By:  Yashaswi Gewali  Ongoing
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"It is better to be hated than to be ignored because it's like we don't exist at all and our presence holds no value." After being ignored by the person whom she trusted the most, the only best friend she thought she had and struggling with her nightmares and her past, she has finally learnt to move on in life. When she finally joins Fresno Pacific University, she comes face to face with Cedric, her long lost best friend. Will she be able to cope up with it? She also meets Adele and Alvin. Will her encounter with Cedric affect her friendship with Amber and Claire. Will Declan support her decision as always? Let us see what the future has in store for Charlotte......

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This is relatable for me ... Thank you for making this story. Keep writing!
2021-11-12 18:49:38
9 Chapters
Chapter 1
 I wake up screaming and crying. I hear footsteps and my room's door opens with a loud noise. It is my mom followed by my younger brother."Are you having nightmares again?" she asks with a voice full of worry. I don't answer. What should I tell her, I think.I have been having nightmares for a week now but I hadn't screamed until today. It was a nightmare which I will never want to recall. She sits down and caresses my hair. I return it with a tight hug. I wipe my tears and I look up at her worried face. She holds my hands with both of hers."Do you feel better?" she asks again."Yes" I mumble.She gets up. My brother hasn't spoken a single word the whole time. He is lo
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Chapter 2
When I enter our small yet comfortable kitchen, mom is waiting for me with a steaming cup of coffee. I sit down and pull the cup of coffee towards me and take a sip. I can feel mom's eyes upon me but I choose not to look at her."How do you feel?" she finally asks breaking the silence."Better" is all I manage to say."Don't worry sweetie, you'll have a great day" she says.I finally look up at her. She is smiling at me. I return it with a smile. I check the time, it's already 7 and my classes start at half past 8. I finish my coffee and stand up to leave. "I think I'll get going mom" I tell her and grab my bag.
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Chapter 3
He makes an eye contact and I feel as if I'm being pulled towards him but the truth that we had stopped talking to each other 3 years ago strikes in my mind. I feel pain and betrayal as I look into his eyes. Those eyes look so strange even though once they were the most comforting things for me but now all that I can see is shock reflected in them.I really don't know why  I see shock instead of hatred and amusement.I break the eye contact immediately and just enter my new classroom. As I take a seat, I feel as if I'm some sort of thing that is put on a display in a circus or a museum and the entire world is making a joke out of me. God must be playing some sort of game with me. I don't understand why does he want me to meet Cedric again after everything that had taken place 3 years ago that had resulted in ending our friendship.As I'm thinking all these, I see him entering the class. As he passes by, I feel suffocated and stand
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Chapter 4
As I drive into the parking lot, I am a bit nervous because today is my first day because I didn't attend any classes yesterday. I was really shocked to see Cedric. I just ran away like a coward. I park my car in the same place where I had parked yesterday and grab my bag from the back seat and take a deep breathe and step out.I climb the stairs and enter the class. The class is quite empty and I check the time. It's just fifty minutes past 7. I feel quite restless and I just regret not attending my classes the previous day.I decide to call mom. I come out of the class and stand in the corridor. It is quite deserted and I'm glad because I don't want anyone to overhear while I call mom. I dial her number and wait patiently. She doesn't pickup the call, so I decide to call Amber instead.
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Chapter 5
Cedric's POVI park my car and enter the main building. I take a deep breathe and climb the stairs.When I saw Charlotte yesterday, I was shocked. I could see the similar shock in her. I could clearly see the pain I've caused in her eyes. The girl who cared so much for me and who was always there for me seemed so distant when I saw her yesterday.I can say that I know her the most but after yesterday's encounter, I questioned myself and my claim that do I really know her. If I had known her the most, I would have never hurt her. When she broke the eye contact and entered the class, I felt so bad. I had expected her to smile at least but why would she after everything that I've done to her.When I entered the class, she was seated beside the widow. I still remember it very clearly the way we used to talk for hours seated beside the window. As I recall these things, I reach the corridor. As I take a turn to walk to the class, I see her standing in front of
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Chapter 6
As we enter the class, I see Cedric seated three seats behind us. He is looking outside the window. The teacher soon enters the class and as Adele had said earlier, the class goes smoothly and is actually awesome. We only have two classes and each class is of two hours. The bell rings for lunch hour and Adele and I walk to the cafeteria together. The cafeteria is situated right behind the main building of FPU, overlooking a large football ground, two basketball courts, a volleyball court and a large swimming pool. As we enter the cafeteria, it is large with hundreds of tables and chairs of different sizes. There are few tables outside the cafeteria as well.The two of us take our coffee and two sandwiches each and look for a place to sit. The place looks quite crowded. "How
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Chapter 7
I wake up from a loud noise coming from the kitchen downstairs. It sounds like juicer to me or maybe a grinder. I have never been able to distinguish the sound made by these two appliances. I can see that the sun is shining brightly from my room's window. I don't like sleeping in a dark room you know. I prefer when the moonlight lights my room at night. I grab my phone from the bedside table and check the time. It is already 8 in the morning. Now I realize why there was a noise coming from the kitchen. I get up and make my bed. I like keeping my room neat and clean mom says that I have OCD. I take a refreshing shower and come back to my room.I open my wardrobe and I decide that I will dress up in casual today as I'm meeting my friends. I wear a pair of ash grey jeans and black tank top and do a light make up. I leave my hair beca
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Chapter 8
I have not been to Merced for almost 6 months. The last time I had been there was during Amber's birthday. Claire couldn't come because she was visiting her cousin in Chicago. My phone rings. Amber's name is flashing on the screen. I turn the music's volume down and turn on the speaker of my phone."Where are you?" she asks from the other side."I will be there in 10 minutes" I tell her and hang up.As I near Amber's house, it's large and beautiful. I have been here many times but every time I make a visit, I love it even more. Amber comes running down the stairs and opens the huge gate. She is beaming . I park my Porsche beside her Maserati and across Claire's Audi. There is a similarity among us and that is driving is our passion.I
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Chapter 9
I smile and follow Claire. As I am climbing down the stairs, I come across a picture. It is mine, Amber's and Claire's. Amber is really creative in such things and she has literally created a collage. This makes me feel really happy. I continue to climb the stairs. The entire house smells like coffee now. I enter the kitchen. Claire is seated while Amber is leaning on the kitchen's counter and talking to her. I pull a chair and sit down facing both of them. Amber gives me a steaming mug of coffee and I take a sip. When I look up, I notice that they are looking at me. Their expression is a mixture of worry and curiosity."Amber told me that you had an encounter with Cedric" Claire says finally breaking the silence.I simply move my head in approval. Claire continues to look at me.
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