Rejected And Reclaimed

Rejected And Reclaimed

By:  Jenna Ann  Completed
Language: English
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Lilith Conner was by all means not a normal 17 year old girl. She has had her fair share of fate and is tired but continues to keep striving forward. All of which is happening in a small town in South Texas. From having her family slaughtered in front of her at the age of 5 to being a outcast in her own Pack. Yes, Lilith Conner is in fact a werewolf, or is supposed to be since she hasn’t been able to Shift everyone says otherwise. Will Lilith live as she is or will destiny have another plan for her?

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35 Chapters
Chapter One
  As the alarm went off I rolled over to hit the snooze button then realized it was 3 AM. I jumped out of bed and headed to the restroom in my hut. After being kicked out of the pack house I was shunned to this small hut in pack lands.   The hut was my home even though everyone basically saw it as me sleeping in a cardboard box. It had a open room and a tiny restroom with a shower. It was built for me because no one wanted me around or to use the pack house facilities. I am the disgrace of the South Texas Pack.    I have my duties to hold my place in this pack, I cook all the meals for the 300 pack members. I have to stay out of everybody's way considering that is my only way I can stay and have a home if it was even considered that.   When I was five the pack found me curled in a ball in the corner of my families old house. My parents layed on the floor in their own blood. The alpha
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Chapter Two
  As I lay awake from thinking about my options and trying to decide what I should do there was a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn't decide and it was already 2 AM with no sleep I forced myself to sit up and really think about my future. Where would I go if I left, and would I even be able to survive long. If I was to stay I would either be beat or starved to death. What if I was to find my soulmate here tomorrow and I left before I knew who it was, would he even want me?   After I showered and started walking out of my hut I fell to my knees from a sharp pain in my stomach. Thinking it's from not eating anything but a piece of bread yesterday I got up and glanced back at the small room I've lived in for twelve years making my decision.   The weird sensation never left even after the pain I felt as I arrived at the pack house. I opened the doors to the kitchen and started pulling out all the ingredients
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Chapter Three
  I need to make plans to leave and I couldn't think of where to go, all I know is that I need to leave fast before someone found me. The girl probably reported back to her alpha and they would follow my scent to find me here, I figured I needed something to cover my scent.   The weird feeling I was having in my stomach was growing stronger even though I ate. I couldn't blame it on not eating enough because I ate more than I should have. I needed to find a healer and soon, they would hopefully know what is wrong with me. I know they have to have rogue healers somewhere close.   After going to check out of the motel I went to walk out the front doors, and that is when I saw the girl from the gas station with a few others across the street. They hadn't seen me yet so I made my way quickly to the back doors to leave, my scent would be all over the motel so they wouldn't know I left right away. I ran as fast and as far as
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Chapter Four
  The darkness began to fade as I struggled to open my eyes. My head was pounding and my eyes were adjusting to the bright light as I took in my surroundings. I was in a new room, and this one only held a bed with white sheets, a dark brown dresser and a small book shelf in the corner with several books. I didn't understand what happened and why would I suddenly black out from the pain medicine, and another thing, how did I end up in a new room?   Once I felt like I was strong enough I decided to try and sit up. Managing to get myself sitting to where my feet were touching the ground I give my self a few moments before I push myself up so I can walk to the door. Turning the door knob I noticed it wasn't locked, thank the goddess. I didn't hear anything through the house so I was hoping nobody would be home. Trying to stay quiet I moved slowly down a hallway towards what I was assuming was my way out.  Finally reaching the door I opened it and saw
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Chapter Five
  Here I was being escorted by Damian and Ruby to meet the alpha of this pack. I haven't seen Ruby since I was with the healer, but she met Damian and I by the edge of the trees when we got back to the clearing. She gave me a small smile before telling us that the alpha would speak to me now, and now we were standing outside his home. Damian knocked and opened the door to let us through while he followed behind. I was led though the cabin to a room that looked like a office, and behind a desk was the alpha. He was looking right at me as we walked in, I studied him seeing how young he was for a alpha. He had soft grey eyes and a smile that was contagious. His hair was so long that it reached to his eyebrows and it had a blue tint to the black as it shined in the light, he was so attractive it took my breath away.  As we got closer to the desk he stood up and held out his hand to me introducing himeslf, "Hello Lilith, I am Ryker James the alpha of this pack. I unders
