I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd

I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd

By:  KTXQueen  Ongoing
Language: English
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What would you do if you lived the life as Clover Thompson ? Nerd during the school day and Lucky, the supermodel after school hours. Clover has been a model since she was two years old, but her career really took off at age 15 when she started modeling for larger companies. At age eighteen, Clover has become the number one model in the world. But there's a catch to her high life, no one in school know's she's a model except her family, her best friend, Tori, and school officials. No one would suspect her secret when she wears: fake glasses, a wig, and some stage makeup pieces. To the world, she's known as Victoria Secret Angel, Lucky, to her school classmates, she's known as Clover Thompson. But as everyone knows, a perfect life can't last forever. So what happens when Clover's fourth and final year of high school she gets assigned to work on a project with the notorious player of the school, Andrew Carter? Questions can't help but arise, will he find out her secret? Will they be forced to spend more time together? Will her double life become too much to become hidden? Come and find out in, I'm a Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd.

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Felicia Holscher
This was such a cute story. I loved how the 2 main characters started out and how love blossomed between the two. A very nice happy ending!
2022-08-06 02:17:40
user avatar
Nice love it
2021-08-25 05:50:04
user avatar
Anizz Suranizz
I love this story
2021-05-17 07:37:19
default avatar
This was a cute story with a happy ending! Loved it! Any chance of a follow up to this story? Either way, good job author! 😊
2021-04-07 00:26:16
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Devilish Angel
Wow 😍 Enjoying it 😊 Wish i was rich enough to read it until the end 😅
2021-03-03 23:46:00
default avatar
Really nice ... I enjoyed reading but coins are freaking high
2021-02-09 07:14:52
user avatar
Paige Stimpson
great book. characters were enjoyable and funny.
2020-12-28 09:11:21
user avatar
Gently the title didn't like it at all, I haven't started reading, but already disappointed
2021-06-11 21:59:25
34 Chapters
Chapter One
There were many opportunities given to a person in life. When going to school, I’m given the opportunity to work hard and be anything I wanted to be in life. A world-class surgeon, a well-known movie director, a lawyer, or, even something more along the fine arts section. I made the risky decision of modelling. I took the opportunity with modelling that could either sore in life and give the career of rich or fame or it couldn’t go more than a local commercial. My name’s Clover Thompson, but to the world
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Chapter Two
After the school day was mostly over, I met up with Tori again. "Hey, hottie," she greeted me, and I returned the hello. "Katy and I are going to the mall, so whenever you finish with detention then feel free to join us." 
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Chapter Three
When West and I arrived at the photo shoot, the scene changed from fun time to the time to get in a serious mood. We walked into the photo shoot on time, and I was immediately taken to hair and makeup. My wig, glasses, and fake nose were all taken off by my stylist. My blond hair was quickly straightened and then left with a messy look. The man in charge of my outfits quickly handed me the new Perfect Shape bra by Victoria's Secret and a matching pair of panties before directing me to the changing room.
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Chapter Four
Alarms were never my favorite sound in the world especially when they continuously go off after a late night. I was exhausted and hearing the sound of beeping was enough to annoy anyone this early. 
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Chapter Five
I leaned my head on my hand, trying to listen to everything my science teacher, Mr. Reagan was saying."Can you focus on anyth
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Chapter Six
"Clover," Andrew started softly. "Baby, if you wanted to play dirty, all you had to do was ask," Andrew said, trailing his hand up the side of my neck, making me stiffen. His hand went into my wig and before I could even react to what was happening, it was already too late. He pulled the back of my shirt and sprayed whip cream all down my back. I gasped, jumping away, not missing the huge whiff of cream that was suddenly sprayed all over my hair.
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Chapter Seven
Ding ding. Ding ding. Ding ding.I blinked a few times, attempting to adjust to the light in my room. I reached next to me on my bed until my hand finally found
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Chapter Eight
I stood at my locker, clenching the side tightly as I tried to remember what book I came to grab."I can't believe they even bothered to mess with Stacey," a red
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Chapter Nine
I leaned my head against my locker, feeling absolutely defeated. I felt a presence next to me and I didn't bother looking up, knowing it was Tori."I can't belie
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Chapter Ten
I sat on my couch, my nails lightly tapping my legs. My blond hair was in a messy bun, and I was wearing a pair of red high-waisted shorts, a white short-sleeved blouse, a pair of black heels, and some dark red lipstick. It was currently 11:58 at night, and I was waiting anxiously for my phone to ring.
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