Owned by the Mafia King

Owned by the Mafia King

By:  The every woman  Completed
Language: English
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Her dream was always marrying a prince but she never imagined she would be sold to a Monster, a cold hearted Killer. When he bought her she cried for the freedom she had lost forever but later, every other tear she had shed was for her soul because she was falling for the devil himself. Will he see the light or will his darkness consume her?

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The every woman
Hello awesome Readers, please don't forget to check out my new Billionaire Romance.
2024-01-22 15:48:34
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Michy himyz
I can't seem to put this book down...
2023-11-23 04:32:52
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What a great start to the story. Can't wait to read more...️.
2023-11-01 17:28:41
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Strategy Square
wonderful book
2024-03-27 01:51:10
94 Chapters
Chapter One: Ella
PrologueThe grand ballroom, adorned with opulent chandeliers that cast a mesmerizing glow, bore witness to an event that changed my life forever. People from the shadows of society, their faces hidden behind masks of elegance, had gathered for an auction like no other.I stood at the center of it all, a pawn in a game I didn't understand.. Dressed in nothing more than transparent garments that clung to my trembling form, I stood atop the cold, unforgiving auction stand. The sheer vulnerability of my situation was overwhelming, and I couldn't comprehend why I had become a mere commodity in this dark theater of desire.The room buzzed with an unsettling excitement. The crowd, a sea of faces concealed behind ornate masks, whispered in hushed tones as they eagerly awaited the spectacle about to unfold. This was no ordinary auction; it was a theater of the macabre, where the line between desire and debauchery blurred. Powerful and wealthy men filled the room. The stage was made in such a
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Chapter Two: The Meeting
AdrianThe vibration of my phone snaps me back to reality and I do not need to check my screen to know who is calling."Mamma, di cosa si tratta, sono occupato?" I hiss into the phone on loud."Non è questo il modo di parlare a tua madre Adrian" She half laughs but I know she doesn't mean it so I cut her before she starts her lectures. "Sto guidando". That is all I say knowing very well that she will get the understanding. "I hear you. Don't forget the breakfast at home tomorrow." "I got it. Have enough rest."One would think that the traditional meals we have are actually to catch up as a family but it's far from it. The idea of a warm family died with my father. Now all that is left is business. Every Week we meet to discuss…Who needs to pay us back and how…Who wants to become an enemy? New profits. This is very normal for a ruthless mafia family like mine. Speeding through the streets, I decide to stop by one of my bars unannounced. News reached me that there is a resistance
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Chapter Three: The Auction
EllaMy life has always been a dance on the edge of uncertainty. I come from a modest background, where every dollar earned is a small victory, and every setback feels like a mountain too steep to climb. It was a life I shared with my parents until tragedy struck and stole them from me when I was just a child.Their loss left me with a void that could never be filled, a darkness that hung heavy over our humble home. The world outside seemed harsh and unforgiving, and my grandparents, who became my guardians, were determined to protect me from its cruelties. I know they tried and I know they love me too but it seems this goes far beyond.My grandparents meant well, but their over-protectiveness became a prison of its own. They kept me close, rarely allowing me to venture beyond the safety of our small house. I was home-schooled so nothing about my life was ever normal. It's a miracle I even have a boyfriend. I love him because he is a constant reminder of what a normal life should be a
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Chapter Four: New-life
EllaLocked in the luxurious mansion that has become my new prison, I find myself in a strange and unfamiliar world. The opulence that surrounds me is both captivating and suffocating. Everything is pristine, from the gleaming marble floors to the ornate furniture that seems more like a work of art than something to sit on.My days are no longer filled with the hustle and bustle of the bar. Instead, I'm confined to the gilded cage of this mansion, my every move monitored by the strange man's watchful gaze. I'm not allowed to leave, and the thought of the outside world, with its fleeting moments of freedom, feels like a distant dream.But as the days turn into weeks, I realize he has plans for me beyond being a mere possession. No one dares mention his name and since the auction night, I have never seen nor heard of him. It seems he wants to mold me into something more, something that fits into his world of power and privilege. And so, he hired a group of women, all Italian, to teach m
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Chapter Five - Fear
AdrianWhen I arrived at the auction, everyone knew it had to be important because I rarely show interest in women and I certainly don’t need an auction to fuck one. They are always ready and waiting like the whores they are. Hearing my enemy was attending the Auction stirred something within me. But when I arrived he wasn't there. Looking in Luca's direction he knew I'd fuck him up later for giving me unverified information. One girl stood out for me. There was something about her that drew her to me. When we locked eyes I saw a fire I wanted to put out. Without thinking I bid fifty million and left everyone speechless. Of course, no one challenged me.I left Lucas to take her to the mansion to get trained and I haven’t seen her since then.My goal was to break her with pain in every way possible. The blood running through her veins was going to be what kept me afloat. It had always been smoking but it stopped working for some time do she was going to do. I wanted her fear. Her
