Chapter Forty One: A game of greater Power


Anger seethes through me as I walk out of Camilla’s apartment. I don’t blame her but the least she could have done was trust me and join hands with me. I guess I’ve done so much to hurt her that she would rather hate me. Even though I know she didn’t mean anything she said, It hurts like hell. ‘’Send up security five times more intense,’’ I instruct Sean.

I was too late and I found the son of a bitch gone, but that was the last time because everything ends now. The Russians may have power but I’m a fucking enforcer with Moretti blood in my veins.

Power is defined by us and I’m about to show these men exactly what that means.

My phone vibrates and I check the caller ID as I walk to the car. ‘’Yes, boss?’’ I respond, addressing Adrian as I expect him to gloat.

"Viktor called.’’He says and I laugh dryly.

‘’Then I guess you got the memo. I was hoping to call you once I got his head on a silver platter.’’ I speak through the phone as I step on the reverse.

‘’I will handle Vikt
The every woman

Hi loves thank you so much for reading this far. Read the next chapters with Dynasty by Mia playing in the background lol.

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