Refusing the Warlord Alpha

Refusing the Warlord Alpha

By:  S.E Dymek  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the Alpha king fell with no heir and no family. The wolf world turned to chaos with no king on the throne. It is every pack for itself. War breaks out as packs begin to attack other packs trying to lay claim to the throne. No one is safe. Levi just wants to protect her sister. Her pack is attacked and already being weak from previous attacks and her sister is taken. Levi was on a mission to save her sister when she finds herself kidnapped by an Alpha known as the Warlord. He is ruthless and intent on taking the throne for himself …until he lays eyes on Levi and his wolf howls mate. Will he change his ways and help save the wolf world and earn Levi's love.

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20 Chapters
Chapter One
****Warning: book contains scenes of abuse, sexual content, violence, adult content, and foul language. Some scenes may be triggers to some and are not appropriate for all ages. Readers discretion is advised Thank you for reading- S.E Dymek****Chasing:Her chest hit the cold hard ground. She laid flat against the ground trying not to be seen. Pieces of dirt floating up into the air around her. The smell of the earth invaded her nostrils. Her blonde braided hair falling infront of her dirt stained face as she looked out over their encampment. She had been tracking them for miles. It had felt like days had passed each time she got a little closer. She was counting them. They were the size of a small army; there were too many of them. She looked up at the sky. The sun was setting and in a few minutes night would fall. that would be her opportunity should have to wait till then and blend in with the shadows. Her heart racing and her blood pumping; this was taking too long. She needed t
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Chapter Two
Distraction: She needed a distraction, something to get their attention away from Rose. That way she could get Rose. That they could escape and take off. Something long enough and big enough that it would make chasing after them the less important thing to do.“Levi go.” Rose’s voice chimed in her head.‘I'm not going anywhere without you.” Levi sent back growling. “You need to go.” Rose said, cutting the mindlink off.“Brandon.” Levi said mindlinking him.“Levi.” Brandon sent back his stern voice trying to cover up the panic and worry in it.“I’ve found Rose. she’s alive and out in the open right now. We need a distraction.” Levi said, creeping around the tent trying to keep eyes on her.“Distraction…ok…ok i got it. Don’t do anything till you see it.” Brandon sent back almost begging her to listen. “Hurry.” Levi said to him her eyes fixated on Rose. Levi’s eyes were fixated on Rose. Her hands were bound in front of her. She was in the same light blue dress she was wearing. They
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Chapter Three
Fight: Levi stared at the ground trying to figure out what her next move was. Being on her knees had its disadvantages. She couldn't see Rose. She wished she would fight. Why wouldn't she fight? Levi thought about becoming angry with Rose. She had tracked them down, had a rescue in the works and she was acting like a defensive damsel. She clenched her jaw together. She had still not heard from Brandon. She was becoming worried about him. Guilt twisting in her stomach, if something happened to him she would never forgive herself.“Now Girlie, I told you I had something special for you just to just you up.” The bald man snickered and popped the button of his trousers open. Levi’s eyes shot upwards hearing the noise. He grinned from ear to ear as he stepped to her. Her face in front of his zipper as he pulled the zipper down. His pants falling to the sides. He chuckled seeing the shock look on Levi’s face as he plunged his hand in his pants and began to fish out his member. RJ was laug
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Chapter Four
Stand off:Levi’s eyes shot up looking at the direction the arrow came from. A tall man was walking towards her. He was walking slowly, he was in no hurry. Levi knew Rose was gone. She knew she should run but the anger pitted in her stomach, the rage coursing through her. He was going to die. If it was the last thing she did. She was going to kill him. Slowly. Cahire added in their mind as Levi slowly put Rose down and stood up. He was massive as he came into view, his black hair slicked matched the color of his eyes. He grinned seeing her square off with him. His mind automatically wants to break her strong will. He would capture her and would take time and have fun breaking her. Did she not realize who she was squaring off with? Cahire pushed strength to Levi, her body shaking from the overload of emotions and flood of strength. Her mind thought about sinking her teeth into his throat and ripped the flesh from it. She began walking towards him. Her body getting a rush of calmnes
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Chapter Five
Darkness:Cahira took over control, running full force through the trees. They were too far from home and couldn't go back. IF they went back home they would lead them straight to the remainder of her pack. They wouldn't stand a chance. They had little to no warriors left and they would be slaughtered. All she knew was she had to keep running and she had to do it in the darkness. She would have to shift come the morning light. If someone saw her in her wolf form she would be in danger. Brandon she thought. Where was he and was he ok? “Brandon?” Levi linked him.“Levi, are you alright?” Brandon asked her, his voice sounded relieved.“Yes, I'm ok. I’m glad to hear your voice.” Levi sent back thankful he was ok.“Did you get away?” Brandon sent it to her.“Yes, I am, I'm going toward I think I can hear water. Travel towards the sound of water and I will meet you there.” Levi said, focusing on the noise and things around her.“I’ll get you a better location once I get there.” Levi se
