10. In the parking lot

Monday, Tukijo started school with his new look. Before he left for school, Ningsih came with all her belongings.

"I'll help you, Big Sis," Tukijo offered.

"No need. You go to school there! You'll be late. Hmm, or do you want Teguh to take you by car?" said Ningsih as she unloaded her things in front of Tukijo's house.

"I ... just leave now, thanks for the offer." Tukijo left Ningsih immediately. "It could be bad if one school finds out I'm leaving by car," he muttered.

After arriving at school, Tukijo put his bicycle in the parking lot near a wooden pole.

"Whoa! Who's that?"

"I guess he's new. I've never seen him."

"So handsome. I'm sure he will be the first handsome male candidate in Maos 1 State High School.

"Eh, how about we try to approach him? Maybe we can get his number. Xixixi."

"Come on!"

Two students whispered to each other seeing Tukijo's new appearance. As they were about to approach Tukijo, someone preceded them.

"Tukijo!" someone shouted from behind approaching him.

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