Oops, My Sugar Baby is Alpha

Oops, My Sugar Baby is Alpha

By:  Nina GoGo  Completed
Language: English
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On her birthday, she was drugged, and her sister entered her fiancé's room instead of her, while she lost her virgin to a stranger in the neighboring room. Ten months later, she gave birth to a baby, and the next day, the baby's daddy came looking for her. "Do you have a house and savings?"she asked. The man looked puzzled. She accepted her fate and said, "Well, I guess I'm unlucky. From today on, I'll be responsible for earning money to support the family, and you'll be in charge of taking care of our baby." But who could have told her that the man she was supporting turned out to be a billionaire, the richest man in the town... And he was also a werewolf! So wait, her baby is a Hybrid?

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user avatar
the storyline is good. the ending is quite abrupt. i like it
2024-02-05 06:07:05
user avatar
where is the proposal for Isabella? what about her family
2024-02-04 04:23:12
user avatar
jeannie swinemar
too predictable.
2024-02-02 19:11:46
user avatar
Michelle Rodgers
the book was incomplete...harris storyline was in complete and wedding arrangement following isobelles refenge plan on harris family was not outlined
2024-01-17 02:41:09
167 Chapters
1.Baby's Father
The night was deep.NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.Isabella lay on the operating table, her face pale, and her body drenched in sweat. Despite the intense pain, she endured it without uttering a word of complaint."Push, we can see the baby's head," the midwife's voice echoed in her ears.Isabella's hand clung tightly to the bed rail. After a day and a night of pain, she could hardly summon any strength."The baby seems to be stuck; it might be a difficult birth. Should we notify Bet-, Mr. Ryan, for their safety?" The midwife and the head nurse exchanged a glance."No, don't mind me, save the baby," Isabella's sweat-soaked hand suddenly clutched the doctor. Her voice was filled with agony but unwavering.The doctor was moved and firmly held her hand, saying, "Let's try again. Listen to my instructions, take a deep breath, and push..."With the sound of a newborn's loud cry, everyone in the delivery room breathed a sigh of relief.The head nurse took the baby to clean, and the midwife
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"How is it you! You dare come to find me!" Isabella stared at her, trembling uncontrollably, whether from pain or anger."Don't get excited, my dear sister. You just had a baby, and getting angry is bad for your health," Emily insincerely said, walking past her into the hospital room."I don't welcome you here. Please leave immediately," Isabella said, looking at her with a guarded expression, not mincing words in asking her to leave.Emily, however, seemed to completely ignore her eviction notice and casually pulled out a large red wedding invitation from her exquisite handbag, handing it to Isabella."James and I are getting engaged next week, and I came specifically to invite you to our engagement ceremony. How can such an important event be complete without you as a witness?"Emily smiled, but her laughter was somewhat grating."Is this a victor's flaunting? Don't you feel shameless for what you've done?" Isabella held the wedding invitation, her fingertips turning white.Original
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After Isabella and Andrew reached a preliminary consensus, a woman in her thirties entered with a respectful demeanor. She was well-dressed and had a clean appearance. She introduced herself as a professional maternity nurse named Amelia.She understood that it wasn't very practical for a man to take care of a newborn baby all by himself, so they needed a maternity nurse. However, she had heard that maternity nurses were paid quite well, and this man had no money; the expenses were all on her, and it made her feel a bit sorry.She subconsciously glared at Andrew, who seemed puzzled by her glare."The baby is chubby and adorable. Let me hold him," Amelia walked to the bedside, extending her hands with a smile.However, Isabella instinctively held her son tightly, and her eyes suddenly welled up. She couldn't bear to part with him and had second thoughts.The atmosphere in the room instantly fell into silence.Andrew, with his firm lips lightly pursed, looked at her thoughtfully. "It's
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4.Twin Sisters
James is a very traditional man, which is why Emily had to pretend to be a virgin and make things official with him. Her previous pregnancy and abortion were certainly things she couldn't let him find out about."Isabella, stop threatening me. James loves me so much; he won't believe what you say," Emily glared at her."I don't know how much he loves you, but I'm not interested in men who are easily swayed. However, I hadn't planned to give up this room to you. If you don't leave, I'll call James and see if he'll believe me..." Isabella began reaching for her phone as she spoke.Before she could finish her sentence, Emily left angrily to find Charlotte."Sweetie, what's wrong with you again? I just managed to pacify your dad. Be good and give me a break," Charlotte warned."Mom, it's because you're too soft-hearted. You should have kicked them both out from the start. Let's see how they'd dare to argue with me over a room," Emily said bitterly."Darling, keep your voice down, you migh
