Chapter 11

“What?” Sebastian thought he had heard wrong.

“Give me 50,000 USD! I would guarantee not to harass the Lynn family again.” Sabrina had a calmness in her tone as if she was ready to accept death.

Sebastian was so angry, he laughed.

‘She truly understood how to play along.’

“Who was the one who promised me yesterday that she would never ask for money again?” He asked her mockingly.

“Do you think a tainted woman like me, who had played hard to get with you several times, would have any integrity left?” She answered mockingly.

Sebastian was speechless.

He had almost forgotten how shameless she could be.

He ruthlessly sneered at her, “If I could get you out of prison, don’t you think I could send you back in?”

Sabrina was speechless.

She knew that she would only lose if she were to compete with Sebastian in terms of ruthlessness.

However, she needed to think of a way to obtain the 50,000 USD. She could not let her mother’s grave be dug up.

“That’s right.” She lowered her gaze and smiled in a desolate manner. “You could get me killed as easily as you could squeeze an ant to death.”

After saying that, she pulled open the door and went out.

The man stopped her, “What do you want to do?”

“You have no right to ask me,” said Sabrina.

The man closed in on her, “I had already forgotten. Selene said you are in the night business, right? I’m warning you, during your contract with me, don’t engage in dirty and unpleasant dealings, or else...”

Sabrina suddenly erupted. “Or else! Or else! Or else! Do I owe you, Sebastian Ford? You said I was trying to cheat you out of your money but did I actively seek you out?”

“I only agreed to make a deal with you because I had received favors from your mother in prison and wanted to repay her.”

“That’s all!”

“After I got out of prison, I got a job with great difficulties, but you ruined it when I was only one day away from getting my paycheck.”

“I didn’t even have enough money for the bus fare, so what would you want me to live on?”

“You also heard it at Lynn’s. They were the ones who insisted that I stay. I didn’t even think about harassing them. They have financed me before, and now they want me to pay 50,000 USD back to them in one day! If I don’t pay, my mother’s grave would be dug out!”

“You tell me, what would I use to pay them?”

Sebastian was shocked.

She had always been as cool as a cucumber.

He never thought that she would explode.

After she finished shouting, she ridiculed herself and said, “What am I doing shouting at you? Asking for pity? In your eyes, I’m only a plaything that you could step on whenever you like. If I ask pity from you, then isn’t that even worse? I’m so stupid.”

With that said, she ran back to her room, quickly packed her clothes in a duffel bag, and walked out.

She then said flatly, “Mr. Ford, I want to terminate our deal.”

“Unilateral termination?”

She replied, “I know, I must pay for the early termination fees. I don’t have money, so please give me one week, and I would be back to accept anything you wish to do to me.”

The man asked with interest, “What do you plan to do for a week?”

“First, I would sell my blood at the black market. Once I have earned enough travel expenses, I would return to my hometown to visit my mother’s grave. After I come back, you could do whatever you want with me, it wouldn’t matter anymore. If you’re worried, you could send someone to follow me.”

Having said that, she pulled open the door to leave.

However, her arm was grabbed by the man.

Sebastian handed her a thick envelope, his voice as cold as ever, “50,000 USD, but there’s no second time! Remember to take care of my mother tomorrow as usual.”

She looked at him in a daze and did not respond for a long time.

She then took the money, turned around, and ran into her room. As soon as the door was closed, her tears came pouring down.

Her duffel bag was dropped at his feet. He flipped the content and found one or two changes of extremely cheap clothes, toothpaste, and a bar of soap.

There was also 20 or 30 USD worth of change.

Sabrina cried the whole night. Her eyes were completely red when she woke up the next day.

Fortunately, Sebastian left early for the office to settle some business matters, so he did not see her. Sabrina tidied up and went to the hospital to visit Grace.

“Sabbie, why are your eyes so red?” Grace asked as she was concerned.

“Nothing, Mum.” Sabrina’s eyes got red again.

