A shocking resemblance

"What are you doing later?"

Hannah Morales shifted her phone from her right ear to the left as she struggled to tuck in her seatbelt. Once that was accomplished, she pulled the phone from her left ear and back to her right ear before answering.

"Nothing. I think once I'm done with the site visit, I'll go over to the club" she replied, turning on her ignition and adjusting her rearview mirror.

A week has passed since Hannah and Serenity made it. And since then, they have been in a sort of honeymoon phase and the older woman made sure to take utmost advantage of it.

When she and Serenity weren't fucking at the club, they were at Serenity's house, finding new ways to make each other cum and simultaneously testing how long they keep up with their sexual activity. Hannah Morales spent most of her nights at Serenity's house. And she loved it.

Serenity cleared the mix-up with the red-haired. She admitted they had a fling, a fling that lasted way too long for Serenity's liking. But she call
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