10. A personal whore?









This was all she felt at the moment. In front of the whole family, he straight away rejected her on her face. She felt like she was being slapped on her face. Her heart wrenched painfully. Her tears were at bay but she did not want to cry. Not in front of the people whom she didn't even know.

She did not want this marriage in the first place but this was not the way to say a no to her. By slapping her with words. It deeply affected her self-respect and dignity. It humiliated her.

She simply stood up and ran to her room. Her tears floated down her eyes and soaked her cheeks when she entered the room. She was a crying mess within five minutes.

She was disgraced in front of people whom she didn't even know. But something in this whole scenario was calming her. She was thinking that he might leave her now and divorce her, her words might have affected him that she did not want this marriage. This though
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She’s supposed to run and hide from her husband? Yeah that ain’t gonna happen.
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Laxmi Shukla
author please don't take this request in a wrong way please i don't want to hurt and make sad you i just really love with your book so i am really excited for you updated and not author i really respect you author i am really your biggest fan too
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Laxmi Shukla
author you are really awesome writer and i love your all book but author if you don't mind can I ask you something i really love to read your all book but author if you have a time can you please update the next chapter of obsession and attractive please if you want it's all depends on you author

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