Light at the end of the tunnel

"Well, someone looks dandy" Rachel Fisher burst into Hannah Morales's office Thursday evening. The older woman rolled her eyes before quickly tapping on the mouse and minimising the image of the club on her desktop.

Needless to say, she scanned the footage as though her life depended on it, praying and hell, crossing her fingers not to find Serenity somewhere with some woman on her lap. That was an aching sight for the older woman and so she tried to brush it away. She'd told the blonde after their marvellous and extraterrestrial love-making session that she had a business meeting and would not be in town for three days.

Hannah lied. She was running. Again.

"There's a reason for the door, Rachel. Make use of it" Hannah muttered annoyingly as her best friend pulled out the chair and got comfortable.

Rachel frowned and gave her friend a knowing look. "I did. I pushed the door and walked in" She shook her head in bewilderment as though it wasn't obvious.

Hannah Morales could only rol
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