Fuck me sideways

“You can tell me to stop, Serenity. I will go slow, one bead at a time. If it hurts or makes you uncomfortable, please let me know.” The blonde merely nodded as Mistress slipped the first small bead into uncharted territory.

“Relax,” Mistress coaxed.

Serenity took a deep breath, and Hannah could feel a slight loosening. In an effort to help calm her, Mistress started rubbing small circles on her smooth ass cheek. Once the first bead was securely in place with no complaint, Mistress proceeded to slip the slightly larger second bead in.

Serenity pressed her ass back, offering herself even more. Mistress approved and slipped the third, even larger, bead in.

“Enough,” the blonde groaned huskily, and Mistress immediately stopped the pressure.

“Do you want me to pull out, Serenity?”

“No, Mistress. Just give me a minute, please.”

“Of course.” Mistress increased the breadth of her strokes, rubbing hypnotic circles on Serenity’s ass and back. She waited patiently for the blonde to get used t
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