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Chapter Six
River:Agnar paced the river bank where they had made camp temporarily. They were on the move. He wanted to get back to his home but he needed to ensure the threat was contained. There was rumors that a pack was sitting just south of the river. He had grown tired of this back and forth battle between packs. Most stayed away from him but every now and then an occasional Alpha would think he was a badass and come at his pack. With no king on the throne the target on his back has gotten bigger. The packs in the nation were afraid of him. They were either pledging their allegiance to him or forming one against him. When the first bits of rumors came about that he should go for the throne, he laughed at them. He had no interest in being king. It would be too much of a headache. It was more responsibility than he wanted.Then the attacks started happening. The smaller packs didn't exist anymore. The remainders sought refuge in the large packs. When they attacked Linc’s pack and killed him,
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Chapter Seven
Ice Cold:Agnar cradled her too close to his chest. She was as cold as ice. He walked quickly as he reached their camp set up, people moving out of his way as he approached them. Their eyes looking at him in wonder. All with the same question: why was he holding a naked woman. She was out cold and he kept remaining himself. He was trying his best to not notice she was naked. Each step he took her breast moved and brushed against him. Her ice cold skin pressed into his chest. She stirred in his arms trying to move closer to him. He could tell she was chasing the warmth. Her hands wrapped around his neck, Her ice cold fingertips grazed the back of his neck sending a shiver down his spine. He gritted his teeth trying to ignore the feeling. Nathan was footsteps ahead of him, he kept glancing over his shoulder looking at them as if studying the girl. A small spark of anger stirred inside Agnar. Why did he keep looking at her. His wolf growled inside of him. Agnar fought the feeling back.
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Chapter Eight
Tent:“Holy shit.” Nathan said out loud watching the girl collapse in his arms, his hand shaking slightly as he held the needle and syringe. Agnar did not respond. He attempted to get out from under her but when he felt that she was still slightly cold, he adjusted himself letting out a big sigh. He looked up at Nathan who was still just staring at them.“Who the hell is she?” Nathan said with a smile tugging on the corner of his lips. She was fierce and strong, he found himself admiring her.“I dont know.” Agnar muttered as he looked down at her.Her brows were frowning and her face was tense even under sedation. This girl had gone through something. He was starting to feel bad but then reminded himself that everyone right now everywhere was going through something. That this girl was no different than anyone else.“ I like her.” Nathan said, the smile creeping into a wide grin.Agnar narrowed his eyes at him. His wolf Ivar inside of him growling like crazy. He didn't understand the
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Chapter Nine
Vistors:They were here. She heard Agnar say someone was there looking for someone. She lifted her head. The world is spinning. She just needed to focus. She could do this. Everything was blurry, she could barely make out where she was. She tried to move her hands. The clinging of metal hurt her ears. Metal, she thought and then looked upwards and saw the cuffs strapped to her hands.“Bastard.” She growled pulling on the cuffs with both hands, the metal cutting into her skin the harder she pulled.She needed to get out of there before they found her. She pulled harder. There was no way her hands were slipping through the cuffs. She growled frustrated. Where was she? Who had her now? She was not going to stick around to find out. “Here let me help.” Cahire said to her in their mind, even her voice sounded sloppy. Levi felt a rush of strength and she pulled hard. She was falling. Hitting the ground as the cot flipped over and she landed on her back looking up at the tent ceiling. The
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Chapter Ten
Trouble:Agnar's stomach twisted as he walked to the tent. He was fighting the urge to rush to the tent. Thoughts of the girl being stuck under there not being able to move, possible suffocating was eating at him. Once he knew Derek would no longer be able to see him he took off. He threw open the flap of the tent and began looking for her. The front of the tent’s pole was missing, the so-called door of it was flapping in the wind and the center of the tent was collapsed. He rushed inside, Knocking over a chair and almost falling himself. It took him several seconds to realize she was not in the tent. He growled, grabbing the center pole and hosting it back up into the center peg. He growled looking around the room. She was gone. Where the hell did she go? How the hell did she get out? “Nathan she's gone. I thought you dose her to keep her out.” Agnar growled through mindlink.“She’s gone.” Nathan sent back the confusion in his voice.“Make me repeat myself.” Agnar growled, he turned
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