Phoenix in the Fire

Phoenix in the Fire

By:  aneryllis  Completed
Language: English
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When a dating scandal comes to haunt Gold, a famous artist all over the world, memories from seven years ago flood his mind--making him realize that perhaps, he had never liked women at all.

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32 Chapters
Gold Adana lives his life just like his name: Gold.   With his luxurious lifestyle, loving fans, and perfect 'it' boy personality, everyone can definitely say that he is indeed living a golden life. Not to mention his nickname in the music industry: Golden Boy.  
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Chapter 1
"Hmm," Kolya groans at the sound of the alarm clock. He is aware that the little devil is ringing because it's already time to wake up, in spite of this; he still chooses to cover his face with the pillow. It'll stop if you ignore it. This is his belief. But it didn't.
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Chapter 2
"Because you were having a hard time." "Because you were having a hard time!" Gold mimics Kolya's kind words that keep on playing on his mind. He slightly changes his tone hoping to change the impact of the statement. Unfortunately, the effect of it didn't diminish. If a
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Chapter 3
"Sir, Madame Jasmine is waiting for you in her studio." Charles, the personal servant of Gold or what the golden boy's mother calls: butler Charles, informs. "Okay." Gold answers, closing his eyes. His head is spinning because he had a little too much to drink. He really cut classes today just to have a drink in a pub. It didn't matter that he's a minor. Tha
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Chapter 4
Gold decided that he hates Nikolai Park. He figures that he doesn't need a justifiable reason for this. He just simply hates Kolya for making things harder for him. "Are you visiting a friend, Sir?" Charles cocks his head to let Gold see his raised brow. The young master keeps on shifting on his seat. It's highly unlikely for him to appear this uncomfortable, especially because the backseat of the car is cozy—tailored to Gold's liking.
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Chapter 5
"See you around, Gold!" This is what Kolya said to the lead dancer before taking the east direction.The golden boy decided to cut classes today. Kolya is certain that he can't change the former's mind, so he just lets him be.Kolya then saunters around the university's hallway. He still has twenty minutes before his class with Ms. Manoban starts."Mr. Song, didn't you just hear me? Gold Adana can't just be a lead dancer!"
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Chapter 6
"Dude, you totally blew us off yesterday!" Jacob shakes his head at Gold who just entered the classroom. The golden boy shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, passing a black box wrapped with golden ribbon to Carter. "Something came up," his excuse is vague.
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Chapter 7
"I'm glad you finally agreed to go out on a date with me..." Olive smiles seductively as she cuts her medium rare steak. Gold returns his date's smile. Olive Page is literally every man's dream. She's gorgeous, like the blonde version of Angelina Jolie. It's obvious that she's also ridiculously rich. Jasmine would never set up her son to a woman who doesn't have millions of dollars in different banks. Olive is intelligent too. Being a student of medicine is a proof of that. 
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Chapter 8
Marathon. Marathon. Life is slow so take it slow. These are some of the lyrics in Kolya's favorite song entiled Paradise. We only have one life, but it's a long one. It's up to us to make it meaningful. We don't have to outrun other people just to be considered as the winner. 
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Chapter 9
"You signed us up to what!?" Cleo turns the phone away from her ear for the reason that Gold's voice is loud from the other line. "I signed us up in Ms. Manoban's—"
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