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Chapter Six: The Monster
Ella What I have just experienced is nowhere near my wildest imagination. I knew this man was delusional and trust me I have met all sorts of crazy. First, he dragged me along with a lie that we were going for a ride. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be grateful or shaken because I thought he brought me here to kill me. He killed two men with a promise of killing more when I disobeyed him. What type of sick bastard is he? I contemplate as my fear and anxiety slowly turn into anger. After throwing in threats and killing two men, he lazily got up from the chair and continued chatting with the man he just threatened. The man had lost a few front teeth and his mouth was full of blood but tried to mask it as Adrian kept tapping his shoulder making him flinch each time. He asked one of his guards to take me home and from the exchanged eye contact I could tell they were friends. The car drove at high speed as my mind drifted back to the insane turn of events. When is he going
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Chapter Seven: Toddy
EllaI wake up in this fancy room, sunlight peeking through fancy curtains. It's a room meant for someone else, not me. Every day I’m reminded of the fact that I am a slave who does not even know her fate.Getting someone horny only to ask them to get out is a low blow even for him. I hate him so much it pains me. Sitting up I think of what my grandparents are thinking of. Maybe I should have listened and never left. But what did that man mean when he said I was here because of them?I borrowed that money on my own so he is a bastard for implying that they should have worked harder and not have been poor like he is in any position to judge. They kill and kidnap women for money!Obviously, they are bastards who do nothing but lie to mess with someone’s head.I head to the fancy bathroom, and I turn on the faucets of the massive bathtub. The water flows, filling the room with steam and the scent of fragrant oils. As I sink into the warm embrace of the water, I can't help but think abou
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Chapter Eight: The Punishment
Adrian For the first time, I found myself at the mall shopping for a woman I bought to destroy. This morning she looked so vulnerable like a wet kitten and that made my cock twitch. She wanted to stand up against me by wearing the same clothes and I must admit she caught me unaware and I was slightly proud that the weakness in her was slowly fading. Watching her get confused about which clothes she should pick drove me crazy and made me want to do things to her and by things I mean fucking her right in this boutique so she could be flushed and everyone will know that she is mine. But in a flash, I get reminded of the fact that am at war, and hell I don't even know who my enemies are and someone has been fucking stealing from me. With that reminder, I pull myself out of the sex images flooding my mind. I send a message to Luca and ask him to meet me later. I have to tell him about Marco and make a decision on what to do and yet here I am shopping like I'm on vacation.After she de
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Chapter Nine; Unexpected Guest
Ella Flushed cheeks and a bruised center are all I have left after the encounter with Adrian. Not only is he a bastard but he is a heartless criminal who I hate so much. He left me wanting at the verge of cuming for the second time and it makes me so angry. He felt so good and I hate that even more. He hurt Toddy today, I can’t forgive that. He always says am his and the fact that it makes me so confused makes me so angry. I should have fought him when he wanted to take me but maybe that is why he bought me. To be his sex slave and now he might actually kill me because am of no use to him. Wincing from pain, I get myself to stand up and walk to the shower so I can rinse off his scent before it drives me insane from the amount of conflict I have in my head. Thinking about this draws me back to Nanna and the pain of not having talked to them makes my heart swell with sadness. Maybe this is the only way to keep them safe from the unknown because looking at the Criminal’s Bipolar pers
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Chapter Ten: Bianchi
AdrianHaving fucked and taken Ella's cunt drove me crazy. I couldn't fuck any of my whores and I couldn't get a release from my smoke either. I hate that I was so rough with her but the fact that she was a virgin does something to me that I hate. Just as the whore I brought kneels down, my phone vibrates and it's an alarm.Shit! I open it pushing the girl aside and send Marco a text. I send the same text to Luca for backup though I doubt I will need it. I'm a fucking beast but I'm not immortal so I might as well prepare. The fucker has been meeting my mother secretly. I need to know why he is here and why the hell he feels he is safe in my territory. "Stand up and follow me." I say to the girl who has been sitting half naked waiting for me but am just not interested. Walking to the car, I ask one of my men to take her home as I head to our meeting spot. I'm a monster but I don't prey on the weak. Except Ella that is.She is my redemption and making her feel pain relieves me.I c
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