My Husband and My Wife

My Husband and My Wife

By:  Player Yumi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarah is a drama fan who went and live in Korea just to see her idol up close. But one day when she was going out on a shopping spree for some idol goods. She tripped and sprained her foot so bad. And someone went to help her. In her shock, she meet her idol in flesh, Dohyung Kang, a not-so-famous Korean actor but she fell so hard on his talents. He offered help but she refuses and in her mind, she was already so ashamed of herself since he already discovered she was a hardcore fan. He lifted her up and brought her to his home and meet his wife, Ji-Ha Kang, who was a doctor who practiced both old and modern treatment. Ji-Ha tried the massage treatment on her sprain and Sarah moans Infront of them... This will be a complicated and mature story of a polygamous relationship. They solve their problem and sex life.

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15 Chapters
Embarrassing Encounter
I went out to the store holding all my newly bought idol merch. This is made me so fulfilled in my life, I'm glad my savings are enough.And while I am happy carrying my stuff in my both arms. I made a misstep at the side road and stumbled. It sends the contents scattered on the floor. I tried to stand up but I feel a pain in my foot. Dang it, I broke my ankle...Crawling and picking up some of the items, I hold someone's hand. It is shockingly so smooth and soft. Then I suddenly heard "gwaenchanheuseyo" in a nice deep voice then I looked up. I am so shocked like my soul just left me. It's him the actor I am simping for... Dohyung Kang, In front of me. In flesh. He was holding the CDs I bought. Probably those are the ones scattered far away. The worse of all is it's the adult CD that he was main at...He was just staring at it and then looking at me. I cannot actually see him clearly because tears accumulated in my eyes. Argh, I don't want to cry but he knows now I am his hardcore fan
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Family Dinner
I wake up in a makeshift bed. And I am so sure this is not my room. So I raised my head and look around. And I saw a kid sitting beside the bed. It looks like I see him somewhere."Ah! you are awake! I'll call papa"I blink twice "papa?"He runs off and everything is quiet.Then the kid came back with Dohyung behind him. Ah, this kid is probably his son... Wait hold up why Dohyung is here?And suddenly I just realized I am at his home and that kid is his kid. I keep myself to scream or crying from fangirling discovery.Everyone especially the fans knows this fact. But it's also my first time seeing his son. I know we are a bit weird simply a married man with a kid but we don't do any weird ok?Probably a bit... And I shake the thought."Are you okay?" He said.I nodded. I bite my tongue to keep myself from being too excited.The kid's face is beaming when he came close to me and said. "Noona(Big sis), Mama made the best fish cakes. They are the best! let's go" then he grabbed my arm a
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Ji-Ha Kang
Everything smoothly for my presentation. I got the project and I have to start soon. I actually can't believe it, cause I always get turned down since last month. And I actually didn't bring some of my materials at home and since I stayed at Dohyung's... I even borrowed Ji-Ha's clothes for this since I don't have extra clothes... I guess this is my lucky day? I hope I don't get bad luck soon.I heard my phone ring and received a message from her. "\(^o^)/How's the presentation going? Did you get the project?""Yes, Thank you very much for everything!" I replied.Then she immediately replied to me."(≧▽≦) THAT'S GREAT! How about we celebrate today? My treat! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧""Should I be the one who treats?""Nooo~ It's ok I also want this. It will be a celebration of our friendship too! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧""Make sense. (つ✧ω✧)つI'll take it. See you later!"I chuckled a little. I can't believe I am with friends with my idol's wife. I can't help but look at her being cute too. I wonder if she will bring
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Meeting at the Studio
The job I got was to make a promotion website for a certain talent company. It will be my first time checking the company more cause they don't have information enough...And that talent agency is AV company. It's the agency that Dohyung is currently in. I am honored and excited to be part of the company! It's not like I am stalking him, it's just so happened I am lucky they hired me. I wonder if he will be shocked if he saw me here hahaha."This is Eun Sung. He will take you on a tour of the company. You must get familiar especially our talents here ok?""Got it, sir, don't worry I will do my best"Eun guides me to different departments and the talents we meet. He used to be an Idol and said he just started acting for this company last month. I know some of them thanks to my simping research that extends to other actors."Good morning~~~ hm? Who's that?" A pretty guy just came in. Oh I know him, he's Yohan Park. One of the rising actors. But he isn't supposed to be in Nalgae company?
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Dohyung's pov"I am actually a dog person, not a cat person."Our guest today is Ryon In-Su. We have been co-workers in some dramas in the past. But it was his first time being a guest in our program. I hope he enjoys it."Ironic cause we are surrounded by cats today hahaha," I said while petting the cat in my lap."I'm sorry for misunderstanding hahaha. But it's ok, I still love any kinds of animals, don't worry.""Why not join us next time. I'm sure the producers will get dogs next time for you this time." Sang Sung-Jin said one of our co-hosts."No way~ I want to be surrounded by cats forever~~~ meow~" Yohan started his cat stunt again. Well, it's fine, he makes the program lively.I looked at the camera. And in the corner of my eye, I saw Sarah standing beside the camera and saw her body shook for a bit, and averted her eyes. I still can't wrap my head if her statement that she was Yohan's fan after being shy and such when she is admitting it Infront of me... Oh well, I shouldn't
