By:  Larissa G.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Being named after the one woman who unleashed the darkness into our world out of curiosity has never been easy but Pandora has learned how to deal with this. Which path will she take when fate makes her choose between her loved ones and the rest of the world?

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I love the cover and the name of the heroine. Interesting plot. Keep it up! :)
2021-01-31 23:18:26
21 Chapters
Episode 1 - I am what?
Pandora Being named after the one woman who unleashed the darkness and evil beings into our world just simply opening a box has never been easy, especially when I need to meet new people. They hesitate to talk t
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Episode 2 - Finding mate
The shock was all I could feel. Never in my life, I’d consider being someone special that would save my pack. Or the entire fucking world. After receiving my premonition, Penny promised to talk with the alphas of both packs and then we’d schedule a meeting with me but I had to tell my dad first so I went home to wait for him to arrive.
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Episode 3 - Hey dad, I've got three mates.
SamuelI couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe that I finally found her. And she was perfect in every single detail. I had to control myself really hard not to claim and mark her right there because I knew it was something that I had to do with my brothers and with her permission and I was happy enoug
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Episode 4 - The end of a cycle
I spent most of my day with my family, playing games, watching movies until it was almost 4 p.m. when I started to feel really dizzy I couldn’t get up without losing the balance of my body which is quite odd.“Mom? Dad?” I called for them.
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Episode 5 - New beginnings
I looked at the direction that voice came and to say that I was hypnotized by the view before me was an understatement. Out of the woods came two men dressed in casual clothes but they still looked formal somehow. I look at Samuel who's been grinning at me. I focus my gaze on those two greek gods that are coming our way and that’s when it hits me. That amazing bittersweet smell but it was way stronger. I felt I was being surrounded by this delicious smell. Sam walks towards those men and greets them as he turns around to look at me. I widen my eyes as I realize who those men were.
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Episode 6 - The message
“We wouldn’t risk you going all by yourself.” Sawyer answers with confidence.“Then we should get going.” I tell them
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Episode 7 - The light
I woke up to the amazing smell of my mother’s coffee filling the morning air. My eyes take some time to adjust to the morning light coming from the living room's huge windows. Wait. Why am I sleeping on the couch? I try to focus my sight on my whereabouts and my stomach fills with butterflies as I notice something. Sam, Shaw, and Sawyer were sleeping on the floor with their heads resting on the couch I was on. Also, I was wearing my pajamas but they were still wearing their last nightclothes. Last night…
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Episode 8 - The witch coven
The feeling that something was wrong kept growing in my stomach. Lua was pacing impatiently in the back of my mind. Before a minute or two, Alpha Maxwell broke the silence."Yeah, you're right." He said fixing his gaze on my mates. "They are alphas, after all."
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Episode 9 - Threat
Do you know that feeling you get when you think someone’s looking at you or even following you? That’s exactly what I was feeling. Why should I worry? Because I’m in my f-ing bathroom. Who would be able to get inside my bathroom without anyone else at home noticing? I try to evaluate what movement would be the smartest without giving the intruder a tip that I noticed his/her presence. I mind linked my parents to ask if someone had arrived after I came upstairs but got no answer. Weird. I try to mind linking my sister and nothing. I rinse my hair after massaging my scalp with my coconut and strawberries shampoo. I hear a really low growl but try t
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Episode 10 - The journey
The week went by fast. We haven't heard from you since we've even seen Alpha Maxwell. It was as if he had evaporated, no one was able to contact him, so the responsibilities of the entire pack were passed on to the Beta, my father. When we least expected, we were one day from my rite of passage. Mellana returned after explaining the situation to the leader of her clan and would guide us to the entrance to the witches' territory. It’s part of the tradition for the wolf that will go through the rite and her or his family to sleep the night before in the sacred lands of the witches so they can be purified. We are all packing our things so we can get there before nightfall.“Are you okay, love?” Sam asks me while embracing me from behind as we in the backyard waiting for everyone.“Yes, I just have a lot on my mind right now. I’m tryin
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