30. Are you an ancient human?

"Why, Jo?" Tiyem asked.

"Oh, it's okay, Tiyem. It's just that later I will have a good idea for the welfare of your gang," said Tukijo. Finally, he still took the mendoan that was in front of him. "Before Cecep pays, I have to go before him," thought Tukijo.

"Gang welfare? What idea?" asked Tiyem tilting her head.

"Yes, I'll tell you later," answered Tukijo.

When Tukijo was looking at the class XII corridor, he accidentally came across two brothers Jono and Joni following Markonah behind her.

Tukijo got up and walked over to Mrs. Badrun. "Ma'am, how much did everyone pay in total?" Tukijo asked in a whisper.

"Three hundred and thirty-three thousand, boy..." answered Mrs. Badrun.

Tukijo took out three hundred and fifty thousand in cash and gave it to Mrs. Badrun. "Here ma'am, just take the change."

"Thank you very much, boy," said Mrs. Badrun smiling.

"You're welcome, ma'am," replied Tukijo.

Then the boy left the canteen. "Cep, I'll go to class first okay ...." Tukijo patted Cecep on th
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