One Night With My Alpha Daddy

One Night With My Alpha Daddy

By:  Kellie Brown  Ongoing
Language: English
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I’m Ellie, an orphan. I fall in love with my daddy’s friend, Austin. He’s the Alpha King. He’s my adoptive father. And he’s twice my age. --- Ellie accidentally has a one-night stand with a stranger the day her adoptive father returns from war. Wow, this stranger is so hot and good in bed! He’s much better than her scary guardian, only the room is too dark to see his face. --- When bloodthirsty, ruthless Alpha Austin learns his little Ellie had a one-night stand with a man, he is furious. "Who is that guy?" "You have no right to know who he is!" "If I find out who that stupid male dog is, I'll make him regret doing this to you!" "He isn't a stupid male dog. He’s the best man I've ever met. He's sexy, he's strong and he makes me happy!" Until one day, Austin finds that stupid male dog is him…

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Mahoro Yvonne
This amazing story but does it have another name?
2023-06-06 07:58:21
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
80 chapters 5-31-23
2023-06-01 06:14:30
user avatar
Nice interesting story.
2023-05-13 10:38:44
default avatar
Audrey Coulombe
Would love to read it, but is it finished?
2023-11-06 04:35:51
user avatar
Honestly, lead girl is so immature through most of the book, I stop reading. Character development slow and I find myself actually skipping through most of the chapters.
2023-05-09 20:55:27
user avatar
Even the LM who is supposedly in his 40's is extremely immature, and the writing is very strange (is this the author's first book?), I won't continue reading.
2023-07-24 10:47:04
user avatar
selina b
Lot’s of rape, spelling mistakes. Feels immature and vulgar. I wouldn’t spend tickets on it.
2023-05-10 19:36:44
80 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Daddy’s Best Friend – Alpha King Austin
Ellie’s POV"Don't come near me! Or I'll . . . I'll kill you!" Brave words like these erupt from my mouth but my body shudders in my disheveled clothes, and I raise my hands to the scissors and shout a warning at my cousin Alex. However, he grins sententiously and presses closer to me, not believing that I, who has always been submissive, would really dare to defy him."You are making this game interesting. Come on, dear sister . . ." Disagreement resurrects within me. If we are kids, it will be a game. But we are not. After I fell asleep, exhausted from my chores, Alex snuck into my room to fondle my bottom, and although he often leered at me, I never thought he would actually dare to do that.I see the want in his eyes, but they are not lovely. His lids are almost shutting off, like the wings of a butterfly. He just wants to be satiated. Looks at me like a meal for his satisfaction. It makes me want to throw up and I clutch tighter on my little defensive weapon. So the moment he lun
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#Chapter 2 First Kiss
Ellie's POVMy body sinks further down like a sack of Crusaders' bones but I do not. I feel extremely light. I feel essence burst out through the top of my head like the beginning of goosebumps. If I have a halo, I should begin to pray.I am looking down at my actual body in the pool but somehow I am way up in the sky and still feel like I have another body but it’s one I can’t see.The most peaceful and beautiful feeling of calm and placidity envelops every part of me up here. None of the distress and pain I felt earlier is here.As I keep watching, I see the man dive down to get my body. His eyes get even redder as he takes me to the edge of the pool.Oh Goddess, what’s the Alpha King going to do to me?I’m freaking out, but now I’m just a puff of air that has no control over my body.Is this what death feels like?I see him pull me up with ease like I weigh nothing more than a toothpick.The Alpha King rests me on the bank. It seems he is trying to save my sorry ass. Then he begins
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#Chapter 3 One Night Stand
Ellie's POVAs he looks at me, he says to his Beta, “Get Ellie the admission papers and go through the process with her.”Beta nods. “Yes, Your Majesty.”I am stunned. I feel such immense relief that at least now I will be looked after.The wolf pack’s border is not secure and rogues are stirring up trouble so Austin has to go to fight. I feel conflicted, even though I am immensely grateful I have been accepted in, I wonder how long he will be gone. If he’s going to be gone a long time, how can I investigate whether he had anything to do with my parents’ death?______________________It happens that Austin is gone for two years and I turn nineteen.I didn’t expect him to be gone for two years but what the hell? I attend Browers College now. Joined the college’s detective club but it only comprises me, my best friend Anna and a newbie Jaden. Don't ask me why detective club, this is me trying to play Sherlock Holmes.We are out drinking in a bar at Kingscliff Hotel and Anna orders anoth
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#Chapter 4 The Missing Earring
Ellie's POVThe smell of him makes me crazy. Normally, I would question why there is a man handcuffed to a bed in this hotel suite. It almost seems serendipitous for me to find him here, lying here ready for me to touch and explore him, but I am so overcome with desire and ferocious sexual urges that I don’t think of it. Who cares?He seems as if he is going crazy himself, though I cannot see his face or eyes. His breath comes out ragged and heavy. It is dark but my wolf senses when he turns his head to look at me.I saunter over and climb on top of him, ecstatic to feel his tight and ripped muscular body. I whisper to him, "Hey, champ, wanna help a lady out? I've never done this before, but I'm guessing you know what I mean."I smile wickedly as I bend to brush my lips over his. It's not a kiss, anyway. He groans and the sound turns me on. Much to my pleasure, his member hardens almost instantly beneath my wet panties and starts to poke into my folds through the fabric.I feel his bo
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#Chapter 5 Love Bite
