I run out of the class. The halls are empty. I can feel myself breaking down. I can't handle being late again.

"Fuck." I curse. My tears threaten to escape my eyes. Hot tears boil in the corner of my eyes. I have biology next. It's not the thought of missing out and being punished by the teachers that is scaring me. It's my parents.

"Control yourself. You will be fine." The voice says.

'No he won't. Xavier you are hopeless. Just drop out of school.'

"I need to calm down." I say. I decide to skip biology. I need to take a breather. I walk outside. It's so isolated.

"If he finds out. He's going to kill you." The voice says.

"I know. But let's not think of that now. I can't think...I miss my brothers and my sister."

"Yeah. We all miss them."

"Why couldn't he die instead of them!?" I yell. I start to cry, feeling the school surroundings bleed away.

"I have no one to talk to. Instead I talk to my own fucking self." I punch the wall behind me. The hard wall crushes my delicate bones. 

"Ow. Shit." That wasn't a good idea. I look at my hand and see it's pretty messed up. Not that messed up, but blood was coming out, so to an extent, it was messed up.

"Hey, you can go to the sick bay, and then you have a legitimate reason for being late." The voice suggested.

"Oh yeah. Thanks." Maybe it was a good idea after all. Although my hand really hurts, I think I broke it. I go to the office and ask for medical help.

"Oh darling. Follow me through here." The receptionist guided me through to the school nurse.

The nurse's face dropped immediately when she noticed my hand.

"Here let me take care of that." The nurse gently took my hand and washed it. I loved the attention. She actually cared for me. Her gentle touch. The way her soft skin cradled my bruised and bloodied fingers. She didn't leave either, she stayed and cared. 

30 minutes passed, she stayed there with me, making sure I was okay. Everyone in my life leaves. My siblings, my father, well he is physically there, but he doesn't want me to be his son so he left me.

The bell for first break rung.

"Oh you better eat. Make sure not to use that hand too much, and for the second session you won't be put down as absent." She smiled.

"Thank you."

"It's okay, honey." I left the area and went to my locker to grab my food. I put in my locker code.




I am always paranoid the people around me are staring, trying to memorise my code to break into my locker later. I opened the locker door, a yellow piece of paper caught my attention. I didn't remember putting it there. I look around to see if it was a joke, but no one was looking. 

I grab the paper and read it. In bright green ink the letters ILTT were written on the paper. I felt nervous. What if it was some joke? An abbreviation of an insult? I threw it in the bin which was next to my locker. How funny?

I grab my snack. Just a pack of chips. I close my locker and try to find somewhere secluded to eat and rest. All the teens were gathering, they were in their own little groups. The groups all are interested in one thing, that is what brings them together, like a clique almost. I wish to be a part of a clique one day, even if it is with just one other person. But I guess being alone is more suited for me.

"You know, you will never find your own clique if you don't put yourself out there." The voice said.

"I know. It's just so hard though, when I introduce myself. Even if I don't tell them, they can tell who I really am. No one wants to be seen with me." I look at the energy of everyone else and suddenly notice my lethargic feelings. 

"I need to take a quick nap.I'm pretty sure no one can see me." I say.

"They can't." The voice reassured me.

I lay my head on the grass, I had 15 minutes of sleep, an alarm set 10 minutes earlier so I would have enough time to get my books and find my class. So I actually had five minutes of sleep, but sleep is always good, no matter how little or much you get. I let my consciousness slip away.

'Ding Ding Ding.'

My eyes peel open. I have to blink a few times to adjust to the bright lights of being outside. Everyone else was still socialising. I go to my locker.




I opened the door.

"Huh?" I furrow my eyebrows. Another yellow piece of paper found it's way in my locker. This must be a joke. How can someone bust into my locker for a second time? I grabbed it and threw it straight in the bin, my hands slightly shaking in fear, but the ink stood out this time. It was red. I decided to take a look. It read, stay.

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