Chapter Forty Two: I have your brother


Pride cannot begin to explain what I’m feeling as I watch Luca beat up the famous Dimitri like it's nothing. Blood splashes everywhere with each punch that he throws. He tries to throw a few punches, but Luca is too fast and too accurate. The boy is a machine and having made him my enforcer satisfies me to the very core because like always, I only got the best.

I knew he had feelings for Camilla even before I had asked him to watch over her and my assumptions were proven right after that but I did not think he would push through with this despite my countless warnings.’’The brat has really fallen in love this time.’’ I chuckle as I pull out my phone which is vibrating.

‘’Are you just going to let that little spoilt brat start a war!’’ John shouts and I have to remove the phone from my earpiece to avoid them from bursting.

‘’That brat is the Enforcer and if he has done so much damage to a man like Dimitri, imagine what he will do to you?’’ I respond lazily.

I don’t even k
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