She did not wish to let Grace see her in tears. She turned around and ran out.

Grace made a call to Sebastian, “Son, you’re busy with work every day. Sabbie is the one that has accompanied me every morning. What a great daughter-in-law. I don’t know how many more days I have left. I hope to attend your wedding ceremony soon…”

Grace thought that Sabrina was upset because she and Sebastian did not have a wedding ceremony.

Which girl did not look forward to the moment they walked down the aisle in their wedding dress?

Grace was the same. She had lived her life and will be passing soon, but she did not have the chance to wear a wedding dress.

Grace wanted to make up for her regrets by giving Sabrina what she did not have.

“Mom, you’re still sick. Sabrina and I should not have something grand.” Sebastian persuaded his mother.

“Son, there is no need to have a grand one. It would be perfect as long as there is a ceremony.”

Sebastian was speechless.

After a moment, he answered in a deep voice, “As you wish.”

Grace immediately felt comforted and said, “There is no need to choose another day, the day after tomorrow would be perfect. Let the wedding company and hotel determine the venue and prepare a small ceremony.”

The day after tomorrow.

Indeed, it would be too rushed for ordinary people. However, if Sebastian wanted to have a wedding, forget the day after tomorrow, even having it tomorrow would be a possibility.

“Alright, Mom,” answered Sebastian.

As Grace hung up the phone, Sabrina returned to the room after having her emotions managed and smiled at Grace. “Mom, I was down with flu the past two days, so I kept tearing and snorting. Sorry that you had to see that.”

“Sabbie, I want to give you a surprise,” said Grace as she held Sabrina’s hand.

“What surprise?” Sabrina asked immediately.

“It’s a surprise. Of course, I couldn’t tell you.” Grace teased her and then urged her to leave. “Don’t just stay here keeping an old lady such as myself company. Go for a facial and spa these two days, and buy some new clothes for yourself. Quickly, go.”

Sabrina knew she had no money, but she could not say anything else.

However, this was a good opportunity for her to search for a job. She needed to land a job quickly to become self-reliant.

In the afternoon, Sabrina went to the Lynn’s to return the money.

While she waited for the bus, she overheard a few passers-by having an enthusiastic discussion. “It’s so good to be rich. You could hold a wedding in one day.”

“Is it hard? Everything is so ready-made now─ to organize a wedding in a day, wouldn’t it be easy?”

“It could be an engagement ceremony, right? For a family like the Ford’s, how could they keep such a low profile if it’s an actual wedding?”

“I also think it would be an engagement party and not a wedding reception. A wedding should be grander.”

“Tsk tsk, it must be nice for the rich─ for an event as big as an engagement party, they only need a day to prepare.”

The few people waiting for the bus were discussing the wedding of the Ford family with great interest.

‘Ford Family?’

‘Could it be someone related to Sebastian?’

After last night, Sabrina’s perception of Sebastian had changed a little. She felt like he was not such a cold and heartless man.

The bus arrived, Sabrina got on and headed to the Lynn family house.

Seeing that Sabrina managed to put 50,000 USD on the coffee table in a day, Jade was so furious, and steam almost came out of her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. “Did you rob somebody?”.

“This had nothing to do with you. Please write me a note now, and we no longer owe each other anything.” Sabrina handed Jade a piece of paper and a pen.

Jade knocked them off her hands. “Since the money came so easily to you, you certainly couldn’t just pay us back 50,000 USD. Eight years, half a million is not much, right?”

Sabrina was speechless.

At that time, Lincoln entered and shouted excitedly, “Jade, Selene! Great news! The day after tomorrow, Sebastian and Selene would have their engagement party!”
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Suzanna Newton
Omg Sabrina is an utter and complete idiot she sure knows how to make herself look bad and she’s stupid as hell for falling for the things jade said about the money
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Finally someone is talking. I hate it when novel characters keep all the grievances bottled up without saying anything. Good story

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