Pregnant with Four Alphas' Babies: A Reverse Harem Romance

Pregnant with Four Alphas' Babies: A Reverse Harem Romance

By:  Bella Moondragon  Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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"Am I your first, little flower?" the Alpha asks me. "Well, I won't be your last." He wears a crooked grin as he gestures to the bed. I bite my bottom lip and comply because I have no choice. My father has sold me to the king, and now, I must entertain the four candidates to become the next Alpha King. I am, after all, their breeder. As he climbs onto the bed, I hold my breath. He's unbelievably sexy, but he's just the first of the men I will be getting to know better, the first of four vying for the title of Alpha King. What if I fall in love with him? What if I fall in love with all four of them? *** Rose's parents insist she enter the contest to become the new Breeder because they need the money. They never thought she'd win. Because of her unique anatomy, Rose is the perfect candidate to take on the four Alphas. What Rose doesn't know is that the current Alpha King isn't really in this for the right reasons. In fact, he may not want a new heir at all. As she finds herself falling in love with all four of the men, she realizes not only is she in danger, but so are they. Will Rose and her four Alphas succeed in making babies and claiming the throne, or will the evil Alpha King prevail?

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Rebeca Orta
I can't wait to see who she ends up with!
2024-03-18 08:01:24
default avatar
Sherri Schweigl
I’m almost half done with this book and it’s really great! It has everything you want, fighting, back stabbing, drama, humor, and hot steamy sex. I would highly recommend this book.
2024-02-17 13:15:30
user avatar
I realize this is a fantasy but in reality it is truly a concept of a cometic satire! Love the characters they are creating their own personalities in a very unique fashion!
2024-02-02 09:01:24
default avatar
Not bad so far
2024-02-01 06:28:02
468 Chapters
Chapter 0001
*Rose*“Four million dollars? Isn’t that an awful lot of money for only a few months’ worth of work?”Quiet voices filter into my ears from the living room, and I pause to listen, hoping that my parents are not discussing me.Then… I hear my name, and I know that they are talking about me. Again.“R
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Chapter 0002
*Rose* The journey to Castle Black Rocktakes about two days. We travel by train, me and the escort that King Gene has sent to make sure that I arrive at the castle safely. Some of the packs are in a bit of an uproar over the way that King Gene has chosen the four Alphas to be considered to replace
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Chapter 0003
*Rose* Whatever I’ve run into, it’s solid as a rock and jars me backward, almost making me fall flat onto the stone floor of the castle. But at the last moment, as I am tumbling backward, a hand stretches out and grabs my arm, keeping me from toppling over and pulling me back to my feet. With tea
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Chapter 0004
*Rose* I am naked, on a bed, and my legs are spread wide open. This is how I wait for the doctor. How attractive…. The lovely nurse from before has just left. She came into the examination room to check on me, saying that she wasn’t sure I could manage by myself since, clearly, I have rocks for br
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Chapter 0005
*Rose*King Gene dismisses everyone from the auditorium except for me.Dr. Pendergan stays with me, and I notice a couple standing down at the bottom of the stage. Still, my heart is pounding in my chest. I wonder what in the world is going to happen to me now.“Well, I must say,” the Alpha King beg
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Chapter 0006
“I understand,” I sympathize, forcing a smile. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the fact that she wants to be my friend. I don’t have a lot of friends, none that I’m even going to miss, so it would be great to have a friend here. But I am so nervous, I can’t even think, let alone try to be happy.“S
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Chapter 0007
“Here we are,” Beta Adam announces, pushing the door open.I stand outside and stare for a moment, first at the door… and then at the room.It’s gorgeous–and huge. I think most of my house back home would fit in here.There’s a living room area with a large plush red sofa set before an expansive tel
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Chapter 0008
*Reece*I’m almost late.I didn’t really have time after the king’s announcement to duck out of the auditorium and make it all the way back to my room, but I realized I was underdressed when I saw the other three Alphas standing in suits in the back of the room. When the king asked us to meet with h
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Chapter 0009
I guess I was wrong on some of those counts….“Yes, it will be easier for her to get pregnant,” he admits. “And she’s not hard to look at….” The king’s expression in reaction to the girl is a bit…disconcerting. He continues, “But no, she will not be the next Luna.”We all sit in silence for a moment
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Chapter 0010
*Rose* Peeking through the windows, my surprise and confusion turn to horror. Four figures stand in the dark fog in the gardens below. I blink and try to adjust my sight. Their forms seem to be swaying to music only the four of them can hear. As my eyes focus intently on the faces looking up at me
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