Chapter Sixteen; Bloodshed


The discoveries I made about my family were shocking. From the fact that my father is not my real father to the fact that my mother has been deceiving me all these years.

I knew she loved money more than anything but this was a step too far. I went to end her. But I didn't. I decided to shoot and miss. I will decide what to do with her later. For now, the fact that she doesn't know when or how I will kill her is her torture, and driving her insane is part of my agenda.

I returned home to a wasted Ella. She was softly snoring and the sight made me angry.

What if she did this at a local bar? Just the thought of someone touching what's mine made me clench my fist. After her drunk call, I rushed home like a madman. Acting out of character didn't even bother me at the moment. All I could think of was getting home to her.

"Get Camilla and don't go soft on her. I warned her but she did it anyway!" I instruct Luca who just watches me like he has seen a ghost.

I've noticed eve
The every woman

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