Taken By The Wolves

Taken By The Wolves

By:  ktish7  Completed
Language: English
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EXTREME WEREWOLF ER***CA | Graphic Language included. Alpha Vishous and his girlfriend Maya are werewolves living in a pack. To become the Luna of their pack, Maya has to complete some rituals that may leave her helpless and completely at the mercy of a pack of dangerous wolves and their God.

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Maya and Vishous were madly in love with each other. Mostly because of the satisfaction they received from their various s*x adventures.   Both of them were werewolves.   Maya was a beautiful nineteen year old girl, turning twenty in a week. She was going to find her mate then. Everyone in werewolf world was supposed to find their mate once they were twenty years old.   Maya was a little shy but adventurous when it came to sex. She was is personal s*x doll. A toy that he could lick and f**k however and whenever he wanted and she would still beg him for more.   Vishous was twenty three years old. He had not found his mate yet. Either his mate was not twenty yet or maybe she had died already.  
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Vishious entered inside his modernly beautiful room which was decorated with chocolaty and white color interior. That is where he saw his beautiful, brunette girlfriend sitting with her back against the headboard of the king sized bed in a sexy, bright red colored lingerie.   The top of the lingerie was barely covering her big bosom. Her round, juicy t**s were spilling out of the cotton cloth, the sweet pink areolas of her t**s peeking out slightly and giving just a hint of the softness that she was hiding under the thin red cloth.   A thin strap was straining against her milky white skin, turning her soft skin a light shade of red as it tried to hold the cloth together to her back.   Upon seeing him enter the room, she straightened and got on her knees and hands on the bed,
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He grabbed her waist, flipped her over and grabbed her boobs in a harsh grip while staying over her body and straddling her,   “Vishous!” Maya instantly gasped.   Vishous did not care about her surprise and moan. He palmed the milky boobs in a firm grip and squeezed them while his mouth descended down to attack them.    He was not gentle. He did not want to be gentle. His finger and thumb pinched her n****e and his mout
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Suddenly he was not on the top of her but falling in between her legs, licking her wet juices that were coming out of her p***y.   "Aahh.." Maya cried out in pleasure while she tried to push on his head to pull his mouth away from her p***y.   His rough tongue was massaging her channel, f*****g her rapidly, while at the same time giving extra attention to her sensitive bundle of nerves.   Maya’s hand was attempting to pull h
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Vishous was amused at his temptress' erotic actions. His own c**k was oozing precum in need of release.   Maya's full focus was on the actions of her p***y. Her eyes were glued down on the gliding of his beautiful hard c**k rubbing the insides of her p***y lips and stimulating her cl*t.   "f**k f**kk f**kkkkk." She cried, "Just a little more.. Just a little."   Vishous couldn't take it anymore. Her time to have power over hi
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Vishous breathed heavily through his nose and opened his eyes with a smile on his lips the next morning. From the scent that was surrounding him, he knew Maya was with him.   He loved every morning, every night, and every second of his life with Maya. He did not even want to imagine what would happen if Maya found her mate after six days.   His wolf was ready to kill everyone in his sight even at the thought of something like this. A selfish part in him wanted that either Maya turns out to be his mate or she does not find her mate ever and lives with him ever after.
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  “Tell me what would it take for you to not leave me?” Vishous growled angrily. “I am the alpha of this pack. I can give you anything you desire.” “I am just going to accept the God’s wish.” Maya replied. Her reply bothered him so much that his wolf started crawling on the surface of his chest to let it out. To let it show Maya what it wanted her to do.
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He pulled his cock out of her hot depth, got down on his knees so that his face came down to the level of her pussy lips from behind and entered the first two digits of his hands inside her pussy.   Maya tried to balance her shuddering body on her hands and knees but his assault on her body kept getting crueler and crueler.   He put his other hand just above her public bone, right below her abdomen where he knew he would find her pleasure spot and pressed hard.  
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As the evening approached, Maya finished the pack duties that were given to her and started walking towards Vishous and hers room.   Although she kept denying it, the sight of Vishous being restless and anxious of losing her made her feel like she was the luckiest girl alive. At the start of their relationship it was just a one night stand that later turned into a fling.   Now seeing Vishous caring about her, seeing him scared of losing her, pleased her heart. She would definitely miss a very huge part of her life if Vishous did not turn out to be her mate. She was just praying with her heart to the
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Vishous had broken the head board logs of the bed that his hands were tied to. He was looking like a hungry beast in that moment. Ready to pounce on the prey that it had set its eyes upon. He kept breathing heavily through his mouth.   For a couple of moment he did nothing but keep her under his gaze. Capturing her every movement with his eyes.   And then he lunged at her. He threw her down on the bed, pulled her hands in a harsh grip over her head and snarled loudly like a beast.
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