21. Tedy Bear

After hearing Muhiroh's story, Tukijo immediately called Teguh to ask for help. Unfortunately, Teguh is on his way to Jakarta because Ningsih asked him to help Susi (Ningsih's assistant) take care of the company.

"Hello, Brother Teguh!" called Tukijo through a cell phone.

"Yes, what is it Young Master?" asked Teguh.

"It's bad...! Hosh... hosh." Tukijo tried to control his breathing.

"How bad is it?" Teguh asked again.

"Sis Ningsih is in danger!" said Tukijo.

"What happened to Miss?" Teguh started to panic.

"He was brought by my elementary school friends, but he didn't know that behind them there was a big gang named 'Kebo Ireng'. The gang was led by the number one thug in the Buaran complex. His name was Tedy. If all the members were gathered, it could reach thirty or more people. I know Sis Ningsih is great, but she herself is fighting against thirty muscular people is it possible?" explained Tukijo.

"You, immediately meet Marno at Mas Agus Restaurant. I will try to trace Miss's wher
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