheme to seduce and eventually ruined his relationship with Cherrie. He also thought that night it was only natural for him to crave a woman's body since he was dry for 2 yrs. Cherrie wants to keep her chastity for their wedding night. He respected her decision because he loved her. He firmly believes that Jewel used this chance to entice him. Cherrie's last words still lingered in his head. It's because he slept with her best friend that she won't take him back.He chuckled sarcastically now at the thought. This morning he received a message from one of his friend. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the message.Hey bro, I just heard the news today, did you really slept with Cherrie's bff? I went to Angolia Beach with my girlfriend so it sl
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Jewel arrived home and went directly to her bathroom. She noticed a purplish bruised on her wrist and some other red marks on her body. She soaked in a warm bath. She smiled full of bitterness. How could Cherrie set her up like that? She really pushed her to the edge. She received a message from Cherrie explaining things and now she understood why Larry is angry. He was a fool for misunderstanding her. He planned on using her until his ego is satisfied. That’s not going to happen. She loves him but she's not someone who will cry and silently accept his torture. She is not a sort of heroin in the novel who can endure hardship and live happily ever after. She won’t stand by and wait until her love interest realized his mistakes. She's going to leave everything behind. She was offered to work abroad. Her dad's boss wanted her to work with Simon in his Branch office in Australia. After a warm bath she dialed her father's number to let hi
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Larry's face was stoned cold. He called the number that the investigator gave him but Jewel did not answer his call. He knows that the message he sent was seen but there was no reply. His currently still in San Diego, he hired a professional to check on Jewel and report all details about her. Since he left West Country he was constantly reminded of her face. At first he thought he just like her at his bed but there's a big lump on his chest every time he remembered her crying face the last night he shared with her. She was warm and he was her first. He wants that woman only for himself. He totally forgot about Cherrie. Now looking at the pictures of these two, the most beautiful in his eyes is the smiling photo of Jewel. 
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Chapter 7: HIS REASON
One by one Mrs. Hall introduced her to the other members of the Hall clan. They are patiently waiting for the man of the house to finish their talk. Everyone knows that the heir is the most important part of their conservative family. No matter how they opposed if there’s a baby on the way they can’t do anything about it. Since the oldest heir of the main family branch died Simon is the remaining pure bloodline of the Hall. After the introduction Mrs. Hall instructed the servants to prepare the dining hall. Once the food and tables are ready she asked everyone to take their sit.
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Chapter 8: HIS WOMAN
Larry went back to West Country after he finishes all the important works in San Diego. The main headquarters of Williams Enterprise was transferred in West Country. He may still need to fly back in San Diego for time to time since some work operations can’t be transferred entirely in West Country. He was checking some of the documents that needed his signature when he heard a knocked at the door.
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Jewel was in a panic after seeing Larry at the party. Her legs wobbled and her voice got stuck in her throat. She's speechless. She was glad and assured when Simon holds her waist tightly and gently caressed her hands for support.On her behalf Simon keeps the conversation going.The entire time, Larry was insulting her and Simon spoke up for her. He sounds like a man who’s so in love and ready to accept his woman's past.
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Chapter 10: LOSING HER
Seeing Jewel in the arms of another man made him lose control. The fang of jealousy and his emotions gets the best of him. He uttered hurtful and insulting words to the woman he love. Words that should have never been said. He glared at the arms that supported his woman since the start of their encounter.He watched carefully as Simon thoughtfully caressed Jewel's hands for assurance. His eyes were like shooting flames when his sight followed them until they reach the resting lounge.His reasons returned after mingling with other guests. Larry wanted to talk to Jewel again. This time he needs to stay calm and collected.
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