20. Ningsih was kidnapped

30 minutes before Tukijo came home.

Ningsih and Muhiroh were on their way back home. They had just shopped at the greengrocer to make a lunch menu. On the way, they met Budi, Ucup, and Soib.

"Eh, this is... Tukijo's grandmother!" show Budi.

"Wow ... woah, who is this? That's my type." Ucup turned to look at Ningsih.

Ningsih just silently narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips.

"Hello beautiful girl, how about you come and play with us. We will let this old granny go unharmed," said Soib.

"You stupid child! No manners at all to parents!" shouted Muhiroh hitting Soib with the purple eggplant she was carrying.

"Ouch! Old granny smells of frankincense, get out of the way!" Soib pushed Muhiroh. Luckily, Ningsih was nimble, she swiftly caught Tukijo's grandmother who was about to fall.

Ningsih thought that Grandma's safety was more important. He chose to go with Budi and his friends.

"Don't worry, Grandma. I will teach them a lesson," Ningsih whispered in Muhiroh's ear. "If Tukijo comes home
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