Chapter Forty Three: The one Time


Everything happens so fast that my mind can barely keep up with it. Tears roll down my face as I sock into Luca’s blood. His body starts to get cold and I scream so loud as the guilt grips me. The one time that I decide to finally stand up and not be tossed around, costs me so much. This should have been me. I should have been hit but he took the bullet for me. He did it even when I had said the most horrible things to him.

I don’t know how everything happens but I hear guns blaring and shouting. Angry voices are in the air as someone pulls me from Luca.

Everything is in slow motion and it feels like I’m not really present but experiencing this through someone else. ‘’Mr. Moretti said to protect you with our lives!.’’ The man shouts but I fight him.

‘’You should be calling an ambulance! Can’t you see he is on the brink of death?!’’ I scream but it seems I’ve been screaming so much without knowing and my voice is now barely audible.

‘’Take her to safety!’’ Adrian orders and
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