My Cruel Mate

My Cruel Mate

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" You are no one to me, you are nothing, and don't ever expect anything from me. You were bought here to play the part of a Luna and gratify my sexual desire," My Mate and new alpha said, with no remorse or any kind of affection in his gaze, tears well in my eyes but I refused to cry for the man who beds other women in my presence. I look him in the eyes and answer; " Yes," " No," He growls " Yes, Alpha," I repeat and he walks past me, once he's out of my sight, my legs give up just as tears roll down my cheeks. ... " You're pregnant, Luna, congratulations," My world stopped as I looked at the doctor, she was happy that the pack would have an heir, but I wasn't, you can't be when you've suffered so much at the hands of your fated mate. I ran, I ran and ran but it wasn't far enough for the mighty alpha.

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My Cruel Mate is a steamy romantic fantasy novel. Caliana Meyers knows she has responsibilities as the Dandelion Stone Alpha's daughter. But does this include being sold off to the cruel Lycan Alpha of the west region? Edward Chasia is powerful and attractive. However, he is insensitive, mean, and ruthless. Edward will harm everyone if Caliana does not submit. She bitterly becomes Edward's luna. Caliana accepted the fact of many lonely days ahead. Would things change if she bears him an heir? Or will Edward cast her aside once he gets what he needs?

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I like this story a lot and the fact that there are more stories in I guess series?
2024-04-02 12:11:44
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So is this one of them books that the female character is weak and pathetic and ends up with the POS Alpha. Or is she strong and ends up with someone else. From the caption, he is sleeping with other women in her presence. If that's the case, noway should she take him back.
2024-03-10 13:07:12
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I love this story. I wish it was audio book. Just perfect. I enjoyed the bonus chapters too. New favorite author on goodnovel
2024-02-09 14:57:38
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I loved this book because it was not very long yet had so much of everything
2024-01-24 13:37:53
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I just want to say before I even get started… thanks for not having a million chapters.
2023-12-22 05:44:33
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Loved the series but wishing there was a story for Ansley and who she chose
2023-12-11 23:04:01
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it's very entertaining, and I wish theirs more spin-off the brothers love life, including Ansley, the priestess who she chose to be with.
2023-11-04 23:34:40
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Loved this book when is loves story coming
2023-08-22 18:51:52
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Absolutely Loved this book, the bonuses & all the Characters. Great storyline. Amazing Love stories. Thank you Author ♡♡
2023-08-18 16:43:49
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alexia m.
absolutely loved this book! I randomly started reading this book and could not put it down. The author writes very well. This is one of my favorite books on this app!
2023-07-13 15:54:59
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Sopo Lagi Sport Fuiava
Will Ansley get get book… I’m curious to see which one of the twins she ends up with and by the way she was stranger to Kain (?) I think she was mated to him…
2023-07-11 11:55:52
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Robyn Rochelle
Really enjoyed this, cant wait for Love’s story!!
2023-07-06 06:49:51
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I could not put this book down. Absolutely loved it. Please upload loves story ...
2023-06-26 03:15:27
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Incredible! Author you have been placed high on my favorite list. I didn’t want this book to end! Great storyline, written well, awesome characters, good twists and turns and kept my interest. Ready for the next great completed read.
