You Are My Everything [BL]

You Are My Everything [BL]

By:  KayJay  Ongoing
Language: English
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Does love conquer all? Even gender? Even society? Even life? What will happen when a bad boy fell in love? Marc and Gary, two hot-tempered guys. Marc the bad boy met Gary the mysterious transfer student. What happens when Marc got attracted to Gary who is straight and has past. What will a bad boy do to attract Gary's attention? Can they really be together? Or will Marc's obsession turn things to ugly situations that he will regret...

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8 Chapters
“Marc~~~~ let's go~~~ lets goooooo” Alice whined pulling Marc’s hand who was trying to take a nap in the classroom. “F**k off…leave me alone I want to sleep.” Marc scolded Alice taking his hand back from her hold. “You brat, you can sleep in the cafeteria. I am hungry” Alice frowned. “Go find Zack to play with you. Don’t bother me. I want to sleep.” Marc said putting his head on his hand and closing his eyes. Alice had an idea. She smirked and tip-top to stand behind Marc. She raises her hand and smacked Marc’s head really hard. Marc hissed in pain and now he was really pissed “you bit*h!!! I am going to kill you.” Seeing Marc's wrath Alice laughed and ran off from there and Marc followed her. Alice ran towards the cafeteria where Zack was waiting for them not knowing what ju
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Let him touch you..
  It's been a week since that incident. Everything was normal except for one this Gary felt like he is being watched but when he looks around there was no one. He thought it might be some girls who were following him all around. As it has been usual for him to be followed around by girls. He is a 6 feet tall handsome guy with a muscular athletic body. He has it all that a girl desire.    After finishing his classes, Gary went on the basketball court with Nick where they planned to meet Chuck. Actually, Gary just transferred here in the middle of the third semester due to some personal reasons nick and chuck ask him about it but he always gives vague answers so they stopped asking him about why he transferred like this.   Nick met Gary in the class where the teacher appointed Nick to help Gary get familiar with the campus. As all the teachers know how friendly nick is. Nick and Chuck were friends from high school now studyin
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Mind your own business...
 Gary woke up hissing in pain, his whole body was aching but his head was killing him the most. He opens his eyes in pain and found himself in unfamiliar surroundings.‘Where am I?’ he is now fully awake in shock. He abruptly sat up and suddenly felt the cold breeze on this body, He looked down he was covered in a blanket with no clothes on. ‘Why I am naked?’ now Gary was panicking. He looked to his side. His eyes went wide. A naked man was sleeping next to him, his face was on the other side. He got off the bed abruptly covering himself with the blanket. As he stood up, he felt pain all over his body. He hissed “ahhhh” making a loud sound. That woke up the man, annoyed still with closed eyes he scolded. “Who wants to die today? I can’t even sleep in peace in my own home” Gary's eyes went wide seeing the person before him “y
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After leaving marc’s home Gary went home. Everything that happened to him in the last 12 hours, is totally confused and blur. he tried to remember but he cants recall what happened last night and how did he end up at marc's home. He decided to leave it alone for now and go to attend his classes. Now Gary was sitting in class in his own thoughts when someone smacked his head from behind. Gary looked angrily at the person behind the action “Nick!!!” he scolded and stood up and smacked Nick’s head.   “Hey, friend! Easy. You are going to make my brain dead.” Nick said rubbing his head where Gary hit him.   “You deserve it.” Gary scolded.   “Okay calm down calm down. I was just trying to get your attention. You were spacing out.” Nick said sitting down on the seat next to Gary’s.   Gary sighed “nothing I am just having a headache.”   “Oh yeah. When did you leave last night? Yo
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Get what i want...
Gary went inside the locker room after the practice to shower and get changed. Everyone was gone except for Nick and Chuck.   “What are you still doing here?” Gary asked Nick and Chuck as he entered the locker room.   They both looked at each other. Then Chuck signal Nick to talk. Nick shook his head silently. Chuck again gives him a nod. They were bickering silently in gestures to talk to Gary regarding his mood.   “Just say what you want to say. Don’t act like hamsters” Gary asked again frowning his eyebrows.   Finally, Nick step forward and said “we were waiting for you.”   Gary looked at the ‘waiting so why are you acting like you are on some secret mission’ Gary thought to himself. “It’s okay you don’t have to wait for me. You can go.” Gary said moving to his locker.   “Gary is everything okay?” Chuck asked abruptly.  
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After what happened back in the locker room. Gary was so pissed. He walked outside and saw It was getting dark. He sighed and start to walk towards the parking lot. As he was walking, he realized the parking lot was almost empty and there were not many students left on campus. He wanted to go home early today he thanked God that his mom was not in town right now or else she might have called cops as he didn’t go home last night. He was exhausted from everything that happened in the last 24 hours. All he wanted to do right now was to reach home as fast as he could. His car was parked in the parking lot...since yesterday, as he went to the party with his friend after the game and then he ends up at Marc’s home somehow. He didn’t even want to drive right now but he has no choice. He walked towards his car. Gary took out the car keys from his pocket and he pressed the button to unlock the car and as he put his hand on the handle to open the door someone pulled him and turned him
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What's his name?
As Gary parked his car outside his house he let out a long sigh of relief finally he is home and he was relieved that it's good that his mom was not at home or else she might have bombarded him with questions about coming late and bruise on his lips. And he had to come up with some excuse to make her calm down because he knows how worried his mom gets when it comes to his son.   Gary got out of the car taking his backpack with him. As he entered the house. “Oh, my god son!!! where were you…???” Gary’s mom came running at him and holding his hand tightly… Gary got stunned for a moment he was not expecting her mom to be at home at all he was so exhausted from all this thing that he wanted to just go to his bed and sleep like a log without thinking about anything. But right now, he had to deal with his mom. “Mom!! Mom !! calm down… I was in practice” Gary said while holding his mother in his arms.    “You should have called me... I
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Never forget
“So, you don’t even know my name?” the three of them looked at the owner of the voice. Marc was standing behind Nick. Nick recognizes the voice; he didn’t even dare to look back. Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at their table and whispering to each other   Gary rolled his eyes as he knows who was standing behind. He wanted to ignore his presence so shifted his focus on finishing his food.  Marc smiled and walked towards their table. As he stood right behind Gary. Marc grabbed Gary’s hand making him stop eating. Gary grits his teeth, looking up, glaring at the person who just interrupted his eat.   “What are you doing? Can’t you see I am eating?” Gary glared at Marc.   Marc smirked and held his hand out to Nick “pen” Marc said precisely to Nick.   Nick was shocked and scared and his hand was shaking as he reached to his bag and take out a pen and shakingly hand it to Marc. Gary was trying t
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