First Date (Part 1)

Nova’s POV

I call Cassie bright and early since she will spend half of the day in flight, then will be trying to settle into her new home. “Hey, Cas! I have so much to tell you, Girl, but first…Did you manage to get any sleep?”

She giggles,”Yeah I kind of had a fitful sleep here and there. I fell asleep reading on a reading app. There are some great werewolf romance stories out there and I would drift off reading, wake up and read some more before drifting off again, so, overall, not different from most weekends without you.”

I sigh,”Girl, we need to fix that! You need your sleep and a nightlife.” I take a deep breath, “Anyway, I have got to tell you…I have a date tonight!” I can’t help the excited squeal as I finish that sentence.

“Oh, really? My bestie has a date and I haven’t screened them first?” She taunts with a giggle. “I need the deets, then you have to call me when you get home, or maybe in the morning.”

I go on to describe Aldo as best as words can
Simone Carlisle

Hey loves! I don't actually speak Spanish so if anyone has corrections please let me know. I have picked up bits of Spanish from Puerto Rican and Cuban friends when I lived in South Florida and when first moved back to Massachusetts , but have never formally had lessons and I do know there are a few phrases that I will need to come back and edit if I don't manage to edit them before publishing. Thank you for reading my book.

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