‘’I can’t believe I said yes and I’m wearing a wedding gown instead of being on a flight away from here.’’ I shake my head in disbelief and Ella laughs as she stares at my reflection with me.

This has been the most crazy thing I've done and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so happy and being here with my best friend makes it even more fulfilling.

‘’I guess the day we went out to try on the dress was a sign that the time was near.’’She jokes but quickly rushes to the bathroom.

‘’Ella are you okay?’’ I follow her and she turns to me with a thumbs up as the realization hits me.

She is pregnant!

‘’I haven’t told him yet she confesses and I laugh.

‘’Your secret is safe with me.’’ I wink at her and we continue to prepare for my wedding.

Who would have thought that the two of us would ever tie the not? I was just a maid, he was the prince of the underworld. I can’t help but feel nervous and wonder if I’m good enough for him. ‘’Was the Viktor issue handled?’’ I ask Ella
The every woman

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