#Chapter 149 – Marking our mate


Gavin’s POV

Gavin stood at the end of the aisle, which was located in the gardens of Gavin’s pack. The gardens were one of the most beautiful landmarks in the werewolf territory and Erin requested the wedding be held there considering it was just outside the chapel. 

Gavin didn’t care where they got married, as long as Erin was with him. 

Jill walked down the aisle with Beta Seth followed by a couple more bridesmaids and groomsmen from the pack. 

Soon, it would be Kelsey and Tyler, the best man and maid of honor. 

Then, it would be Erin. 

His Erin. 

The thought filled him with so much joy; Roman could hardly wait to see his mate after days of barely seeing her. 

The music was playing loudly and the doors to the chapel remained closed. 

Kelsey and Tyler were supposed to walk through the doors by now. 

What was keeping them? 

Gavin envisioned his best man being drunk and Kelsey trying to sober
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