#Chapter 144 – I’m pregnant


Erin’s POV

“Gavin is awake,” Beta Seth said into the phone. 

Relief flooded through me. 

Thank goddess; that meant he was going to be okay, and I could finally breathe. It’s been killing me not being able to go to the hospital. But with Jessie still, out there, we were all still in so much danger. 

Theo doesn’t think Jessie is going to strike back this soon, especially when her reputation has been tanked as soon as her identity was revealed to the public. 

But that didn’t make me any less worried that she would soon return. 

“The first person he asked about was you,” Seth continued, pulling at my heartstrings painfully. 

I hated that I couldn’t be with Gavin, but finding Jessie right now was way too important. 

“He also doesn’t think bringing his family home is a good idea,” Seth said with uncertainty in his voice. “I thought it was mentioned that there’s no trace of Jessie or anyone left in her organization.” 
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yes! I think he is going to be so happy. Finally they can be together. A great team they will make with both of their amazing abilities
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Adelagun Adenike Ajumobi
OMG... What is all this suspense maa,

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