9. Humiliation

She woke up with a knock on the door. Her eyes lazily opened and she groggily said a 'come in'. The door opened and her mother came in with a small smile on her face. She sat beside her on the bed and caressed her silky brown hair.

"Wake up, Zahra. I have a news for you," Ammara (her mother) told her.

She sat leisurely on the bed, resting her back against the headboard. Her brain was still zoned out and she was half awake but still, she wanted to know what news her mother had for her.

"Yes mama, what is it?"

"Haider Bhai (Irtaza's father) asked your hand for Irtaza. Last night, he came to my room and sincerely apologized for his father's behavior and then asked your hand for Irtaza without pressurizing or threatening me of throwing us out of this haveli. He truly wanted you to be his daughter-in-law and that too without any pressure." she broke the news.

This got Zahra's attention and she completely woke up. The memories of last night came rushing into her mind. She was sleeping s

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Terri Hudgies
Very good chapter
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Zena Whichard
WOW! Story time...
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he’s gonna force her to sleep with him anyway, married or not she will be his whore

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