Thank you so much for giving my book a chance. I hope you find the two books and two couples to your liking. I promise I will do my very best and I will keep on improving so you can live nine lives with me on different adventures. 

The book has been completed. Please leave me a review and a gem and I'll be so grateful. I love you guys and I hope you rock with me too lol. 

Please check out my first book billionaire's Sweetheart too as I begin the next book next week. 

I'm super excited and I hope you will love it as well. 

Thank you all. Xoxo

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Loved both stores but feel like book one didn’t have an ending. Just feel like something missing.
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The every woman
Thank you so much Jane. I really loved going through your comments. please do leave a review on the main page. it will really help the book. Lots of love!
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Jane Murr
Great stories! Loved them!

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