Prince's Assassin Mate

Prince's Assassin Mate

By:  Daisy Chaseley  Completed
Language: English
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"No," She stood up straight and took his hand off her thigh. She straightened her dress and began to walk away. He grabbed her wrist and leaned against the wall, saying "How long do you think you'll be able to run away from me? I'll catch up to you eventually." _________________________ They said she was nothing less than the darkness, a living embodiment of terror. She was the assassin who has been roaming the earth for centuries, killing and hiding! But no one lived to tell her tale. She had known blood and death her entire life, but what she didn't know was that the biggest battle awaited her, one with her soul and her mate. He is ruthless and he is powerful. Everything bends to his every whim. And everyone respects him, more importantly, fears him. Lycan Prince Aiden, heir to the Kingdom of Werewolves, soon be the Alpha of all Alphas. He knew things were going to change when he found his Moon-blessing, but he wasn't ready for the storm she brought with her. While he bend himself to her will, fate twisted him to its own accord.

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Intense! Really enjoyed this book! Such a well-written book. Thank you author!
2024-02-10 22:47:23
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Mostaq Ahmed Aurpon
Pls sweetheart unblock me.Im really sorry for everything, pls let us talk ...️
2023-09-13 12:14:08
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I read it all in one sitting! it was just amazing!!
2021-12-14 20:19:51
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such an amazing book. I loved every bit of it. Can't wait for the update!
2021-09-11 22:35:40
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The story line is a bit draggy though
2023-10-04 23:28:09
59 Chapters
    As the Alpha leads me into his suite, I smile. A new glint of happiness in his eyes, a handsome smile on his face. He picks me up and places me on the soft bed. He was hovering over me in an instant. His eyes were filled with love, passion, and gentleness as they looked at my face."I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful gift from the Goddess." He stated. I smiled brightly at him and he returns the same smile. He brought his face closer for a kiss, but his smile vanished, replaced by an agonizing wince. When he looked down at his stomach, he saw a silver dagger in my hand slicing through his stomach. When his horrified eyes turned to me, my innocent, bright smile had vanished, replaced by a cold, expressionless face. He tried to speak, but my hand moved on its own, gliding through his throat. I pushed him off of me as his limp body fell on the bed. I stand up and clean the blood-splattered dag
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Chapter 01
  Night had fallen fast upon the land. No more than an hour ago the sky was painted with hues of red, orange and pink, but all colour had faded leaving only a matt black canvas with no stars to be looked upon. The darkness was thick and even a torch won't lit your path, you could hardly see your arm length with the help of a torch. By this time of the night, the world had already fallen asleep. Only the chilly wind and she seems to be awake. She runs through the thick lairs of trees and bushes of the forest. The night was so quiet that you could hear the soft breeze blow but you won't hear her footsteps. She runs towards her destination in rhythm with the wind, as fast as the wind. Her pace is graceful, her pace is as soft as the wind, her presence is as true as the shadow, her existence is like that of a prey hiding in the forest away from the predator's eyes. No one can identify
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Chapter 02
  The blackness engulfed her thoughts. Stretching out in front of her like a map, the unknown studied her fears, her courage and knowledge. Taking tentative steps the infinite exposure of the human flesh dawned. There was no life here. That was simple, no thriving population, no signs of past living. The darkness had overcome any sense of purity, consumed all hopes of cleanliness and had wiped out. She was getting tensed more like nervous and scared a feeling that never dared to touch her. She ran around looking for any sign of life, nothing! She was scared a feeling she never knew she had. She cried out loud, screaming on top of her lungs. Darkness has swallowed everything. Darkness destroyed everything she knew. Everything is gone, everyone is gone. Except her! Why is she still there! "Because you are the darkness." A faint low
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Chapter 03
On this cloudy morning, there are growing patches of blue, the sort of hue that is soft and bright at the same time. Though beneath the sheet of the cloud is a grey that deepens to steel, the leading edge is a brilliant white, as if it is the pages of a new book ready for any curious eye. So, on this day that could bring rain or sunshine. Though the sky seems sad today, it seems to grieve the pain and agony with the whole crowd gathered here grieving the loss of a great Alpha and Luna of the Blood Moon pack. The sky got cleared last time after the assassination of the Alpha and his Luna but when his pack started howling expressing the pain and agony of losing their Alpha and Luna the sky decided to grieve with them. Since then, the sky is wearing a dark gloomy blanket of clouds. The whole pack, neighboring packs, and the Royal Pack have gathered in the Blood Moon Pack for the funeral of the late Alpha and Luna. All the werewolves that were gathered in the Blood Moon Pack held their