2023-06-08 08:37:48
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Okay I need to know which story is supposed to continue Love’s story please
2023-05-24 07:29:34
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Caliana's POVI felt the bed deepen on my side. There was someone in my room. I thought it was a dream but the warm hands on my body proved me wrong. I jumped up and turned on the light. It was my stepbrother, Vince. He was drunk... again."Get out," I growled, but he only smirked and approached me. I shivered when he grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. Vince forcefully plants kisses on my neck and I fight him, my claws digging into his flesh, but he's too strong for me. Tears flood my eyes when he grabs my neck and throws me on the bed harshly. He gets over me and pins my hands over my head.As much as I kicked and screamed, no one came to my rescue and in a split moment, my wolf surfaced and let out a mighty growl that made the walls vibrate. Vince froze and looked at me with terror on his face. He jumped out of the bed and retreated to the door."You... you... I thought you had no... no wolf," he stuttered. I always had a wolf but I didn't let them know because they would kill me
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Bought You A Luna
Edward's POV"You bought me what!" I roared. "A Luna, I'm sorry brother, but the deal is already done, we need that pack under our control as Dean was after it," Dean is a Lycan Alpha who hates me because I killed his father in a duel. The old man came here to intimidate and challenge me about my territory. "How does that useless pack help us in any way? They are insignificant," "You know that land is historical, hence no pack can fight there. Having it under us is a benefit plus. Evelyn mentioned Dean was seeking it out. He brought some favorable terms as well," My brother, Jamal sighed. "And how does the girl come into play," I growled. "She solidifies the agreement, she's the Alpha's daughter," "Oh please, Jamal, we could get that land without going through all this," I sneered. "I know that but the former Luna begged me to take them under our protection. Evelyn was our mother's dear friend, I couldn't turn her away."I growled and hit my desk, making it break in half. I can
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Caliana's POVI felt an intensifying pain in my stomach as the hot tall man stood naked in my presence. My eyes shamelessly trailed to his cock. It was huge and long, by the way. This man's body was made of pure muscle, no doubt he worked out a lot, and his face, oh my goddess, he had nice sharp features, but my gaze lingered on his cold eyes. They were a mesmerizing gray color but they looked hopeless and bereft. I wanted to touch him and ask what was wrong but I couldn't. After he was done assessing me too, he walked majestically and stopped close to me. We were standing so close. His body radiated heat, and his scent, mixed with that woman he was fucking was and I wanted to punch them. My fists were clenched and I shook in anger. 'Cali!' Screamed my inner wolf and I flinched, clearing my throat. Before I could say a word to him, he shut the door in my face and it registered to me. My mate is Alpha Edward Chasia, the cruel Alpha, and he didn't even acknowledge my presence. My breath
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The Rules
Caliana's POVI knew that they were domineering men, but seeing them like this, sitting looking like Greek gods and exuding their aura is different. My wolf and I whimper, but I force myself to stand tall. I'm an Alpha's daughter after all. "Hello, Caliana," a handsome man in his mid-twenties stood up. From the pictures on the internet, I recognized him as Jamal. The second brother and face of the company. He was the pack beta too. I tried to remember what was said about him in the article. 'The golden angel of the west,' He looked like one, he had a friendly mask on but behind it, he was as dangerous as the rest. "Hello," I greeted him timidly. He held my hand gently and guided me to a seat next to Alpha Edward, who didn't even spare me a glance. "Caliana, welcome to the family, these are my brothers; Marcus and Marcos, the twins," beta Jamal introduced. The twins are good looking too, with only small features that tell them apart, like their hair and eyes, while Marcus has dirty
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Welcome Party
Caliana's POVI woke up the next morning with puffy eyes, showing how much I had cried. The door opened and I didn't have to remove the covers to know it was Juanita. The young girl's cheerful voice was enough to tell me, she came to tell me that breakfast would be ready in twenty minutes. I got up as soon as she left and took a shower, I wore a low-cut dress and fixed my hair and makeup most adhering, before I went downstairs. I hope they don't eat breakfast together too. Dinner is enough, goddess. Please do this solid for me and I'll forgive you for the situation you put me through. I prayed silently. My hands nervously tugged my dress as I went downstairs. I was dreading finding my mate or the brothers, even though Jamal is polite enough. I reached the dining room where the three brothers were sitting in their usual place. Unfortunately, Jamal was not around. "Good morning," I tried to sound as normal as I could. They nodded. Marcos even gave me a tiny smile. As I took my seat, m
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Can You Dance With Me?
