Chapter 5

A length of time has passed since my first tea party. It was enjoyable at last. I was able to arrange people in categories. The huge first pace that I did was befriending Madeleine Sarlintine. After meeting him, a lot of things in his life began to change. He became more aware of relationships and began to build more, but he would often visit me. He is gotten better in handling his ability and wasn’t called insane anymore. His mother became more gentle towards him. It’s been six years now since that time. 

I changed my ways of dealing with people and a lot of things in my life. I spend a lot of time with my family and go wherever my mom went to. I needed to know more about the flow of powers. To understand a lot of things that I didn’t care much about it in my last life.

" Good morning Lady Bonine! Oh, no ! Look at you. Your hair is all messy. You are already eleven now. Weren’t you able to sleep last night ? " said my personal maid. I am at an age where I have to own one.

" Good morning! Where is my father? "

" He is usually in the training hall at this hour… Wait, my Lady, you are still wearing your pyjamas… "

I was running down the stairs, hearing the servants greeting me all along the way. I want to see my father now; I had a bad dream about my past. It was in a time of war. It was bad, awful. I had to keep myself hiding to raise William’s fame. I wasn’t noticed even if I was injured. I was introduced as someone who helped him in stabilizing his mana. It was a dark time. I hate it every time that I remember something. I remembered when there was a hard battle, and I used my mana too much that it damaged my body. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. I thought that I was going to die. But to my surprise, I was escorted in a man’s embrace. I didn’t remember his face because my vision was blurry. It felt warm and reassuring; he was the only one that paid attention to me. I remember him by a birthmark on his neck, that appeared only when he used his power because it was glowing when I saw it. It was a star. I tried to search for him to thank him, but I couldn’t recognize him. It was disappointing! I wandered next to another time; it was when I was wandering in the street. I didn’t find anything to eat and was begging for food; I didn’t want to steal. I was sitting in a dark street in the slums. I was unrecognizable because I became so thin and ugly, ugly from the scars of the beatings, my body was covered. I saw a child that was mistreated; a fat man beat him. I realized from the talk that he was a slave seller, the boy was his slave, he beat him because he ran away. I got scared because I had a terrible thought; what if he enslaved me too. I didn’t want to be a slave. I had two choices back then; I wanted to protect him, to defend him, and to risk to be caught or to run away. I regretted it later, but I ran away. I hated it when I acted out of my character. I didn’t have enough power to make my wish possible. My tongue became bitter from remembering it. I have to see my father make me realize that all of it didn’t happen yet in this lifetime. That all of it can be changed as long as I work hard for it.

" Father, father, father! "

He was there, training with his knights. He was so radiate in the shining sun. The training ground was all displayed tremendously. Father was loyal to the throne to the end. He put it before anything else. But in his last moment, he thought of me more than anything else. It’s like he knew what was coming. He kept saying to live my life to the fullest.

" Papa, papa. I am glad to see you. "

I cried a lot, hugging him. It was a bad dream again. Forget it. Looking at his face, he was troubled; papa didn’t know how to handle a crying child. Ooooh, papa! You are better as you are. I attempt to back off, but he hefts me from the ground.

"Did you have a nightmare? Don’t worry. Papa is here. "

Yes, he is still here, and I need to protect him. After wandering in the cruel memories, I open my eyes to see the people that I missed in the past. The home that I longed for. Such warm days. Since I grew up a little, I was assigned a maid. Her name is Caroline. I remember her from my past. She was a caring person that died while giving birth to a boy. Right! Let’s strengthen her body for better delivery.

" It’s time for your tea soon. Do you want to take it with your mother ? " asked Caroline.

" No, isn’t brother Durian and brother Damien at home? "

" No, they left the training with your father in the forest. Should I bring it to your room? "

" Yes, please. Don’t I have any visitors? "

" Sir Madeleine stopped by, but he didn’t stay, he said that he’d come this afternoon. "

" I see. "

I want to talk to them to say what I have been through but I can’t, at least not now. I don’t know if they’ll believe me, but I need to move on and learn from my mistakes. It isn’t delightful. This tea is bitter. I don’t want to drink it anymore.

I want to sing. I really want to. I walk to the garden where no one is in sight. I remember someone saying that my voice is beautiful. I don’t know who. It was in that time of war. I felt sad for the people who died, so I built graves for them and sang songs. I believed that at last, they could depart happily. The first song to have moved my heart was by a woman who mourned her husband. It was sad.

I sang in the garden as long as I wanted. I was happy because I have my family now. I sing a happy song—a song about a new life and past mistakes.

" Oooh my! Bonine, you sing beautifully. "

" Mom! I thought that you were busy this morning. "

" I was, but now I am free. Where did you learn this song? "

" I was reading The princess in the cursed tower, and it was in it. I gave it a little tune. "

" You have a beautiful voice. You can learn to polish it. Let’s eat our lunch. Your father must be home now. "

It’s wonderful to be praised; I like it. I was eating peacefully when my mother told them about my singing ability. Please don’t tell them! Aaaah! She excited them now. What am I going to do? They all want to hear me singing now. Something is strange now. I see three puppies begging me for it. Things are getting out of my hand. It’s not like I can’t sing for them, it’s just that I only know war songs. I guess I’ll sing the one from this morning.