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Girls Night Out
"yawn, another day to earn some money"I stretch my arms to wake myself up. Everything seems normal these days. Like meeting Dohyung at work. Joining the sets. Troubleshooting lights and sound systems. Having a girl hang out with Ji-Ha every weekend... Everything is so normal now. If my past self knows this she will be so jealous and excited.For Dohyung we are getting closer like friends. He discovered the reason I lied about being his fan is out of panic. We believe that Yohan still doesn't know that fact. As for Ji-Ha, we are getting closer than buddies. She doesn't have many girlfriends to hang out with since all of them are busy people. I work as a freelance so she was so jealous of the fact I can work flexibly. But she still loves my company so we hang out a lot.But Yohan's been cautious around me lately and it bothers me. I thought he was warming up with me now. But after his celebration of his birthday, he suddenly became more distant. What if he... I shake the thought.I rec
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"I like you! I actually love you!" She grabbed both my shoulder and shook me a little.I just started at her. I can't process this confession. Am I hearing it right? It's probably just the alcohol affecting me too. Even though if I say "you are just drunk" to her... Alcohol makes you an honest person! her sentence hit me hard I almost got sobered. How did this happen? What did I do to make her fall in love with me? What's this awkward situation where the wife of the actor I like so much fall in love with me?She came closer and she started to kiss me. At first, she just put her lips to mine and pull back a little. But that is enough made my head blank. She signed and go for a deeper kiss. If the first one just made my head blank. This one makes my mind blown. I keep gasping for air cause I can't keep up with her. Sounds escaped from my lips.She stopped and rubs my cheeks. "Heh I miss your moans"Moans? When did I moan? I took a deep breath. "Wait what?"Then she kissed me again. And
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Guilt and Hate
"hey~~~" Dohyung started to get heavy at my side. He is too drunk to walk on his own. And since I know where he lives since Ji-Ha and I always meet. I volunteer to bring him home."Yes?"I just came from a drinking session last night. Now I have to take care of a drunk person. If he wasn't the guy I look up to so highly. I already left him in the cold streets. My head is still throbbing. But this is action also a small thing to forgive the sin I did last night...Earlier...I woke up with a major headache. I am glad nothing happened last night on my way home. Just me swaying mindlessly in the streets. The headache hit me harder when I remember Ji-Ha's confession and our deed. How can I face Dohyung calmly now?I received a message from one of the companies I work for an invitation to the Anniversary party. My body shook after learning it was his agency that was having a party. I think karma is biting me immediately.At the restaurantHis agency and also the company I have to make a we
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A Funeral
Ji-Ha's povI walked inside the wake of my father and saw my mom all in black in the front seats. She looked back at me and stand up."I'm sorry mom, I'm here now." Those were the first word I said. I came to run at her and hugged her. I know it's really weird I don't feel anything about my father's death. Probably because we really didn't get close or anything. But when I looked at my mom, she looked more relieved than ever. There are no signs of grief or anything. But I shake those thoughts, she is probably just too good at hiding the grief."It's ok" she pats my head, "I ask your aunt and cousin to stay with him, for now. Can I talk to you outside?""Uhm sure mom"Mom leads me to the cafe nearby the wake. We chatted a bit and told stories about family and work."Make sure to bring your husband and son soon ok?""Of course mom. I just wonder why we have to leave here."She smiled bitterly. "Actually I have something to admit to you... I plan to live with my lover after your father's
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Home Drunk
Ji-Ha's povWhile I am still recovering from a hangover I heard someone outside the apartment, ringing. So I slowly get up and walk to the door. I still feel groggy.And the ringing continues..."Hold up! coming" then I opened and I immediately freeze. My headache suddenly disappears. The first person I see is Sarah."Oh hi why the sudden visit..." Then the person hanging at her shoulders, it's Dohyung and he is terribly drunk. It's been a while since he come home so drunk... I know he's a hard drinker and can control himself but if he is like this when something is bothering him...And I know the reason..."I am terribly so sorry for the trouble he caused... Please come in, i-""Don't worry. I'll not stay longer...""But-""I'm so sorry I think we shouldn't see each other anymore." Then she pushed the half-asleep Dohyung to me. The sudden weight shocked me, and my legs almost gave up. Luckily I lean on the door frame for support. And lifted Dohyung on my shoulders so he will not fal
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