Another Encounter

“As expected, the party was exceptional” Rachel Fisher exclaimed as she rounded the huge mahogany desk that was in Hannah's office.

“But unfortunately I didn’t stay long enough. If you catch my drift” she winked, making Hannah Morales cringe. 

Although Rachel stood three inches shorter than Hannah, she was more outgoing and spontaneous. She acted on impulse with whatever thought crossed her mind. So much so that Hannah had prepared herself to bail her friend out of jail whenever she received a call from an unknown number. Thankfully, that never happened.

One would think that after years and given the nature of her job, Rachel Fisher will retire after living life to the fullest. But the years of pleasure made her thirsty for more. Her motto now was life begins at forty. 

“Yeah Rachel, I catch your drift” Hannah cringe internally, picturing her friend pressed up against the wall with God knows who slamming into her. 

Hannah Morales felt a little envious of her friend. How carefree she was and all the sex she had. Whilst Hannah Jerked herself off every now and then which felt great as it kept her going on days when she felt extremely horny. But it was nothing compared to the feeling of having sex with someone. 

One would think that as someone who owned a BDSM club, she had a great amount of sex. They could never have been wrong. Oddly enough, she'd felt something that the night of the party. When she bumped into Serenity. The sound of her voice, her perfume, and her sapphire eyes made Hannah's toes curls. 

The older woman wanted to tell her friend that although she hasn't been intimate with someone in God knows how long, she met someone who made her feel good on the inside. But she refrained from speaking up; One because she didn't know her friend will react to it, and two because they were interrupted by the door opening.

"Excuse me, Miss Rachel. Everything is set in your room" my Assistant, Mavery spoke, she barely stuck her head through the door.

Sighing, the older woman excused herself and Hannah was left alone. 

Now that she was alone, Hannah had her thoughts to herself. As someone who ran the club, no one knew who she was. No one had ever seen her without her mask. They didn't know her name as they all called her mistress. She wanted it that way. It was the only way she knew how to take back control of her life whilst staying anonymous. The last thing she would want is for one of her clients to recognise her somewhere. 

A file lying on the table caught her attention. How had she not noticed it? When she opened it, she saw that it was just another client. Only, this client was married. She and her husband came to the club for an extraordinary experience out of their bedroom. If Hannah had paid attention to the file earlier, she would have asked that both couples be placed in the same room, but without their knowledge.

The older woman was about to shut the file when a particular name caught her attention. 

Serenity Gils. 

After her conversation with the young girl that night, Hannah knew that keeping to herself would be an impossible task. Which is why when the young girl asked for her number, she politely declined. Of course, she didn't miss the sad look that appeared on Serenity's face. It irked Hannah, but she wanted to stay away from her. Hannah Morales knew that Serenity Gils was cause going to cause her trouble, and she wasn't one to willingly let herself fall victim to that.

For the past few days, she thought of Serenity Gils. A part of her regretted not giving her number. But she told herself it was the best, leaning on the thought that if they ever met again, then it means the universe was telling her to go for it.

Just like it was right now. What are the odds that she'd find Serenity in a BDSM club? A club that she owned? The thought of Serenity being with another woman in one of the rooms made Hannah's stomach churn. 

This time, Hannah wasn't going to think things through like she always did. She was going to let herself go. 

Putting the file aside, Hannah stood and walked to the drawer where she kept the room cards for the high-paying members as well as the single key to her private room. A room that has been closed for months.

Without thinking any further, Hannah stormed out of the office and headed for the lounge area. 

Seeing Serenity being surrounded by a girl her age made Hannah a little insecure. But she wasn't going to let that deter her. 

When Serenity looked up and her gaze locked with Hannah through the mask and the older woman felt her inside light up. It gave her that push she needed. 

Her gaze still locked on Serenity, Hannah leaned in and slid the card to her, then proceeded to wink, silently praying that she didn't look like a constipated frog when doing that. Then she walked away, ignoring her thudding heart and sweaty palms and swayed her hips. 

"Okay, Hannah. You gave her the card. Let's hope she's curious enough about who you are and take the mask"

The older woman said to herself as she opened the room she'd decided to close indefinitely. The room was painted in a soft pink hue. It was minimally but tastefully decorated with the finest furniture, carpet, and accessories. She wanted the ambience to portray safety and peacefulness. At first, Hannah Morales thought it was ironic, but now, it made perfect sense.

Once inside the room, you found two high-back, pink chairs that faced each other. A door on the left led into a full bathroom complete with a shower and bathing tub. Further in the room was the pièce de résistance. A colossal Wyoming King four-poster bed. It was perfect for bondage. Not far from the bed stood an armoire full of what the older stored implements of pleasure and pain. 

Hannah's heart rate spiked when she thought of using those things on Serenity Gils. If she showed up.

Seconds, perhaps minutes passed, and Serenity Gils didn't show up. Hannah was starting to regret taking that bold move. She began to think that Serenity had lost interest after their talk that night. 

The older woman willed herself to leave because she wasn't sure if Serenity would show up. But why would she show up simply because a random woman behind a mask gave her a room card?