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Chapter 04
 The Beta of the Royal Pack Nicholas was patrolling and inspecting the forest with a party of three warriors when he smelled something odd. He sniffs the air, identifying the source of the odour, and then sprints in that direction. He quickly arrives at a small riverbank in Royal Pack territory, only to be greeted by a red-haired girl. For her, the term "beautiful" is an understatement. She was simply breathtaking. He and the other three warriors were in awe of her. 'Why did she, who seems to be a human girl, come straight into our Royal territory!' he wondered. He took his attention away from the lovely unconscious girl lying on the riverbank and began checking the area for something suspicious. He approached her and knelt down and saw bruises on her flat stomach, which were apparently due to her slightly elevated tee. In addition, he noticed a deep cut on her forehead. He immediately made contact with his Alpha via mind link, "What Nick?""Alpha yo
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Chapter 05
    She has seen darkness before, the kind that makes our street like an old fashioned photograph, everything a shade of grey. This isn't like that. This is the darkness that robs you of your best sense and replaces it with a paralyzing fear. In this darkness, she sits, muscles cramped and unable to move. She only knows her eyes are still there because she can feel herself blink, still instinctively moisturizing the organs she has no current use for. She can't hear anything either. She guessed that should bring her heart rate down below the level of "rabbit in a snare" but it doesn't. By her genes she is a predator, she has the front-facing eyes and brain enough to hunt, but she feels like prey in this utter black. The dawn is many hours away and until that precious time, she can only wait. She doesn't know how long she's be
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Chapter 06
  "Your Highness," came a deep shaky, male voice from behind. "Let me guess, you haven't found her." He said it without glancing back. "N-no Your Highness." Before the man could blink, he was pinned to the wall by his neck. Prince Aiden squeezing his neck like it was a stress ball, "How did a girl despair under your nose? huh?" He asked, in an incredibly calm voice, that sent cold shivers down the man's spine. His eyes were blood-red mixed with gold yellow, indicating his beast was at bay. "I-uh" His voice came out to be scrambled "Who made you the head warrior again? And what's your job when you're at the border? Do remind me again, will you." Aiden said clenching his jaw. The head warrior tried to wiggle out of his strong grip, but it was in vain. He could not answer as his throat was being crushed. "Did she just vanish in thin air?" He asked him again. The head warrior was now gasping for air as his lungs were g
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Chapter 07
(The conversation between the beast and their human form is talking with one's subconscious. Beast can not talk in human form when they take over the body) "Why does this have to happen to me?" She said loudly as she began to run into the forest. She took off and threw away her heels as she cursed her mate,  "I'm going to make sure you fucking pay well if I Lose these pair of Louis Vuitton, you fucking Prince!" She took the medium train of her dress and started running as fast as she could, as she heard thuds of paws hitting the ground. It did not take her long to understand that they were after her. She tried to run faster, but she found herself slowing down, pushing herself to use her Vampire speed, but she couldn't reach her Vampire side as her beast kept blocking her. Her beast was forcing her to shift. She kept
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Chapter 08
  "What have they done to you! I'm so sorry love!" Looking at his mate's condition, Prince Aiden said in a sorrowful tone. He removed his jacket and wrapped it around his injured comrade, who was staring at him with wide eyes. He pulled her closer to him, protectively wrapping his arm around her. The heat emitted by him was soothing to her. His voice sounded concerned, but wasn't he the one who instructed his warriors to capture her? She thought to herself.  "Do you know what the sentencing is for assaulting your future Luna? or should I help you in recollecting?" His voice had a dangerously low and deep tone to it. Implying that his beast was ready to attack and rip off anyone who dared to lay their filthy hands on his mate.  "But she is the one who killed five of ou
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Chapter 09
  The light grew steadily outside until the curtains glowed just the same as stained glass. She stuck her head behind the fabric to survey what the day might bring. The grassy yard was slick with water, though the puddles remained quite still, no hint of rain still falling. Above the clouds were still grey but without the denseness of yesterday, allowing patches of blue to form.  She walked back to her bed and sat down. The horizon was just beginning to take on gold hues, and the sun had not yet risen. She awoke an hour ago, having gotten the most sleep she had in years. There was still an hour until dawn. Throughout the hour, she tried to find her way out of this castle, or at least out of this room. She still can't believe The Prince put metal bars on the balcony, preventing her from jumping out. Did she mention the guards
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