8. Untouched

Brielle Clarke


I always knew there was something wrong with me. I must have been cursed during my birth or something. I had bad luck following me around.

My siblings loved each other but hated me. My mother did not fail to show her distaste for me at every given opportunity. My father was the only person that cared a little bit about me, but I guess that was just me being delusional because look where I ended up now.

In the home of my father's enemy. It was nerve-wracking and scary and I blamed myself for not putting up more of a fight with those men.

If I had not taken that route that day, I would not have ended here. If I had not stepped out, I would not be here, but then again, I couldn't go against my father's word.

I should have moved out as soon as I turned eighteen. It was obvious they did not care for me since I was a child. Why did I stick around hoping things would change?

I took in a deep breath as I looked around the room Mikhail had given to me. It was empty and I had
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Juicy Miss 🥰
So far, this story is quite interesting and well written.

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