Ellie's POVHow could I have lost that earring? It was a gift from Anna. I feel a little guilty that I don’t know where it is. I hope it’s not at the hotel because there is no way I can get it back now.I don’t think about my missing earring long enough because my thoughts and my fear turn toward a much more pressing issue, the Alpha King. I bite my nails and then stop myself, but the nervousness at the pit of my stomach doesn’t let up.The Alpha King has been away for two years fighting vampires and rogue werewolves. I hear how he has mercilessly slaughtered a lot of bodies and cut off plenty of heads. If his enemies fear him, then what hope do I have?Just what my punishment may be, I have no idea. Will he keep me grounded? Will he stop me from seeing my friends? Or worse, is he gonna hurt me?I look out the window and allow myself to be comforted by the whizzing blur of the trees as we move along the road to the palace. The driver looks at me through the rear-view mirror every now
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#Chapter 6 He Slaps Me On My Ass!
Ellie’s POVAustin's face is now a map of some frown, drawing his brows down and adding ripples to his forehead. His hand moves upward and slowly touches his neck.He stands tall, about six feet of height. The black suit that covers his frame appears to give him energy. There is a buttoned-up white shirt and a knotted blue checkered tie that kisses the base of his long, slender neck like a snake about to climb a tree trunk. If it isn't for the fact that he is the Alpha King, then his appearance is totally my type. Pity makes my stomach feel empty, like the bottom of it has just become abysmal.My eyes always pick out the odd things on people. That happened a lot while growing up. I'm in a public park and I suddenly turn around and set my eyes on a woman sitting with her legs open, some colourful underwear showing. Or I'm walking down the street and some biker guys ride past me with a lady behind, and when I turn, it's half of her white ass that's watching me.In my mind, I say a littl
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#Chapter 7 Who Is The Guy With You That Night?
Ellie’s POVBut it does not come. Not at this moment. In its stead is the servant who comes in and says, "Your Majesty, Beta has something important to report to you."And this brings back the sunshine for me.Austin gets up from the sofa and walks towards his office without saying a word or even looking at me. However important the servant makes it sound, I feel my disciplining now falls below the priority list when it comes to Beta's report.The butler comes up to my face, looking as relieved as a miser who has just found out that robbers couldn't discover where he hid his gold. "Are you okay, Ellie?" His tone is full of concern and nervousness.I make a face at him. "You didn't tell me he beats people!""See, I tried to warn you.""Well, not in time, uncle," I cut in."I am so sorry, Ellie. See, the Alpha King is not someone you should trifle with even on a good day. He doesn't like to be blamed for something.""I wasn't playing with him, if that's what you mean.""You openly accus
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#Chapter 8 Ellie Cries, Austin Lets Her Sit On His Lap
Third POVAustin shakes his head, partially in disappointment. When in actual sense, he is trying to loosen up the little composure he has left in the noggin. "I see your seductive whims and caprices have limitless bounds, eh?"Ellie sits up on the bed, frantically replacing the phone back in its cradle, ending the connection and preventing Anna from listening in to what could be the true version of her lie."What are you doing in here?" she demands."Keeping an eye on you. Answer the question, Ellie," he growls.Ellie ignores him and looks towards the door. "Did you break that to get in?""It wasn't locked, silly head."As Ellie rises to her feet, she is more angered than shocked at this point, that the man could just walk into her room like it was his own ice pool. Does he not understand what feminine privacy is and its importance?"This is my privacy, you are invading!" she barks, gradually turning into the person she was some hours ago, teeth and claws and what have you."You are
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#Chapter 9 Fight Back Sofia
Ellie’s POVSchool for me is a drug at times. You know how a blunt makes one feel? Takes you through the stress of inhaling and then the awkward moment of getting high. But what you don't know is that the more you drug, the more your cheeks sink in like a depression. Lowered region or hole in a desert. This is how the school makes me. Depressed and deserted.And the first day of school week starts with the first adjective. I walk into the doors along with other students, and we move towards our classrooms like an army of intoxicated ants.I don't bother exchanging pleasantries with too many people because someone might notice the unwanted orphan has gotten new clothes; like what clothesline did she purloin them from?And yes, I am wearing neat clothes to school today. Just simple dungarees, white sneakers and a long sleeve shirt whose colour looks like blood under the moonlight.I slip my bag off my shoulder and remove my locker key from the smallest zipper. I fit the key into the loc
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#Chapter 10 Go To See Austin
Ellie’s POVThe Range Rover Sport pulls to a stop in front of the garage. My mind flashes back to when I sneaked and snooped around this palace, looking for the Alpha King.Then, everything in and within its walls and vicinity felt very intimidating and threatening. From the gamma guards to the palace, which looked like it had been sliced from the Tower of Babel, and then the man they all referred to as His Majesty, Austin.Now, I have no idea what really stampedes my pain, whether it is him or myself."You should go and meet him," the butler promptly suggests to me, as he turns off the engine, pulls the handbrake, and unbelts. "After you are done with cleaning yourself up first. I don't think you should let him come to you.""Why not?" I ask him, unhooking my seatbelt as well."You might not like his manner of approach. He never really had a responsible one, especially when the other person is to be blamed for something wrong.""Thanks for the heads up, uncle," I say to him and aligh
Read more Protection Status