Return with the Alpha's Secret Baby

Return with the Alpha's Secret Baby

By:  FancyZ  Ongoing
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Everyone knows that the most powerful alpha in the werewolf world is Harrison. There are many legends about him. One of the most mysterious things is that he never announced his Luna. For six years, he hadn't talked about his mate, and no woman could get near him. Six years later, Kayla. returned to the city where she lived. In one encounter, Harrison, with red eyes and a hoarse voice, pressed her against the wall and said, “Do you think your tears still work for me?” Kayla looked down and did not speak. Suddenly a crisp child's voice sounded. “Mommy, what are you doing here?” Looking at the little girl, his pupils constricted. “Is this your daughter?” He asked. “So you broke up with the father? He got you and dumped you and your daughter?” Harrison threw his cigar into the ashtray, the corners of his mouth twitching with anger. “Tell me who the father is and I'll make him pay.” Kayla looked at the man she had missed for six years. She didn't know how to tell her that he was the father.

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Love the storyline and all the twists. Just the right balance of drama that has me watching for each chapter update !
2023-12-18 04:04:19
273 Chapters
1 I'm Back
Kayla's POV"Hey, look! Isn't that Kayla sitting next to Kelowna? She's actually back?""Kayla? Which Kayla?""Kayla Reeves! The alpha's daughter from The Obsidian Pack. We went to the same high school with her, remember?"After hearing her friend's words, Vivian, dressed in a deep red strapless dress, displayed a knowing expression, but quickly shifted to a disdainful look."That pretentious Kayla, huh! I've never understood why she could go to the same school as us. After all, The Obsidian Pack is just a small pack, they've fallen even further now. The nobles and big names have almost forgotten about their pack. She doesn't deserve any of our attention!""You should be careful of women like her from small packs who act all innocent! Guess why she's here? Look at her dress! Tsk tsk, I'd say even the hookers on 92nd Street would blush at it."Betty, dressed in a blue gown, sneered and glanced at Vivian beside her. "I have to say, your couture dress is being overshadowed by hers, Vivia
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2 The Dominator
The Third Person's POVA gentle breeze-filled evening.A sleek black luxury Lincoln glided through the tranquil tree-lined paths of Covert Garden, heading towards a private edifice at the road's terminus. The moment the car came to a halt, a gloved hand of a valet, stationed beforehand at the building's entrance, extended to open the car door for the guest. Meanwhile, another attendant withdrew a black card from his pocket, using it to unlock the gates that were rarely made accessible to the public. These were trained professionals, performing their tasks in absolute silence. After all, their boss had given a specific directive. The guest tonight held an aversion to clamorous surroundings. Silence and swift motions were imperative.In the next second, a man alighted from the vehicle.His tailor-made suit draped elegantly over his powerful, sinewy frame. With a prominently carved nose and exquisitely defined features, he appeared akin to a high-priced sculpture borrowed from the Renais
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3 He's Coming
Kayla's POV"You're gonna regret this," I ground my teeth.All eyes were on me now. Anger and humiliation raged in my mind, making me shiver uncontrollably."Listen up, Kayla," Kelowna sneered, getting closer."Everybody knows you're mine now. You're my plaything in their eyes. Think anyone's gonna step in for you? You better listen and do what I say, or I'll—""Screw off!" I gripped the edge of my dress, spat at him."You goddamn bitch! I'm gonna teach you a lesson!""Ah!"Kelowna grabbed a handful of hair hanging down my back and yanked hard. I stumbled and fell to the ground, looking up at his towering figure in fear."No!"I swung my arms in a futile attempt to keep him away. But to Kelowna, my resistance meant nothing.He reached out, his fingers curling around my ankle. Then, with a powerful pull, I was dragged closer to him."Help me! Somebody, please help!" I cried out.No one lifted a finger. The people around us even stepped back, creating a space between me and Kelowna.Des
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4 Intoxicated Harrison
Kayla's POVThe bottle rolled and clinked against the car door, and the rich red liquid spilled out, staining the floor."Did you pick out this dress? Huh? Who were you originally planning to meet?""What?"I recoiled slightly, looking at Harrison's furious expression with a mix of fear and confusion, utterly uncertain about the cause of his anger."And where did Kelowna touch you? Your chest or your legs?" Harrison suddenly grew agitated. He undid his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves, exposing his well-defined, sun-kissed arms.He then reached out and firmly grasped my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze. A yelp escaped me due to the pain, but Harrison wasn't done. His hand trailed downward, stopping at my thigh."Did he touch you here?"Harrison's palm pressed against the inner side of my thigh."No! Don't do this!""Kayla, spare me the innocent act."Harrison sneered, his gaze becoming even more intense as he struggled to control his anger."But I know you, Kayla. You enjoy these
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5 Daisy