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Chapter Six
  The three of us walked to a truck that was parked on a man-made road at the back of the clearing. The truck looked brand new, it was a four door, black expensive looking vehicle. Damian was driving of course while Ruby took the passanger seat and I got into the back. We all got settled in when the truck was started, Ruby started messing with the radio putting on some country music and started singing along. Her voice was a little off and I couldn't help myself but giggle, Damian heard me and smiled into the mirror while Ruby stuck her tongue out at me making me laugh harder.  In no time we arrived in town and went to the mall. My nerves were going to be the death of me, and it wasn't helping that Damian and Ruby were on high alert too. We got out of the truck scanning around, I relaxed a little when I didn't recognize anyone so far. Walking through the doors between Ruby and Damian, we decided to check out a few different clothing stores. Coming out holding
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Chapter Seven
  I was so used to waking up at 3 in the morning that I was surprised that I woke up a little later. Ruby told me that I didn't need to meet her at the kitchen until 5 and it was now 4:05 so I decided to get ready now so I could enjoy a cup of coffee before going in. After showering I took a glance in the mirror again and noticed that the dark circles from under my eyes are gone. Smiling as I walked to the kitchen in my cabin, starting the coffee pot I stretched enjoying the feeling of being rested and alive. I had a great feeling about today, glancing at the clock I realized I needed to head to the dining hall to get started on my duties with Ruby.   Walking through the dining hall to the kitchen I noticed that Ruby was already preparing. "Good morning sunshine," she said while giving me a full smile."Morning!" I said in a excited voice. We started cooking everything, as I pulled the last pan of biscuits out of the oven, I noticed people were making t
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Chapter Eight
Ryker   I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't realize someone was knocking on my door. After I left my office I caught the scent of lavender and rose knowing exactly who it was. Letting Lilith in and asking her to follow me to my office I noticed a gleam in her eye. Curious about what was making her excited I started off with apologizing about her running into her old pack. I hated that she had to go through with that especially knowing the person she ran into was that bastard that rejected her. I will never understand how they would put this woman through so much pain and be happy with themselves. My pack is different, I let them have their freedom but only enough that they still follow my rules and commands. I despise the other alphas and the way they treat their packs.   Listening to Lilith explain how she wants to join my pack and start training I couldn't help but be a little too excited. I sent out a mind link
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Chapter Nine
Lilith  There was knocking on the door and I already knew who it was, opening the door for Ruby I noticed all the make-up and other supplies in her arms. Feeling a little excited about having my hair and make-up done by her I was smiling so big my cheeks were starting to hurt. I led her to my bedroom so we could get started. She rumaged through my clothes looking for the perfect outfit for me, and I was setting everything up that she had asked me to get ready. When I was finished I glanced at her seeing what she was handing me. I looked at the red sun dress with awe because this was the last thing that I thought she would pick. Going to the bathroom to change I was hoping this fit a little better than it did when I tried it on. Ruby suggested I get my clothes a little bigger when we went shopping telling me that I would gain weight fast. Taking off the outfit I was wearing I slipped on the dress gasping in surprise when it fit perfectly not loo
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Chapter Ten
Lilith  Ruby handed me a cup of beer and grabbing one for herself. I took a sip to taste it and liking the flavor I took bigger gulps of the beer reminding myself I needed to take it slow. I followed Ruby to a group that I soon recognized as our friends from the dining hall. Everyone was drinking their beer and talking about how my ceremony went smoothly and they couldn't wait for the barbecue to be ready. Glancing around I noticed Damian was not here with us and asked Ruby, she replied, "He helps our alpha with the barbecue, you would not have guessed it but Damian is our beta and is best friends to Alpha Ryker."   It wasn't hard to believe but I soon realized that I said that I would put our beta on his ass. Slapping my forehead with embarrassment but telling myself I can't back down now it wasn't like I was challenging him. You could smell the meat cooking from where we were standing and my st
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