Supposed Serenity showed up, what was Hannah going to do? She wasn't even sure if the blonde was a regular, or if she would allow someone to dominate her. Hell, she wasn't even sure if Serenity was into any of these.

As if it were on string, Hannah heard the door bip and her heart began to pound. The older woman looked straight ahead and refused to tilt her head to the side.

The door closed and Serenity's cologne filled Hannah's room. Its soothing smell was enough to calm her nerves, but make her toes curl.

The tension in the room was thick. It was nerves wrecking for Hannah. She wondered if Serenity felt the same. She wouldn't know because she looked so poised and in control of her thoughts. 

The colour in the room made Serenity’s skin look bright and smooth, her sapphire eyes look darker and her hair looked like it had been kissed by the sun. The older woman's hand itched. Itched to run her hand through Serenity's hair. 


"Who are you?" Serenity spoke up. She pocketed her hands in her black pants and stood firmly on her spot. It didn't look like she was going to move. Her stubbornness made Hannah smile beneath her mask.

"Sit. First" Hannah ordered again, and when Serenity didn't comply, she heaved out a dejected sigh and stood.

"Wait! I'll sit" the blonde made her way to the four-posted Wyoming King bed. Hannah's gaze was glued to the girl's firm butt. The way those black pants hung to her butt made Hannah jealous. 

Slowly, Hannah sat. 

"I did what you wanted, take off your mask" Serenity ordered. Normally, Hannah wasn't one to let herself get ordered around. Not anywhere and especially in this room where others begged to be dominated by her. But something about the way those words left Serenity's lips made Hannah want to drop her mask and get on her knees for the blonde.

Hannah thought to herself. Would it make any difference if Serenity knew she was the one behind the mask? Would that look of disgust on her face vanish? And who she be more willing to give Hannah what she wanted? It was just them in the room, so it didn't make any difference if she took off her mask or not. 

Who was Hannah kidding? She was petrified of Serenity’s reaction to realising she was the one behind the mask. Would she think of her as a coward? Regardless, it didn't stop Hannah Morales from gently taking off the pink concealment from her face. 

When a smirk appeared on Serenity's lips, Hannah was thankful for the lightning in the room because the blonde couldn't see how flushed her cheek was. 

"It's you". She didn't seem surprised. Or disgusted. Matter of fact, Hannah wouldn't know how she felt because her facial expression was back to being stoic.

"I didn't know you were into this". Serenity tilted her head. It was the sexiest thing Hannah had ever seen.

"I do. I own the place" Hannah felt a surge of courage shot

More silence. Hannah Morales couldn't handle Serenity's intense gaze on her. It made her nervous and unable to think. She barely resisted the mocking smile that appeared on her face. 

Hannah may have been cautious about her actions in the past, but she was never one to not know what to say. Especially in a situation like this. She invited Serenity to the red room, she should be able to start up a conversation. 

But her mind was blank.

"Why am I here, Hannah?"

God! Hannah felt her insides swirl as her name rolled off Serenity's lips. How on earth was she supposed to make use of her thinking capacity when Serenity looked at her and spoke to her like that?

"Have you ever been to one of the rooms in this club?" Hannah regretted that question as soon as it left her mouth. She made it her business to know what happened in her club. It definitely didn't stop the pang of jealousy that thundered her chest just thinking of the blonde with another woman.

Hannah's question was amusing to Serenity. 

"What do you think?" the blonde got off the bed and began to make her way to Hannah. When she got to the chair where the older woman sat, she leaned forward and supported her hand on either side of the chair. 

Hannah held her breath. With the blonde this close to her, the older woman felt her legs turn to jelly O. The smell of her cologne intoxicated her senses. 

"Do I make you nervous, Hannah?" Serenity leaned in closer. So much so that if Hannah moved an inch, their lips would make contact. 

And God, did Hannah want that? 

"I asked you a question Hannah, answer me" Serenity ordered. Slowly, Hannah shook her head. When did the tables turn? Why was Serenity the one giving orders and not her? For bloody fuck sake! She was the goddam mistress of this club!

"Use your words, Hannah" 

"No" the older woman managed to breathe out.

A smirk crept on Serenity's lips and Hannah wondered what amused her.

"You know, I should punish you for lying to me" 

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That, that right there, almost made the older woman combust with sizzling need and a burning desire for Serenity. The older woman was certain she'd come at least twice with the blonde being this close to her.

"Would you like that, Hannah? Would you want me to punish you for lying to me" 

Hannah wanted that. God, her body screamed to be punished by Serenity. Whilst she was more than happy to punish and dominate others, part of her wondered why people would willingly submit to that. But right now, with Serenity, she was starting to understand. What she didn't understand, however, was the way her body suddenly ached to be punished by Serenity. Someone younger than her. Hannah always knew she was attracted to women, but what she felt for Serenity, however, was way past attraction. It was lust, desperation and need. And it was starting to cripple her.

"Mmmm?" the blonde asked when Hannah didn't reply to her question.

"Yes, Serenity. I'd like to be punished by you"



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