Edward's POVMembers of the pack needed a Luna and that girl is perfect for the part. She is not only beautiful but she seems so innocent and kind. I can't work straight as images of her lovely face come to my mind. She has big beautiful chocolate eyes that match her long soft looking wavy hair. Soft-looking lips and I hate to admit it but she is driving my Lycan crazy, fucking mate bond! The desire to take her in my arms and rip off her clothes so that I should bury my erection in her is getting stronger. Candace barges into my office and stands in front of me, crossing her arms against her chest in anger. I close my eyes momentarily before opening them again. I was hoping she was gone but I wasn't that lucky. "What is this rumor going around that you have a Luna now?" She screeches, and I lean my head against the chair. "Yes, I need her for the pack," "What about me!" "Well, that girl was made in a deal and will get people's respect unlike you, plus, my brother already brought
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Caliana's POV As I looked at my new Alpha defending me against this girl called Candace. I remembered what Marcus and Marcos said during breakfast, that she was his main whore. Hurt crossed my eyes and was then replaced by rage and anger. I politely excused myself, leaving him with the woman. "That vexing name is Candace, you'll do well to stay away from her, Luna," I turned around to face Aubrey. She was one of the super sweet ladies. My eyes went back to the group where Alpha Edward is, Candace standing close to him and touching him in the most subtle but sensual way. I felt disgusted and I had to prevent my wolf from coming out and ripping her arms off, but I was angrier at the man who allowed this to happen and is unable to push her away. How long will this continue, the disrespect... Will I ever get used to it? Does one ever get used to their mate, fraternizing with others? The music started to play and Jamal politely asked me to dance. I wanted to refuse but he was giving me
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Where Did You Go?
Edward's POVI was doing my best not to kill that idiot Michael. What the fuck was he doing talking to the Meyers girl? My blood boiled when I saw him touch her. I wanted so badly to shift and rip him apart for daring even to breathe the same air as her. Michael was the Alpha of one of the packs close by, his territory is large but not as extensive or wealthy as ours. He has always been in competition with us in business but our packs are allies so no one could attack."Dean attacked my borders yesterday, he's gathering an army and we have to stop him," He informed me. Michael and I had a common enemy so we worked together to defend the packs in this region.After discussing strategy. We retired to bed however, I didn't go to my suite right away. I opened my so-called mate's room as her scent was enticing me. I took in her perfect form. She is beautiful and the fact that Ward wanted her badly made me hate her more. Her long lashes fluttered and I thought she will wake up but she didn'
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Call Her
Caliana's POVThe Alpha was advancing toward me, his hatred-filled gaze was making me cower but I kept my eyes on him. I took a step back when he got close, making me hit something and I almost fell to the ground when I felt tingles erupt over my skin, I slowly opened my eyes, finding myself in his arms. My eyes get lost in his mesmerizing gaze. The world faded into oblivion and my wolf howled in excitement. "How cute," A voice said and he let me go as though I burnt him. I fell to the ground with a loud thud, making me hiss in pain. "Edward!" Jamal scolded. The Alpha's eyes were flickering between his original color and dark, showing me how angry he was. "Where the fuck did you go without informing anyone," He roared, making me yelp in fear. "I'm sorry, Alpha- Love," I couldn't formulate any words properly. "Love wanted to stay longer in the woods and I didn't realize it was dark already," I said, my throat tightening. He didn't say a word, just walked out of the room. My eyes met
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I'm Your Luna
Caliana's POVLike the morning before, I woke up to the smell of citrus. I get out of bed and do my morning routine, I have nothing much to do so I am just indoors. I'm sitting on the sofa next to the window and reading a favorite book of mine, the stone bull. I smile as I read but my mind trails to the Alpha, why did he buy me if he hates me so much, and isn't it easy to reject me? Does he abhor me so much that he can't do that and chose to punish me? Not wanting to think about the Alpha, I went to the shower. After the shower, I dried myself up and slipped into shorts, and wore a tank top since the weather is hot today. My stomach growled and I went downstairs to have my breakfast. As I descended the stairs, I came face to face with the brooding Alpha. My breath hitched as his gaze roamed over me. This was the first time he looked at me ever so gently and a flicker of desire appeared but it was gone just as fast as I saw it. "Good morning, Alpha." I greeted timidly, casting my hea
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