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"Brother, are you this temperamental?" His raised arm was intercepted by Olivia before it could fall. Olivia had dyed hair, heavy makeup, and a short skirt revealing her thighs.Her looks weren't as impressive as Isabella's, but her alluring thighs easily drew the attention of him."Brother, don't lower yourself to her level. Look at me, how about we find a private room to chat?" Olivia said with a playful smile.Isabella knew that Olivia was trying to help her get out of this situation but still worried. "Hey, can you handle him alone?""Sis, it's not my first day here. I've got pepper spray in my purse; I won't suffer," Olivia said as she took out a small canister of pepper spray from her bag and handed it to Isabella."Be careful," Isabella replied as she took it.Having escaped the lewd man, she walked alone in the dimly lit corridor, with sounds of booming music and luxurious moans emanating from the private rooms on both sides.Isabella couldn't help but frown; with so many room
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6.Dark Moon Clan
"If everything goes as planned, yes," Andrew replied indifferently, as if he were taking over a regular job rather than a massive conglomerate.Ryan let out a soft snort, continuing with a half-mocking tone, "It seems your father Mr.Jacob hasn't lost his mind yet. Handing the company over to you is much better than letting it fall into the hands of his grandson. If he gets it, he'll squander it all within ten years."The lycanthropes of the Dark Moon Clan had hidden within the human world centuries ago. Due to the interbreeding with humans over the generations, the lycanthropic blood had gradually thinned, and many descendants of lycanthropes couldn't even shift into wolves. However, the Turner family was different. Andrew's father had decreed that the public wolves of the Turner family couldn't mate with humans, and as a result, Andrew and his siblings had pure lycanthropic blood.The Turner family was a powerful clan, deeply involved in politics and business, and held a prominent po
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The panic on her face was not faked at all. Even though she had instructed Grace to hide the bracelet in Isabella's room to frame her, she hadn't ordered Grace to destroy it. After all, these bracelets were extremely valuable, and they were tokens from the Brown family."What else do you have to say? You're acting so malicious at such a young age," David's rage was ablaze, and he raised his hand as if to strike Isabella.Naturally, she wasn't going to stand there and let him hit her; she had already moved to the side. She gave a nonchalant glance at Emily and her mother, her lips curling into a cold, mocking smile."If I really wanted to steal something, would I have put it in my room and waited for you to catch me?"She thought David, who had climbed from a humble civil servant to become the Deputy Mayor, couldn't be a fool. However, she couldn't understand how such a shrewd man could be so easily manipulated by Charlotte and her daughter."Is someone else framing you?" David shouted
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“Also, you need to take $20,000 and give it to Mr. Bennett, the intermediary. We've been hiring household staff through him, and you should ask him to find a job for your distant niece, Lily, in our house.”"I understand, Ma'am," Ava nodded. Instead of letting Charlotte insert another spy, it was better for them to take the initiative.After she had finished giving instructions, Isabella felt tired and went to bed early.Three days later, Ava brought Lily to meet her."Hello, Ma'am," Lily politely bowed. She had her hair in two thick braids, and she appeared quite intelligent.Isabella smiled and asked her a few simple questions. Lily was two years older than her, twenty-one years old, with a high school diploma. She had come from Blue River town to Ithaca town a year ago and had previously worked as a waitress in a restaurant."However, you must remember that in this house, you don't need to reveal your relationship with Ava or me, or even with me," she reminded her."I understand,"
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9.Her Scent
Andrew was dressed very casually today, wearing a light beige V-neck sweater and black casual pants, exuding a faint elegant charm."Do I look good?" He turned his head slightly, and their gazes briefly met.His deep blue eyes were so profound that she felt a bit hesitant to look directly at him. Andrew faintly smirked. In fact, when she approached the door, his wolf instincts had already detected her scent, which was quite alluring to him."Yes," she honestly nodded, smiling, "Your voice is quite nice too."His voice was low and magnetic, like a cello's bass note."'Good-looking' isn't much of a compliment for a man," he said indifferently, showing no emotion, as he handed over Asher, who was in his arms. Asher was only a month old, and because he was a Hybrid, Andrew wasn't worried about the baby revealing any wolfish features to scare the human girl.Isabella immediately snapped out of her admiration. She took the baby carefully into her arms, and her movements were a bit stiff due
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10.Illegitimate Child
"Will the school accept my explanation?" she said calmly."The school will certainly consider it," Benjamin replied, his hand resting on the table, tapping it now and then. It seemed like he was subtly exerting pressure on her.However, she didn't show any signs of panic and spoke in a composed tone."The person in the photo is indeed me. I was ill in the first half of the year and frequently visited the hospital for treatment. It's not unusual to be photographed outside the hospital. I just can't understand how this photo could be linked to me having an illegitimate child."In the photo, she had wrapped herself tightly, resembling a ball, and her belly was not visible at all. She could easily deny it.At this moment, she was extremely grateful that David cared about his reputation. He had forcefully suppressed the news of her having an illegitimate child, and Charlotte's attempt with this photo was ultimately ineffective.However, while the photo lacked the necessary impact, the pres
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