#Chapter 6 – Covering my mistakes.

Gavin's POV

Before Erin could utter a single word, Gavin had hung up the phone.

He felt pleased for having the last word; as he shoved his phone into his pocket, he was stunned as arms were wrapped around his broad body. The familiar scent of vanilla filled his nose as the tight embrace continued; he didn’t need to turn around to see who it was.

“Surprise!” Susanna said excitedly from behind him.

Erin’s POV

I involuntarily trembled as I stood in the back corner of the restaurant, hidden and out of sight of the customers. I kept my phone in the tight clutches of my hand, pressed to my ear, long after Gavin had hung up.

Was he really going to mail the ring to Henry?

No. He didn’t even know my address…

“He’s Gavin Pierce,” my wolf, Emily, reminded me. “He can find this information quickly. I do believe you are truly in deep water this time.”

She was right. What was I going to do?

Last night was truly a mistake; I don’t know what I was thinking, going to his hotel suite. The memories o
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Omg Gavin bumped into her. Oh no!
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Natalie Pierre
love the book so far can't wait for the upcoming chapters

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