Kayla's POVOnce Harrison reluctantly gave me permission, I hurriedly got dressed and left his mansion. It was quite clear that Harrison's mansion was situated on the outskirts. The streets in this area were wide open, devoid of any cars passing by.I pulled out my phone to check the time. It was already 2 a.m., and I couldn't think of anyone to call for help at that hour. But the thought of my daughter still being at the hospital urged me forward.With a firm resolve, I began walking, fully prepared to reach the hospital on foot if necessary. The road ahead was cloaked in darkness, yet my determination remained unwavering. Time was of the essence.Tap, tap—As a car horn sounded behind me, a strong beam of light cut through the darkness, casting light upon my path. I turned my head, shielding my eyes from the intense glare. Before I could even open my mouth to ask for assistance from the driver, I heard Harrison's voice again."Get in the car."Afraid that he might change his mind, I
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6 An Old Friend
Kayla's PovFortunately, my luggage was in the hotel, so I cut off contact with my father for the next few days and took care of my daughter in the hospital every day.And, of course, meet my old friends.On a balmy afternoon, I found myself seated in a café adjacent to the hospital, my hands clenched together in a mix of nervousness and anticipation. It had been a span of six years since I last connected with my friends, and I couldn't help but wonder if our friendship had endured the test of time."Excuse me, ma'am. Is the seat next to you available?""Oh, I'm sorry. I'm actually waiting for a friend..."I began to decline the request, but when I looked up, I was met with a face that I had been longing to see."Hey! Amber!"My voice trembled as I embraced my friend whom I hadn't seen for years, and she responded by hugging me back tightly."You couldn't even recognize my voice. You hurt me, Kayla."Amber's tone was playful, tinged with mock hurt."I apologize, Amber. I just..."I wa
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7 The Groomsman
Peter's Pov"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that the Dominator, who's perceived as the devil incarnate by everyone, could also have such melancholic moments."I took the room card, unlocking the door to the private club on the 33rd floor of the Empire Hotel. I breezily made my way to the sofa opposite Harrison and plopped down.Since yesterday, when I knew Kayla was back, I knew things were getting complicated. Although Harrison remains grim, when he hears someone talking about Kayla, he can't even last a minute and leave.I don't have to guess that he went after her.As a friend of Harrison's, I know his past, including his romantic and sad relationships. I saw the whole thing. I saw how the always cold Harrison fell in love with Kayla and then got dumped. I saw how Harrison went from being a boy to the Dominator he is now.Well, maybe ‘dumped’ isn't the right word. After Harrison falls in love with Kayla and vows to pass the Elder trial to become alph
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8 Harrison's Past
Harrison's POVPeter's departure completely drained my energy for the night. The alcohol in whiskey was causing my vision to blur. Lost in thought, I sank heavily onto the couch, reclining and staring at the ceiling where the stars alternated between brilliance and obscurity, slowly immersing myself in my memories...On the journey to becoming an Alpha, I underwent more trials and suffering than most. This path was a harder one than anyone else's. Born into the famous The Dark Night Pack, my father was the Alpha. My future was meant to be radiant, yet the moon goddess seemed to delight in playing tricks.When I was 8 years old, my father met an untimely death. The loyal warriors under my father's command were slaughtered by rebels, and no one was willing to support a young me in ascending the throne. Unprotected, my mother and I roamed, enduring disdainful glances. Many who had benefited from my father's favor closed their doors to us; some even drove us away.Fortunately, the Elder C
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9 Wedding Dress
Kayla's POV"Kayla, you finally made it!"As soon as I stepped into the bridal shop, Amber seized my hand and took me into the VIP fitting area."Look at these, they're the latest arrivals. Help me out here, I can't decide one that suits me."Amber led me to racks filled with various styles of wedding gowns. There were at least twenty different dresses hung on the nearly three-meter-long rack. On the couch were a few dresses she had already tried on.Not only was Amber overwhelmed, but even as an observer, I found myself dazzled by the variety."Amber, with your slender figure, you could focus on A-line or sweetheart neckline dresses. For fabric, satin or lace might be a good match for your style."I carefully looked at Amber from head to toe and picked out a few suitable styles."Your ideas are always great." Amber nodded in agreement as she examined the dresses I had chosen."I worked as an editor for a fashion magazine when I was in Europe, so I know a bit about beauty.""That's wo
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10 Is She Your Daughter?
Kayla's POV"Hey, I had a feeling you'd agree! Now, Harrison, with you as my best man, my wedding is bound to steal the spotlight in the entire werewolf world!"The serene bridal boutique suddenly resonated with a male voice. As I sat on the sofa in the waiting area, waiting for Amber's change of wedding dress, that familiar name reverberated through the air.Before I could even slip into Amber's fitting room for cover, I locked gazes with Harrison, who had just entered the lobby. Accompanying him was another gentleman. When it came to appearances, this man was just as dashing as Harrison, yet exuded a completely different kind of charm – a warmth that contrasted with Harrison's icy and commanding aura.Harrison's features were sharply defined and stern, often emanating an air of aloofness. However, this man possessed a handsome countenance tinged with a hint of gentlemanliness, casting a more inviting presence. I vaguely recalled this face. This man had been Harrison's close friend s
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