Chapter 13

Theme : Hook Up With A Stranger



Skips cocks his head to the side regarding my movements. He still doesn’t look afraid of me but soon I’ll change that. He takes a step forward swinging his right fist at my face I dodge it easily. Skip tries again and again, but I dodge left and right so quickly he doesn’t have a chance to land a hit on me. He stops. Looking confused before trying to kick me. I swiftly block that

“What the hell?” Skip says. I’m done playing with him. I send a forceful punch to his face knocking him out cold.

His buddy Buzz is oblivious to the actions taking place behind him. He slips his hand up her short shirt. The chunky girl tries to squirm from his grasp. I run up behind him grabbing the back of his head and slamming it into the brick wall. The girl yelps in surprise and we both watch his unconscious body fall to the ground.

I can hear the faint beat of his heart so he should only be out a few hours. I promised myself long a

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