Chapter 17

Sabrina instantly understood everything.

It turned out that it was Grace who specially arranged this.

Grace had told her a few days ago that she would give her a surprise.

Sabrina suddenly felt a warm feeling in her heart.

No matter how Sebastian treated her, Grace was the only warmth in Sabrina’s life in this cold world. Grace only had two months to live, so for the sake of Grace, Sabrina had to cooperate with Sebastian and put on a full show.

“Thank you, mom. I like this surprise very much. Mom, look, this is the wedding dress Sebastian had prepared for me. Does it look good?” Sabrina lifted a corner of her wedding dress and asked.

Grace surveyed the dress a few times, and then she began to tear up.

“Sabbie, I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful with make-up on. You and Sebastian are truly a match made in heaven.” Grace was grinning from ear to ear.

What she said was not false.

It was not only Grace who felt that Sabrina and Sebastian were a match made in heaven, but the staff in the restaurant felt that the couple was a perfect match too.

“Sabbie, I have never been married in my life, and had not worn a wedding dress, so I especially hoped that you could wear a wedding dress and be married in a highly honored manner. However, Sebastian did not want to be too showy because of my illness. So, your wedding was scheduled here. No one was invited, but I could give my blessings to you. Is that okay?” Grace asked Sabrina apologetically.

Sabrina certainly knew the reason Sebastian did not want something showy. It was because they were only in a contractual relationship.

However, she did not say anything upfront. She only smiled and said, “Mom, your blessings are enough. Even if more outsiders attended this wedding, I would not know them either. I would be living with Sebastian in the future and not with others, so what do I need so many people for?”

Grace became even happier when she heard that. She raised her wrist to hold Sabrina’s hand, casually put an emerald green bracelet on Sabrina’s wrist, and said with a smile, “My daughter-in-law is the most understanding and kind. I am happy. I would also be at ease even if I were to cross over to the other side.”

Sabrina held on to Grace’s hand, pretended to be angry, and said, “Mom, today is a joyous occasion for Sebastian and I, you are not allowed to say such things.”

“Okay, okay, let’s go in.” Grace laughed.

Sebastian, who Sabrina was holding, did not say much during the whole journey. He was very confused. How could Sabrina, who had been cold in front of everyone else, say so much when she was with his mother? She coaxed his mother to be really happy.

Sebastian’s heart could not help but to be moved a little.

The couple walked hand in hand, and next to them was Grace in the wheelchair. The three of them got to the small hall on the restaurant’s top floor. Everything had been set up properly, and a priest was standing at the front of the hall.

When she walked into such an environment, Sabrina suddenly felt that this was her real wedding and had a sanctity feeling.

However, she abruptly felt ridiculous with her own feelings at the moment.

Could she still have an actual wedding with the man she loves in this lifetime?

She did not think so.

Who on earth would want a woman out of prison, did not have a place to stay, could not find a job, and would be having a child out of wedlock?

There would not be anyone.

She should treat this wedding as her real wedding then.

Sabrina stood in front of the priest and listened to the teachings.

When the priest asked her, “Are you willing to marry Sebastian Ford? Whether in good times or bad, whether he is poor or rich, whether he is healthy or sick, would you love him unreservedly and be faithful to him forever?”

Sabrina nodded affirmatively and said, “I do!”

She felt an incomparable sadness in her heart despite saying that.

She silently said to her baby, “Baby, did you witness mommy’s wedding? Mommy may never get married again in this life, but mommy would think of it as finding you a daddy, okay?”

The priest’s voice sounded in their ears, “The bride and groom may exchange rings.”

Sebastian bought the rings in advance. Sabrina had no clue whether the quality was good or bad. She only followed the steps and exchanged the rings with Sebastian. When Sebastian lifted her hand to put the ring on her, Sabrina had the feeling of that night again.

There was a kind of illusion that Sebastian was that man.

“Groom, you may kiss your bride.” The priest’s light-hearted tone once again pulled Sabrina back from her thoughts.

Sabrina’s mind went dazed for a moment.

To kiss Sebastian here?

How could she?

She could not bring herself to kiss two men in the short span of two months, even if she had not seen that dead man.

She felt a sense of guilt in her heart, and she would be disgusted with herself.

Subconsciously, Sabrina turned her head away to the side. From afar, Grace, who was sitting in the spectator seat, thought Sabrina was shy. Grace looked at the couple with an amiable smile.

On the other hand, Sebastian forcefully leaned down, touched her lips with precision, and kissed her.

She had nowhere to run and could not struggle in front of Grace. The feeling of being controlled by him in his arms once again reminded her of that dead man.

Both Sebastian and that man had the same domineering force.

After this kiss, her whole face was flushed red like the color of the blood, and Sebastian also had a different feeling. He always felt as if he had met her before.

The unknown feeling made him extremely annoyed in his heart.

His mother was next to him and said, “I wish you two to grow old together.”

A wedding witnessed only by the priest, and the mother came to an end. However, in a certain corner outside the restaurant, there were still three people in hiding.

It was Lincoln, Jade and Selene, the family of three. They have suffered such a disgrace, so how would they be contented?

Selene was especially jealous to the point of frenzy.

The family of three was pondering behind the scenes. Since Sebastian did not know Sabrina was the person who saved him with her body that day, why would he want to marry Sabrina but promised to marry Selene two months later?

There must be some other reasons for all of these.

Coincidentally, a woman dressed as a care worker passed by them at that time. Jade went up and paid some compliments to the 50 year old care worker, then pretended in a nonchalant tone and asked, “Why did the couple hold a very low-profile wedding? They didn’t even invite their friends and family?”

“Well,” the care worker sighed, “It’s quite sad. This lady’s son is a successful person, but she only had two months to live. This daughter-in-law was someone the old lady desired, but the son did not seem to like her. However, he still wanted to fulfill the old lady’s wish, so they held a low profile wedding here.”

Jade did not respond.

So that was it!

She told her husband, Lincoln, and her daughter, Selene, the good news.

Selene became even more jealous, “How could Sabrina gain the affection of Sebastian’s mother? I would make her die a miserable death!”

Selene took out her phone and dialed a set of numbers. “Hayes, help me deal with a woman, the price is whatever you want!”
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