" Nobody sees happy moments,

Loved ones and good sentiments,

Until we lose them to the past,

Everything change, nothing last,

Maybe if we learn to appreciate,

What we have, perhaps we’ll radiate,

More and more until we’ll shine bright,

Brighter than the sun in everyone’s sight… "

I can almost hear their thought. Father is seeing me now as an angel; Durian is seeing me as a fairy and Damien is seeing me as a goddess. That’s why I didn’t want to sing. They are looking at me as if I am a supernatural being. There is something wrong with my family!

I see brother Gasus practising swordsmanship with brother Durian. I came to the training ground, of course, to accompany my brother Durian, he is happy when I do it. And I want to make them happier, with all my abilities.

" I heard you could sing well, Bonine, " inquired Gasus.

The sword almost cut brother Gasus face, his handsome face was almost ruined. Rumours spread fast.

" What’s wrong with you? Do you want to kill me ? " asked Gasus.

" Didn’t I tell you to never talk to my sister? You womanizer ! "

" I am not a womanizer. It’s not my fault that I am handsome. "

" If you fall in love then I’ll consider letting you talk to her. "

" Wait, brother Gasus! You know that even if I do things poorly, they will still compliment me, " I stated.

" I want to hear it too. "

" No, return to your house, I am done with you."

" Stop bullying me, Durian! She is like my sister stop monopolizing her. You narcissistic, I promise to give you chocolate if you sing for me. "

" That’s called blackmail, brother Gasus! I won’t sing for you! "

" There, my sister is a wise person. "

" Bonine you are so cold ! "

" There will be times in your life when people are cold towards you. "

" Are you referring to your siblings? There I’ll peel it for you. Isn’t it good? Do you want it? "

" I am confiscating this because you blackmailed me. "

" Can’t you stop your bloodlust? I am leaving…. I am leaving… " Gasus shouted to Durian.

I am used to this. In fact, I enjoy their fighting conversations. It’s so funny! He left just like that. Next time, I guess the same thing will happen. Aaaah! I remember it’s time for class.

Our teacher is Eden Xavier. He is known as a prodigy in his profession. A lot of families send him letters to hire him, so he became more arrogant. Even though our family is loyal to the throne, we don’t have a high rank in nobility. He had a grudge against lower rank, I didn’t know the cause, but he is vulgar to us; To me exactly, since I am the only one left who needed education, as such, he talks rudely and behaves badly towards me. It’s his third time coming here now. I have a habit of forgiving people who harmed me and warned them two times. The third is decisive; William was an exception but not anymore. I can see clearly his thoughts, well I passed from this step. I didn’t try to change much since I don’t have enough power now. He thinks about how he can pass the time.

" You can do addition and subtraction, right? You are a noble child; you need to know this. "

Right, this is his line where he’ll try to crush my pride, but he doesn’t know that I am not going to be easy to deal with. Trying to cheat me with multiplication and division, instead of giving me addition and subtraction. I’ll do it for you. You can rest easy.

"You must be able to do these problems. They say that a child is his parents' image, so I am expecting high things from you. "

He shows a shocked face, oooh right! You weren’t expecting that I’ll answer your hard questions.

" How…. They are all correct? "

" Why are you saying it in a bad manner, you asked for these questions to be solved, right ? "

" Right, I assigned these questions because they are appropriate for your age… "

" I don’t think that they are appropriate for my age, shall I call my brother Durian to check them? Gladly that studying is one of my hobbies! "

" I thought that you are well-mannered, how can you doubt my teaching methods? "

« It’s bad, you know, to lie. I don’t have to be polite to someone who is impolite to me. Congratulations sir! You are the first one to hear me talking this way. Since you are a big bastard who sucks and clings to people with power, greedy, eying something that isn’t yours. »

" Who do you think you are? "

" A noble child while you aren’t. It seems that the class is over. Thank you for your hard work! "

" I’ll teach you how to act in the presence of important people. "

He moved his hand trying to hit, it’s true, I was aiming for this. A blunder to checkmate him, he is going to be troublesome in the future, so it’s better to get rid of him. I said to brother Damien to come and get me after an hour. It’s already his time to come. Surprisingly, my brother is late, and the teacher hit me. It sucks, my plan is going wrong. It hurt.

" Be careful! The Sarlintine lady recommended you, are you looking for trouble? "

" Who is going to believe a child? HaHAHA… "

"But the mark on my face is visible… "

I hold my painful cheek in my hand. You are late brother Damien, but it is worth it. He is someone who’ll have a close relationship with William. Getting rid of William’s followers is one of my priorities.

" Bonine what happened here ? " asked brother, Damien.

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